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  1. Just so you know the game isnt 100% done yet. I'll be releasing 0.09 soon Im just trying to make sure everything I have done triggers properly. Im alsmot done the "speed trap" sequences where you zoom by the cop hiding, then he gets on the radio, etc
  2. Bump out of NOWHERE!!!!! Added some more stuff to the last release from DJRobX's. Just some minor tweaks and i redid a couple scenes. I needed a break from the getaway.
  3. V.08 is up! Its tough to say, I have a LOT done of what I can do (ie, Im not going to be able to do video mode or the burn rubber map). The only major scenes left are the helicopter, and all the donut heaven scenes. I didnt get the speed trap finished but its getting there. Im spending too much time adding shading and what not to the scenes and I should just be masking them and be done with it.
  4. just wanna get this working, and finish the rest of the "million" scenes with the numbers in the middle then I'll upload a new version
  5. What I can do for this is pretty much done. With no VP table I cant test since I don't own the real thing either. I pinged steve about testing, since he owns the actual machine.
  6. I guess I started the "user edition" trend lololol I played this game at Zapcon, the G and R ramps were a neat idea, and have both a gun and a rose handled launcher were brilliant too. I look forward to the colorization. Welcome to the jungle baby!
  7. V.08 should be up by this weekend. Its mostly a utility update, bug squashing and stuff. but I'll try to add a donut heaven scene or two.
  8. wow, looks really good in the pix, I cant wait to load it on my vpin after Zapcon. I like how not all the characters have the same skin tone, its a good call.
  9. For those who want to look at the source, or export for real pin: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ezyqZ6VAHwOCeZzqoOF-npTQoozmL1lf .07 Call this the WOB release, cause he did a video for me that was a huge help and he provided a dmd dump with it. Changed the hitch hiker to match the backglass. Red shirt, blonde hair. (WOB) corrected color mask width on Loop Champion fixed credit show break between shift scenes ("Credit Reset") corrected title card palette and trigger frame Helicopter Bonus even more lambo wipe triggers changed super charger active boost color mask and added new triggers even more police wip triggers changed default 4 color palette to greyscale. removed old traffic light masks and triggers new traffic light masks and triggers Lock Is Lit tweaked RPM color mask redid "Gear Award" to cover all gear awards corrected hitch hiker scene timing (first frame had too long of a delay, may need tweaked) SuperCharger Mode Started redoing all the super charger millions. start position and direction isnt static; doing 1 to 1 framing super charger millions 1, 2 , and most of 3 are done. They are 8 frames each and theres 10 numbers sooooooo..... its a big chunk of work. super charger millions changed to red and blue (WOB) extended delay of last match game frame to hopefully stop the number changing colors at the end Loops to lite super jackpot New score mask/trigger for credits New score mask/trigger for freeplay Shoot the Super Charger Millions solo animation Score with loop count
  10. Right now the score is yellow, ball is red, ball number is white, MPH is green, MPH number is white, and freeplay/credits is red. Its pretty close to how I did T2. I dont really like the score in yellow but I'll leave it for now. .06 Super Charger Millions plus the 1,2,3,4, and 5 variant Gear Award Bonus Held 1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear Changed score colors 2X Bonus Splash Recolored "Extra Ball at" Extra triggers for 4th gear Added extra Lambo wipe triggers Added extra Police wipe triggers New police wipe, added shading Adjusted palette to try and remove "ghost reds" from "Match Game"
  11. Im gonna flesh out some more stuff before an actual release.
  12. I can make one. are there any frame limits, time limits, etc ?
  13. Can you guys test the match game for me? Just uploaded a new version and added a new GIF of the lambo wipe (I slowed it down for the GIF) .05 Lucky cleaned up some triggers Fixed RPM color mask on "RPM redline" recolored Super Charger Boost reshaded both "lambo wipe" screens adding some much needed detail. SHIFT 4th Gear , cause why not do them out of order? recolored "score" mask, too similar to colorDMD's version cut all 39 frames of the match game, masked and triggered. duped frame 4, so ignore the missing number in the source
  14. Lucky is helping me fix up whats already done, then I'll move on to getting all the attract mode done. This is really going to be a laissez faire type situation. I have way to much other real life stuff going on to dedicate a lot of time to this but since I own the pin now I really do want it in color more My highest pin2dmd priority is just killing the last of the Lethal Weapon 3 bugs and finishing converting all the TriBall stuff to Multiball.
  15. I PM'ed you a link to the source so you can export real pin files. I'll put up the real pin files later. Not enough is really done to justify real releases. I only put up the VPin files so ppl can see I actually did a little work
  16. if you share your source files, I can convert this to x32 pixel height.
  17. I put up my getaway project and SFII; Im working on adding the rest. I'll use this site to host the VPIN and RealPin files, and leave the source stuff on my gdrive.
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