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  1. Terminator 2

    Glad you enjoy it, there are still a few more tweaks coming for the game, hopefully including a better video mode
  2. Godzilla

    yeah rappel has the source files to finish keying, I dont have the machine and my Vpin is down right now, so its up to him for release. Should hopefully be soon
  3. Lethal Weapon 3

    got the roms from IBjeepin (THANKS!) but then my launch coil bracket broke, so I fixed that and now my right flipper locks on and blows the fuse, so I have a short somewhere. Here are the files, but they should work for multiball and triball but I havent tested anything on 2.08 yet https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9cWp45XToh2aVIxUWJZX0FwOUk
  4. Terminator 2

    the BETA folder has the latest intermittent release. Match game needs fixing but kickback and autofire both work fine.
  5. Terminator 2

    I reinstalled my pin2dmd into my T2 and here's a brief video:
  6. Lethal Weapon 3

    I lied, I installed my pin2dmd into my T2 and took pictures and video, maybe tomorrow is LW3s lucky day! I wish I had a better camera for this picture:
  7. Lethal Weapon 3

    Im going to test the files tonight on my machine and likely release in the next day or two. There will probably be updates if things that worked on 2.05 stop working on 2.08
  8. Terminator 2

    Just FYI, these are still being updated while Lucky and I squash a few issues.
  9. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

  10. Lethal Weapon 3

    I'd like to upgrade my game to 2.08 ; be happy to buy the require ROMs from you.
  11. Lethal Weapon 3

    The Cow is in my actual pin Im on 2.05 I'll check to see if its in 2.08 With the way frame triggering works I can do 2 releases, one that says Multiball and one that says Tri-ball you'll just need to pick the one you want.
  12. Lethal Weapon 3

    welp, scratch that Im running an OLD ROM revision in my pin, Steve just got me a 2.08 dmd dump, so Im going to see whats different and what needs colored in addition to the change from Multiball to Triball
  13. Godzilla

    Its all done except for Rappel fixing key frames (I dont have access to the pin) He'll be doing the releasing.
  14. Godzilla

    Ive been CRUSHING IT. Might finish the coloring part today