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Everything posted by malenko

  1. malenko

    Batman Forever

    updated your google drive, did almost every seen you had marked, and even fixed up a bunch of others. Didnt do any of the "video" scenes though, sry
  2. Lucky1's project, didnt wanna clog up my MSF thread with these
  3. malenko

    Batman Forever

    Yeah I didnt get very far but you guilted me into it Gonna finish the scene Im working on, then upload the files to your share, then switch gears back to MSF
  4. malenko

    Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Still waiting on an update from my order on August 6th (three months); and the rest of my order from MARCH 5th. (EIGHT months)
  5. some of these batman scenes are pretty neat
  6. Download link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Eahyhp725Q4iqMN8E8A_1l-6-D7Xic6C started ploppin away at this, gonna bug @DJRobX to help with triggers (Im bad at them and prefer to spend my time coloring dots)
  7. Finally remembered to send CB3 a thank you tip. I encourage others to do the same. TONS of work put into this.
  8. Lucky cut some stuff up for me, Im gonna do some batman work for him in trade
  9. malenko

    help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    it was something funky with LW3 on my old set up, not having any issues with VPX or any other games. Whomever did Jurassic Park needs to get a shit ton of internet hi fives. Its incredible.
  10. So I finally got around to getting my mini Vpin in working shape. I have about 68 tables set up, various VP9 builds including physmod. I cannot get ANY VPX tables to run. However with all the stuff I do have running, I have the external DMD running with no problem. Its awesome. How do I make Pin2DMD colorizations n stuff work? Attached are 2 pix, one of the cab in boot, and one of my wife playing a game. Yes it has underbody LED and DOF (force feedback)
  11. Thats why I have the other thread, for help with my issue as to not clog up CB3's colorization thread I'll update the other one when time allows. Im not your typical end user, Im not hard pressed to fix it and I dont have a ton of free time to dedicate to it.
  12. VP9, Im having B2s issues with VPX
  13. I have this running on my WIP VPIN. Its freaking AMAZING. Its one thing to see the animations in the Pin2DMD Editor, quite another to see it in action. I'll be throwing some beverage money your way when I get home today
  14. malenko

    help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Mines the same as Lucky's example except I have the check box for disable start up tests ticked.
  15. malenko

    help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Folder names were copy pasta'ed from the script of the table. I even picked rename and copied the file names of WWF and pasted them as the file names of LW3. File NAMES, not FILES (im not using WWF files in LW3) I guess I'll just re-export the Vpin files for LW3 (and fix the messed up frame in the match game while Im at it) and see if it makes a difference. Any ideas on why VPX wont put the backglass on monitor 2?
  16. malenko

    help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    That got Royal Rumble working , LW3, not so much =(
  17. malenko

    help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    FInally got around to trying this, no dice. Tried CB3's WWF royal rumble and my own LW3 pin2dmd.vni and pin2dmd.pal are the only files in the folder for their respective games. Didnt work If you wanna help me with something else........I cant seem to reposition the backglass in VPX. I tried setting it to screen 1 , 2, and 3 but it always shows up under the playfield
  18. Really? they reported the post and expected a reply to the report within a day?
  19. itd be pretty great if someone could slice up the remaining scenes so I can color them. I spend more time finding and cutting scenes than I do coloring them I tried to PM @DJRobX but it said he cant be messaged , whomp whomp
  20. it was back when I was testing colorization of XL games. That game had too many transition screens.
  21. the only project I started and didnt finish was WCS I dabbled in Batman forever but that one doesnt count, cause I never planned to finish it. Files uploaded to the same link Score Screen Last Match Sequence both Creature Jackpot Ready sequences both Creature North Pole sequences fixed some colors, pals, and triggers both arm sequences
  22. I need to update this thread, I have more done. I keep saying "oh I'll do this then post an update" but then just keep doing stuff :/