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  1. I'll try to get mine upped by this weekend, no promises.
  2. malenko

    The Getaway - High Speed II

    I used to just export them right from the pin2dmd editor. /shrug
  3. malenko

    The Getaway - High Speed II

    I dont plan on finishing this, just getting it started for someone else. Ive chopped up a ton of the intro where the checkered flag cuts in and out to try and make the transitions look protato. Im pretty much working on LW3 till I squash the few remaining bugs and I think there might be 1 or 2 things left till I can call TMNT complete
  4. malenko

    The Getaway - High Speed II

    Do images not animate when uploaded anymore?
  5. malenko

    CAUTION! GermanGamingSupplies.com SCAM!

    I also ordered a pinscape from Dom and had to put in a paypal dispute to get my money back.
  6. malenko

    The Getaway - High Speed II

    I own this pin now. Does someone have the latest project files for me, or should I maybe start over?
  7. malenko

    Demolition Man 1.0

    No worries on not using my changes its YOUR project Im glad I could help, even if only to be a cheerleader. Big thanks to you for uploading the source files too, they are a great learning utility.
  8. I got it backwards 😛 Either way, I cant reliably test any XL game right now. Thanks for the video Hank! Looks like most of the palettes are wrong and theres also some masking and trigger issues. I'll ping Steve to check the files and upload some fixes.
  9. its probably missing a trigger frame. @lucky1 has the actual machine so its something he should be able to sort. I kind of did this colorization blind since I dont have a real pin or a vpin to test on 😕 Im glad you like it and I'd be great if you could post a video of it in action.
  10. activate the display and copy those 2 files over. Some stuff needed trigger work, and since I dont have a way to test, I left that up to Lucky and Steve. It should be mostly working though!
  11. malenko


    lolololol, its activated. its an issue with the editor I think. I had to convert SFII to the new format to see it right, so I think it might just be a software thingie. Super sad XL files look scrambled, guess I need to put together my XL panel and activate it too.
  12. malenko


    ok this is almost 100% done. I just need to do the splinter multipliers and trigger them. Finally got my spare panel from @dpannell2 all setup , and I just donated to Lucky for activation so I can fix color issues without having to trigger in game 😛 Next up is some polish on LW3 then some polish on T2 then I work on my mystery game more \ though I am having palette issues on some games.
  13. malenko

    Lethal Weapon 3

    Necrobump! Took a little break from TMNT to do some updates on this summabeach. Converted triball to Multiball for video roms 2.08 and up (Always Multiball folder) I also added a more complete video mode. You guys beta testing and telling me where bugs are is a huge help. The change to multiball is in its own subfolder and will probably become the main fork.....cause Tri-ball is stupid sounding. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9cWp45XToh2d2ZGUWk5NGE4eDQ
  14. Tutorials are great but seeing the source is the biggest help, thats why I always release all mine. But different horses for different courses. I was worried at first someone else would try to claim my work but luckily thats never happened; but I really wouldnt care if it did. You do good work, so keep it up
  15. Any plans to release the source files?