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  1. I believe you just use the correct DLL with external display on , then run the pin2dmd.exe to dump the file.
  2. This is 100% accurate. Data East seems to be more forgiving with real pins (Ive done Godzilla and Lethal Weapon 3 for real pins) and Bally is super harsh. Feel free to look at the source files for any of the games Ive done and see if they help at all. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9cWp45XToh2aVIxUWJZX0FwOUk
  3. Win10, x64 editor, I always export with size 8 dots. I'll try the latest build at a later date. It just started happening when I started testing the video mode editor, which I need to finish doing for this game.
  4. Im using your version right before the VNI update up there^
  5. is GIF export still hit or miss? I keep getting single frame 6kb empty black screens on single frame exports, and larger empty black screen on sequence exports.
  6. So I was asked to do some customization work on the Getaway. Part of what was asked to do was to change some words on scenes that had dynamic content. You may think this is impossible, but it can be done albeit with a limited palette. This is a technique using red and black to replace ACE DRIVERS in the getaway with MPH DRIVERS while retaining the dynamic content of the scores and initials. To note, you can still use 2 of the 4 sections of the palette for whatever you want, the 2 parts you lose are the black out section, and the replacement color section. First step is to capture and trigger the frame you want to replace: Next step is to color whatever parts you want to be dynamically done, in this example its the initials. They didn't have to be red, this is just the color choice I wanted to use: Next I blackout the word(s) I want to replace. In the example I remove the word ACE, by coloring it in with a palette section where all 4 colors are black: Finally, I draw in the replacement word using a palette that has all 4 colors the same as the text I want: One thing to keep in mind is I needed the first 4 colors to do the score and checked flag wipe, the 3rd and 4th section was used to color in the letters, but the second set of 4 colors could still be used to color in dynamic content. For example I could have had the initials in a different color while keeping the text red at the top. This wont work for more complicated dynamic scenes but its great for altering text on high score screens and stuff like that.
  7. That T-Rex looks perfect! Cant wait to see what you do with this.
  8. Lets say I pick "set hash' but then I change the colors or something, how do I over write the old hash? I can see the number but there's no list like there is with keyframes, thats what Im talking about
  9. Hashed Object = when you click the create hash button. I dont see where the data is saved to remove hashes. Changing the mask sets it to blue so I thought that meant its deleting all the hashes for the old mask. The overlap is what is getting me. What happens when the player car is covering part of the CPU car? Does the yellow CPU car over write the red player car? Same with when the CPU car is covering a sign. What happens when the big billboard is partially covered by a CPU car which is also partially covered by the player car? Thats what I was trying to avoid happening. Masking it the way Im doing it is a ton more work and a ton more hashes but the same number of masks as your way (just a bigger mask with funny shapes)
  10. Its hard to put into words but it'll make it easier to color all the overlapping objects without the colors overlapping. If the objects never overlapped I'd use smaller specific masks like you did. Taking your pictures up there as an example, if the player car was in the middle lane the bottom of that car would be cut off, same issue if the CPU car is in the right lane. Im sort of over engineering this to prevent any weird graphical issues. If you look at my sign mask, it checks that the sign is there and ignores the CPU car area. The mask will work for all 3 sign variations and CPU and Player cars wont get detected. While that leaves part of the sign uncolored when there isnt a cpu car , when I make the cpu car mask, I'll also trigger a hash for when there is no car there but there is a sign, and color in that part of the sign using the cpu car mask as a hash. It probably wasnt what you had in mind when you made this, but I swear it makes sense in my head. I can probably photoshop a better visual when I get home. Is there a away to delete hashed objects or does changing the mask delete them?
  11. ok so I poked around a bit and before I commit a fuck ton of time, I uploaded my changes : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KxU2P7xZMC5avxnb2vx6kpG5PXp5UXYc Im hoping someone can test the exports. @lucky1 Can you tell me if I am doing it right? I did get rid of the grass on the sides, it causes WAY more issues that its worth and also eliminates masking and coloring the road lines.
  12. ok Im going to give this a go. But Im not going to start with the player car, Im going to try and do the road signs on the side first. I have figured out everywhere the background gets covered up by objects As far as I can tell, I just leave the LCM first frame with that and everything else gets colored on top of it right? As for making the frames, I didn't mean to hash both signs on the same frame, but just keep everything more organized with a fewer unique frames, like have all 4 positions of the speed limit sign down both sides on the same frame, then just having that frame duplicated 8 times. Probably not worth the extra effort. Anyways, gonna be a slow day at work, so wish me luck! EDIT: Pro Tip everyone! Hit next then back to save the frame changes before trying to apply a hash, because you'll lose what you just colored if you click the D-Mask box
  13. maybes its 9 positions and 5 sprites (45 total) I havent dug that deep. You mentioned pasting new frames in at the end of the sequence for checking hashing, can I invent new frames to post in? for example: This would allow me to color and hash the billboard on each side at the same time (this can never happen in game though)
  14. Im going to give the video mode a little more attention this weekend and then hopefully get my Pin2DMD installed in my Getaway for testing. I think the LCM mode can catch multiple hashes at once, but it cant really overlay all the colored objects. Im going to cut the scene into small sections and see if I can get it to color the way it works in my head. I think the trick is going to be to make sure that any thing that is dynamic gets its own mask and section, its just really hard for me to explain it in words but I think if I get it working and you look at the source, it'll make more sense. I'll try to explain piggie-backing off my video mode wall of text up there^^^^ So lets say I have 3 hash masks where the player's car is, I can use those to trigger all 5 positions of the players car. While I do have to capture all 5 positions of the player car, it doesnt matter what road signs are on screen or where the CPU cars are. 3 more hash masks that cover the 3 lanes of the road at the top, I can use these to trigger the top 3 positions of the CPU cars , it wont matter where the player car is, or what road signs are on screen. I can use the 3 hash masks for the player car to also detect the CPU cars at the bottom of the screen. I can use 1 more hash mask on each side of the road to trigger the signs. For the left side it wont matter where CPU cars are , where the player car is, or the what road signs on the right are. For the right side its the same except the left signs wont matter. TL;DR you will have to capture each object but not every combination of objects. Every combination over 50,000 Every object: 5 player cars 12 CPU cars 12 left side signs 12 right side signs So 41ish? I may have to trigger the player car overlapping the CPU car near the bottom, in which case add 15 more. Obviously other games may have more complex video modes but this is a start! Of course I could be totally wrong about this and look like an asshole
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