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  1. TMNT

    I might have to leave keyframing to @DJRobX what little free time I have , I've been putting into Frankenstein
  2. First to do a Gottlieb, First to do an DMDXL........ and now first to do a 1/2 sized DMD. Im going through the attract screen and well, lets just say everything is 2bit. IE black and white only no greys am I going to have to do a complete REDRAW for this game? Some of the dots are pretty painful.
  3. Download link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Eahyhp725Q4iqMN8E8A_1l-6-D7Xic6C started ploppin away at this, gonna bug @DJRobX to help with triggers (Im bad at them and prefer to spend my time coloring dots)
  4. This is a copy pasta of the pinside thread :/ Hey kids! Malenko here again starting another Pin2DMD colorization. I figured I'd do another WIP thread to keep me motivated to actually finish it. Ive been color masking a ton of stuff, no need or desire to redraw everything like I did with SF2 , the animations in T2 are actually *REALLY* good. I cant even list all the stuff left to do, but I will attach some animations for things that are done. Done so Far: Test Screen GrandChampion Top Marksmen Shoot again words (not the elevator scene yet) Load the Gun Sequence Shoot for Jackpot Sequence HunterKiller crosshair animation HunterKiller explosion (I will probably take the time to draw the HK stuff by hand) T800 with lightning Bolt in attract mode "Color by Malenko" replacing the say no to drugs screen Free Play / Push Start (will change my machine to coins and capture that too) Arnie holding the shotgun (not firing, yet) Credits (with special shout out!)
  5. PIN2DMD EVO128x32 Controller Board

    That looks epic as fuck, and right after I ordered 2 more of the old ones :/
  6. forgot this one. My wife said the game needed more purple.
  7. Added some attract mode triggers, they may or may not work. I think I need to break the lightning into its own sequence, but triggering and chopping scenes is what slows colorization to a crawl for me. Luckily the High Score section can all use the same frame and trigger.
  8. The scenes are being colored , but nothing is triggered. That means if I export the vpin or even real pin file it wont actually do anything since nothing is being triggered to play. I am going to go through and finish coloring all the attract mode scenes and then trigger them, then set a good default palette so its playable while I work on it. Ive been making great strides with the scenes but its still just something I do in my free time.
  9. Terminator 2

    its mentioned in the read me, but @lucky1 did the bulk of the fixes a while back I just cleaned up a few scenes and forgot to upload the files till now. Im going to take a look at @DJRobX 's released files for World Cup Soccer, and redo the "colorization by" scene and add him to it.
  10. Terminator 2

    Files updated, new URL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Logz-tz-1Y_7M5S1M37oGH1x-_kerrbb Im trying to put all the Pin2DMD releases in 1 folder and share it out instead of a bunch of shares
  11. Terminator 2

    I totally forgot about this. I'll check whats up there vs what I have saved and see whats what. I have a much better understanding of the editor and stuff since I release T2 so maybe I can go through and pretty some stuff up and fix some frames.
  12. Theres no triggers, so exporting the game wont do anything. Im going to finish the scenes then start triggering them.
  13. We'll have to flip it next time, tell me what game youre working on and maybe I'll try to color it Added these scenes Journal Of... In Memory Of Louis Boasberg Ice Cave Ice Cave Double Award Inject Victor Throwing Switch Helena Bonan Cart Stoning Banner Select Left Music Select Music Middle Select Right Music Lock Lit Leg & Leg 2 Kenneth Branagh HeartPull
  14. it was a permission issue with the files, they should be showing up now, sorry!
  15. Ive never seen the flick. Added to the first post, but heres the download link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Eahyhp725Q4iqMN8E8A_1l-6-D7Xic6C There are no triggers so there was no point in exporting for real or vpin yet. Please dont trigger anything yet!
  16. There's a great tutorial he can use too! Here's some more stuff. None of the colors are set in stone, but Im trying to be more "steam punk" in the palette I use
  17. There's only a handful of XL games, they can be enjoyed on a vpin by displaying the XL DMD on the backglass. I'm doing MSF as a favor to Steve for all the hardwork he put into the Pin2DMD editor. I redid TMNT in "normal dmd" dimensions , despite having a real TMNT cab that can't take advantage of the larger pixel area. So I spent 30+ hours of my life on something that's useless to me for the benefit of others.
  18. just bought a TMNT so this would also have to be for a vpin, looks really good
  19. Yeah, I've always tried to be as helpful as possible. I think people being nice enough to release their source files is also a big help too. When I started out I was just winging it and bugging the fuck out of @lucky1 . He was a huge help and I tried to follow his lead. The ability to open someone's project in the editor and actually *SEE* how its done helps. Your tutorial is also a game changer. I only looked at it briefly here at work, but I'm going to go through it and see if I can add anything of value and if you want any help with any parts of it I'm here for ya. I think if you add up all the dots in SFII, T2, Baywatch, TMNT, Checkpoint, Godzilla, World Cup Soccer, and Lethal Weapon 3 its still less work than Royal Rumble. Im currently working on MSF but Its not ready for a thread yet.
  20. Malenko's Pin2DMD colorization tutorial

    please use CB3's newer better tutorial:
  21. This Tutorial will be expanded upon in the future, but I want to get the basics going first. Source files will be downloadable from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15r3ty4eu7Mkg2CBIEul65AjmkGpTWdZ- The recording is from Star Wars and was sent to me by @thebarto This tutorial assumes you have the editor software installed, and have recordings of the game available. Open the editor and choose Animations -> Load recording and load the gz file. Or go to file->load project and load the XML file. I tend to save a new project as soon as I load the recordings. It is best to keep all projects in their own sub-folders, for organizational purposes. I have also opened the XML file and removed the pathing to the file so that it reads: <string>060118_113731_pin2dmd_dump.txt.gz</string> instead of <string>d:\Pin2DMD\Malenko\060118_113731_pin2dmd_dump.txt.gz</string> Let's begin with the score screen. You don't need more than 1 frame when you use a mask. If you click on the keyframe, you'll see the word "Player" is masked. That means anytime the game sees that word in that location, it'll apply the masking from the frame "score screen" . I did not draw a box around the word player, since stars fly behind it, and that would make the mask not work. Zoomed in: If you look at the single frame scene called "Score Screen" you can see my color masking. I changed the default colors to red, I filled in the words with blue, and I drew a box around where the numbers are using the black,red, and white section of the palette. What this does is let the "stars" stay red when they fly behind the numbers AND let the numbers stay white no matter what number is on screen. So player 2 on ball 3 with 7 credits will look exactly the same as player 1 on ball 2 with 0 credits. Frame prior to colorization: Frame WITH colorization: You cannot have the score and the stars different colors on since the score moves around based on how high the score gets and they share a colors. This is the exact same way I did the score for Terminator 2 , Street Fighter 2, and Lethal Weapon 3 ; so you can DL those files and poke around there too. Here is a better break down of the color masks: Default Colors: Apply to the entire scene where ever a color mask is not present Mask Colors apply where every you draw them. A single dot, a fill, a shape, a line it doesnt matter. If you have the 1st mask colors selected and you draw a box, where ever that box is drawn will convert 1 to A , 2 to B, 3 to C and 4 to D If you have the 2nd mask colors selected and you draw a box, where ever that box is drawn will convert 1 to E , 2 to F, 3 to G and 4 to H If you have the 3rd mask colors selected and you draw a box, where ever that box is drawn will convert 1 to I , 2 to J, 3 to K and 4 to L Now you're probably asking "but why are you reusing colors" That is to simplify masking, instead of coloring each dot in every word we can draw a box. This is also used to mask the numbers so that when the numbers change to any value, the lightest color stays white while allowing the stars to still hold their color as they pass behind. If you ever decide to change the colors in the default section , you'll have to update the the colors in the other section as well if you use this technique. Its much easier to see the actual color masks with the values changed in the above example.
  22. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Amazing tutorial, source files are clutch. Also, honored to be mentioned
  23. @DJRobXfinished World Cup Soccer for me and @cb3 has been doing some incredible work lately. This project is great and I cant wait for it to get finished!
  24. Files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10CjjAcqHkeEuJ7iSOv-fVCJzrrNpndLc CheckPoint Pin2DMD Readme Colorization of Data East’s CheckPoint. 1 animimation DOES break the 16 pixel height, but its position makes it work in both 16 and 32 pixel height mode. I just wanted to get yet another first out of the way. First Gottlieb (SFII), First DMDXL (BayWatch), First 16x to 32 conversion (TMNT), and now first 16x colorization sticking to 16 pixel height! WIP thread: Doesnt Exist Release Change Log: .03 SkillShot Made blue Porsche animation Radar Gun (dynamic, all speeds) 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K RPM .02 Scoring SkillShot Notice Credits Music Select Both Check Point Animations Corrected Turn Key Pal Support Our Troops .01 mega BETA Color by Malenko, 16 pixel edition High Scores & World Record Caveman Ninja Place holder DE Logo Turn Key Thanks to Lucky1 for the recording, and for the support.
  25. so everything is done, enjoy!