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  1. I uploaded a new beta this afternoon, full fledged release likely next friday. I just need to annoy WOB some more.
  2. I took your advice and reworked things triggered by mask 1. I've basically redone almost the entire attract sequence and a ton of other stuff, probably another 30 hours of work poured into this. Im hoping I can finish my surprise part of the update but its taking a considerable amount of time.
  3. Feel free to ask any questions. The whole point of me releasing the source with everything I do is to get other people to learn how to do it. Feel free to use this topic for your updates if you'd like. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XLn5Mn7jjlO5UOCgCGw-TwIRMPNuWZOd
  5. What all did you recolor? I quickly redid the match game (it was pretty bad) , be happy to share the source for you to merge my work into yours: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z-Sg1dSso-90mAlh-ruAZ5swJKXJUSgD The real file exports were from before I recolored the match game
  6. updated the google drive folder, still working on an actual release
  7. In a perfect word that would work, but its other things killing the animations and over writing the wipes that trigger from all over. Very few of my masks can cover the entire screen, I had a lot to trigger and had to get pretty creative in re-using masks. Its really tough to put into words but if you look at the source you'll be able to get a better idea how weird this game is. All I know is I really wanna see your Indy colorization!
  8. I get that part of it, but I dont know how to make certain sequences have a higher priority without breaking anything. I'd like the car wipe to have the highest priority but at the same time that animation gets cut off off by numerous other triggers. I tried to go through and adjust triggers but it ended up being MUUUUUCH worse
  9. rut roh! So Im going to do a bunch of map pieces in chunks. I dont think the map is as random as I thought it was and this should get the majority of them colored. Whichever ones dont get colored will still get a different palette applied, so it should work well 90% of the time. I was watching the video WOB supplied to me for v14 and theres some helicopter right frames that didnt get triggered correctly, so there will be at least 1 more vpin release. I also need to delete the purple jackpot triggers, they are just ugly. Lucky may need to help with some triggering issues where 1 animation color mask is getting stopped by a new animation. Im not 100% of the easiest way to change priority.
  10. I hope Im in the credits, cause Im thirsty for attention 😛
  11. Release Change Log: .14 Final Vpin release, unless there is some MAJOR BUG I missed, so not likely Super Jackpot -Correct Palette applied -minor recoloring Highest Score -kept forgetting to trigger this one, its done now. Slanted Millions -changed to pal jump to account for all numbers Match Game -new mask to allow for 2,3, and 4 player games -new colors mask highlights each players match number in a different color -new triggers for all 43 frames Uploading now
  12. There will be at least 1 more release for vpins. I need to remask the match sequence for 4 players, anything more than a single player game and the match sequence is broken. Release Change Log: .13 This is the colorization that never ends....... Speed Trap Cop -Made his sunglasses trim darker -Made his sunglass lenses match playfield (red) -Added gold shield to hat to match play field Super Charger Millions -Verified all frames have the same red and blue Tunnel Left -Finished coloring frames Altered Easter Eggs: -Hello World -> Hello WOB -Hello Xaqery-> Hello Mr_Tantrum -Doc X -> Hello Bobby (my bestie!) -Hello Anna -> Hello Bonnie (my wife) -These can be returned to stock by removing the hello triggers -Hello World -Hello Xaqery -Hello Anna -Hello Doc X -These can easily be altered by changing the sequence for each Chopper Chase Left -Added grass to bottom of frame, for all 23 frames Helicopter chase into tunnel -Colored and Triggered! Jackpot Explosion -Pal jumped to grey Donut Heaven 1 Cop -cut the intro frame -cut the burnout sequence -triggered both intro and burnout -colored intro frame -colored burnout sequence Donut Heaven 2 Cops -cut the intro frame -cut the burnout sequence -triggered both intro and burnout -colored intro frame -colored burnout sequence TILT -Cut colored and triggered per WOB's suggestion Game Over -Cut,REDRAWN, and triggered -car based on the AmstradCPC game "Crazy Cars II" -original sprite ripped by Yawackhary , and used as a base KickBack -recolored white out frame to look less "colorbleedy" Secret Mania -triggered by downshifting twice with 3 cop cars on screen -keyframe trigger pointing to SuperCharger Mode color mask Design Team Credits -added extra trigger Two-Way Combo -Redid Palette (again) -New Color Mask to make score different color Super Jackpot -Added trigger to pal swap the numbers -Cut, Colored, and triggered "letter sequence" ACE DRIVERS -made initials mask 3 pixels wider for WOBlike names Traffic Lights -Redid color mask to trigger white text when no light is lit -this will make all the color's text flash white behind the colored text uploading files now
  13. I updated my google drive files, but not the source or download here. I need to find, cut, and color the 2 cop car scene in front of donut heaven then I think all the colorization is done and then its just trigger fixing.
  14. New, maybe final vpin version this friday. I need to find my spare pin2dmd so I can plug it into my getaway so I can start troubleshooting on a real pin.
  15. gdrive updated with source files, download here updated to V0.1.2 Scenese still not done: Donut Heaven with 2 cops Helicopter chase into tunnel Explosion after jackpot I need to clean up the triggering for jackpot Release Change Log: .12 Lots of bug fixes release! 2x4x6x8x -Changed to Green to match playfield inserts -Completely redone, AGAIN -1 to 1 frame matching for after drain bonus -Same color masks used for non drain graphics since the red is not shown -Deleted all the old triggers and color masks -2 hours of my life, gone. SHIFT -Changed to Orange to match playfield insert Bonus Held -Changed to Orange to match playfield inserts After Drain Bonus tally -Recut, masked, and colored frame to work with new multiplier frames Slanted 1 Million (+ freeway) -Redid trigger frame to ensure its a replacement scene and not a colormask scene Slanted 2 Million (+ freeway) -Redid trigger frame to ensure its a replacement scene and not a colormask scene Free Ride -Redid trigger frame to ensure its a replacement scene and not a colormask scene -Same for parts 2 and 3 of free ride Super Charger Millions -Finished 6 , 7 , 8 , 9, and 10 -Judging by frame count Im missing a few for 8 Traffic Lights -Redid keyframe triggering to try and remove the green showing up during the yellow light Burn Rubber -Reduced delay of the repeated frame, so the map appears sooner RPM Redline -Changed keyframe mask to trigger from the right -This should fix lambo wipes from the right -May break lambo wipes fromt he left, TBD Score -Made the red darker -Made the blue softer -Still not sold on the color scheme, but cant think of anything better. KickBack Lit -Cut , colored, and triggered -Divided into sections to prevent loops, delays, and overlaps -Ghost frames eliminated Extra Ball -Cut, colored, and triggered -Divided into sections to prevent loops, delays, and overlaps. Design Team Credits -Cut, colored, and triggered -Altered to match special thanks scene -TOASTY! Two-Way Combo -Redid Palette Credit 0 (Insert Coin) -Keyframed to trigger on credit/pushstart -This should eliminate the "blue blip" on the scene CREDITS -Cut, colored, and triggered -Gradient mask over words HitchHiker Sequence -Separated first and last frame (it was a dupe) -Triggered first/last frame indepedantly -Triggered speaking frames independantly -This prevents the speaking frames from looping after shes done talking Chopper Chase Left -Finished Coloring -Finished Triggering Super Charger (5 millions plus per loop) -Changed maske to make enire bottom line blue -Added keyframe for when the screen is inverse Game Over -Cut, colored, and trigger Video Mode -Key framed the "crashed" screen to trigger the You win colormask
  16. use the google drive link and download the 2 files for "realpin" https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1P-oTdnd_VGMxCbM5Hfnk9k7wPd9mFI2Q There are a lot of bugs to squash on the real pin, but I wont start on that until the vpin is done.
  17. The files were up on my gdrive but I finally uploaded them here. Scenese still not done: Extra Ball Helicopter chase Helicopter chase into tunnel Super Charger Millions 6 to 10 Release Change Log: .11 Default Pallette -Changed back to "VGA" aka Pal0 -Makes Burn Rubber map look less dumb -Doesnt help video mode sinces its in 2 bit (aka black and white) 5th Gear -added additional triggers Push Start with Credits (00:46) -Cut new scene -colored and triggered KickBack- (02:33) -removed "ghost frames" -changed sequence to replace instead of colormask SuperChargerMillions -added missing 2 million frame and trigger (03:28) Wipe Lambo (03:32) and (07:09) -duplicated sequence, chopped first frame -added trigger to second frame of sequence -this means that if the first frame doesnt get triggered the 2nd will trigger the 1 frame shorter sequence -Did the same thing for Lambo wipes from the left -same for cop car triggers Jackpot -Recolored 25,000,000 to gold with white inlays -left jackpot purple, it just pops but Im open to suggestions Williams (01:07) -added additional palette trigger to red Credit Reset (00:56) -changed white credit number to red VideoMode -more "fake" frames added Tunnel Shots -changed color mask to something more appealing Tunnel Sequence -1 to 1 framing / triggering -converted to replace instead of color mask -additional frames colored Replay (10:20) -added additional trigger 6X Bonus (10:16) -added additional trigger 8X Bonus -cut colored and triggered RPM (11:36) -adjusted color mask for when the speed exceeds 200mph Traffic Lights -Redid ALL OF THEM -created new palette , color mask, and triggers etc VideoMode Fake -removed. Too many variables to make even a simple mask work. -I left a ton of colored scenes in the source in case Lucky1 can find a way to make it happen Multiball -Blue text added back, just red made the scene look weak. Score -added mask, trigger and scene with credit dot.
  18. Donation, as always, is optional. The real files are in the gdrive link above. There are more triggering issues with the real pin over the vpin because the real pin misses frames on occasion. Once the last of the vpin stuff is done I'll start trouble shooting on my real pin.
  19. So WOB got me a video made: And the Gdrive links have been updated: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z-JOH1FXInAUkuh1WQU8Kea6wdDCarkB I need to work on the readme formatting before I upload the new files here. Im *very* close to being done.
  20. WOB's gonna make me another video in a few days, I'll go through and try to fix up any remaining triggering issues, then I'll finish coloring the numbers with the background that plays when you hit the super charger, finish the chopper screens, and cut trigger and color extra ball then it *should* be 100%
  21. Is this what you mean by "teacher sequence" ? Its done, the initial chalkboard is replacement, second half is masked because I thought the words on the chalkboard was dynamic.
  22. you can cheat and have more colors by cutting up the scene into smaller chunks, look at how I did some of the longer sequences on lethal weapon 3. I look forward to seeing what you can do, and if you need any help ask @cb3 or @slippifishi they've gotten better at this than me!
  23. I know you dont sell em, but I'd still like to get one from you so I have an actual Lucky1 Pin2DMD
  24. ok version 0.1.0 is up meow. I'd like some thoughts on what I could do to improve video mode. Triggering anomolies: V.09 Million1-C is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video Million2-H is triggered corectly with only 1 possible key frame, yet it doesnt get triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of PoliceWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump but its not triggered in WOB's video 1 trigger of LamboWipe is triggered correctly in WOB's v.09 dump, but its not triggered in WOB's video Scenes missing for sure: Extra Ball Release Change Log: .10 Shoot the SC to Lite Jackpot -Applied correct palette, looks better Shoot the SC millions plus per -new trigger, new colormask. -removed gradient text from supercharger and made the scene more colorful AND frame between extra ball awards -Recolored and added gradient -Might make make it even fancier later Post Ball Multiplier Bonus -Bonus trigger is cutting off the big number Mulitplier (gw_l5_007, frame 3,296 mask 5) -created new wider mask for bonus trigger, that should prevent the numbers from getting cut off -Scoring behind the 4x and 6x multiplers prevented them from being triggered after draining -created new keyframe mask just for the multipliers -new triggers using the new key frame mask Helicopter Chase Left - Keyframing 1:1 because the ghost frames duplicate triggers so I cant just color a sequence - Order may be random, this will resolve that - Not sure if I should shade the car; same "sprite" as the match & burnout scenes , cant shade those - I believe some of these frames are also used in other sequences, so this will colorize those parts as well - This is not completely colored, but the part that is done is triggered and colored SuperCharger Mode -Redid mask to remove ghosting -Altered colors to keep score color consistent and add some much needed green. MultiBall- -Recolored letters to differentiate from ColorDMD's choices -changed blue letters to white -cherry light stayed red to match topper Gears- -Forgot the gear display was 3 or 4 frames -copied first colored frame to the rest (ooops) -cut, colored, and triggered 5th gear -added gradient to the 4th gear frame JACKPOT -fleshed out the gradient colormask for sequence 1, final colors to be determined -All 4 jackpot sequences cut masked and trigger -I wont lie , I kind of like the unexpected purple Traffic Lights -These really are a cluster -removing the old keymask 5 and using the new keyframe mask 8 -may redo triggering based on the WORD on the screen and not the bulb lit up on the tree -These will likely get redone completely using the color words as triggers and colormasks Credits + Push Start -removed colormask -removed keyframe -will just use default palette Replay At -new and additional keyframes FreeRide -Converted to replacement scene instead of color mask. -retriggered split to hide transition frames Burn Rubber -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt -same for the award screen 4th & 5th Gear Award -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Red Line Mania -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Video Mode -Colored instruction screen -added a simple mask to put the scores and gear in color, better than nothing -You Win Screen keyed and colored Tunnel Shots -cut, colored , and trigger word prompt Speed Trap -colored the missing pixel on SpeedTrap2C frame, merp Replay -added scene -not set on colors, want to make it POP Status Report -First screen added, need to capture and color the rest. SC Boost -Added value screens for 4,5,6,7,8, and 9
  25. That had the wrong palette applied to it, its been fixed for the next release. I have to grab and color when there's 2 cop cars in front of donut heaven, and look at the mask/triggering for 3 and 4 cop cars, the scene kind of drops out half way done. After this you get to take videos on your real machine while making dump files The last thing I'm going to do is all of the spinning millions, if there was a way to chroma key, it'd already be done. The gist is, there are 8 frames per number, but the start and end is random, so I cant color a sequence. I have to color them 1 to 1 matching and trigger them 1 to 1. I *strongly* considered just palette jumping them per number. For example, the #1 would have a blue background, and the #2 would have red, #3 would either go back to blue ,etc this means I'd have to make 80 trigger frames but no colormasks but.... Im half way done already so mine as well finish.
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