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  1. TMNT

    Is anyone play testing these at all?
  2. First to do a Gottlieb, First to do an DMDXL........ and now first to do a 1/2 sized DMD. Im going through the attract screen and well, lets just say everything is 2bit. IE black and white only no greys am I going to have to do a complete REDRAW for this game? Some of the dots are pretty painful.
  3. TMNT

    Gdrive files are updated to .6 added some red gradients added to dull intro scenes Michaelangelo name call done redid some "kitana million" frames April saved animation done, had to be masked because its dynamic some pals adjusted more key frames done still need to key bummer dude and both sewer call outs
  4. TMNT

    more stuffs done, INCLUDING THE MATCH GAME!!!! Gdrive updated
  5. TMNT

    not everything is a redraw, so I left the "not so crummy" animations in there. Source files are updated.
  6. TMNT

    Did a bunch more attract mode stuff, been going through the rip trying to find animations, there dont seem to be many, Its time to save April 's lame ass animation knocking out a few more little things then I'll upload the changes to the Google Drive
  7. TMNT

    I always replace the "don't do drugs" screens. I'll have to edit the screen to add you if you're going to plug it into WCS somehow.
  8. TMNT

    Thanks! Maybe I'll do more x16 games in x32 format now! I redid the triggers, did some attract mode stuff, and added an animated "colorized by Malenko" because im so vain Updated the Gdrive files.
  9. TMNT

    is it bad I can tell that's a frame from the building scrolling down? I think I'll just kill the triggering frames till the end. its going to make the colorization unplayable though.
  10. TMNT

    Try PMing lucky for help. Lets use this thread for colored dots instead of tech support
  11. TMNT

    I dont know enough about it to be a huge help, but this probably has something to do with it: [9] 2018/06/30 12:40:46.029 INFO | Resizing virtual DMD to 128x16 The game does use 128x16 but Lucky said to do the game in 128x32 so somewhere in the table script you should set the DMD to "regular" size. Other than that I have no idea, Im just the guy drawing dots I updated the Gdrive files with the building intro
  12. TMNT

    I think the issue might be that Im doing the frames in 128x32 instead of 128x16 ; can you change the DMD size on the table to 128x32? I think you also need to rename the file to match the rom name? replaced this sweet sweet building animation: With a resized redrawn edit from the arcade game: I do need to adjust frame timing, but I thought it was cool enough to share
  13. TMNT

    No point in waiting. Here are the current WIP files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UtVjBM2hh9bKb0iMDwU_Sp-R8pJEFwqu I wouldnt suggest making changes and saving as the files will get updated a bunch. Not a ton is done yet, but until the money starts flowing in, I dont have any pressure to finish
  14. TMNT

    Just because Im going to redraw this game doesnt mean you cant make your own version The factory Cowabunga is pretty great /s I kept the LtoR scroll though: you are getting very sleepy.......
  15. TMNT

    My wife said that 1 of me is almost too many.
  16. TMNT

    and 45 minutes later, we have a 32x tall logo scroll.
  17. TMNT

    Well I'm 2 hours in and looks like I need to start anew. The x16 mode is out dated so I need to do everything in 32 pixel height and either center the image for use in a 16 pixel height opening, or just redo all the graphics 32 pixels tall. Redoing all the graphics 32 pixels tall AND making it work for both 32 pixel and 16 pixels is beyond the scope of what I'm willing to do The taller art will be much easier canvas to work with, but for those with factory original screens, they'll have to find a way to make the Pin2DMD show all 32 pixels.
  18. TMNT

    Man I think Im going to regret the redraw angle...... Here is the Original: Heres the redraw:
  19. TMNT

    Street Fighter II took 160 hours to redraw. The TMNT "splash screen" took 30 minutes : /
  20. World Cup Soccer

    Thanks for finishing this. I had about 80% of the scenes that were ripped colored, but you definitely put in a ton of work. Also thanks for sharing your updates source files..
  21. World Cup Soccer

    a lot was done, but I got tired of hearing shit from fans of a different platform. So the files are up and someone else should try to finish it cause I never will.
  22. Terminator 2

    I need to upload the patched files. New jerb is chewing up my free time
  23. This is a copy pasta of the pinside thread :/ Hey kids! Malenko here again starting another Pin2DMD colorization. I figured I'd do another WIP thread to keep me motivated to actually finish it. Ive been color masking a ton of stuff, no need or desire to redraw everything like I did with SF2 , the animations in T2 are actually *REALLY* good. I cant even list all the stuff left to do, but I will attach some animations for things that are done. Done so Far: Test Screen GrandChampion Top Marksmen Shoot again words (not the elevator scene yet) Load the Gun Sequence Shoot for Jackpot Sequence HunterKiller crosshair animation HunterKiller explosion (I will probably take the time to draw the HK stuff by hand) T800 with lightning Bolt in attract mode "Color by Malenko" replacing the say no to drugs screen Free Play / Push Start (will change my machine to coins and capture that too) Arnie holding the shotgun (not firing, yet) Credits (with special shout out!)
  24. So started up on Godzilla, just started today. If things need fixed on T2, Lethal Weapon, or Baywatch, this will get put on hold. LW3 and Baywatch are both being privately tested before release. Looks better than having end users beta test "releases" IMO. 5th colorization, Im getting pretty good at these meow. Recording provided by Rappel. More is done than what is shown in the GIFs (15 scenes in total), I've been doing much better at dynamic palette changes which takes much less time than recoloring scenes when it isnt needed.