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  1. so Ive been chuggin away at this, have the vega claw and bonus reveals done. Original: redeaux: and the bonus reveal! the reveal is masked so it will show every bonus in red, weut!
  2. its CLUTCH to know you can still copy / paste the masks between frames. So I take this frame And define the colors and masks and I get this: I can copy that data (that looks like this) And paste it onto this frame: And get this: Then I just need to color in the X with the last section of the palette: I can get the sequence done in about 10 minutes as opposed to MUCH longer.
  3. I finally figured it out. I think a better way to explain it is "make the first color of each block your masking color" , the other 3 colors are then used for shading.
  4. that all started when the editor didn't create key frames when I cut the animation, no idea how I could make a keyframe without a scene or dump, but like I PM'ed you Im going to re-record now that the flicker is gone on Gottlieb V2 and just copy / paste the altered frames over. "Working fine" is a bit disingenuous , the export is working but the replaced animations were not, at least not on the actual pin. Steve, I'd suggest adding a link to your signature to the bintray page
  5. The plan for now is to release it for Vpins and beg for donations to make me want to color and share more pins, T2 is next. For now, its nearing time to start these:
  6. My error happened because i had scenes without key frames, just FYI
  7. well it wont export my real pin files, thats the crash that happens. I started a github post for you but I'll give the new one a go and try to export.
  8. so if anyone else if having the issue I was of "ST Link not found", uninstall the driver windows 10 uses and download the one from the website and force windows to use the downloaded driver.
  9. when I try to export I get this: *DUMP REMOVED Im running as an admin , win10 64 bit tried exporting with a different name and triedexporting both new and old formats.
  10. but will that just switch the palette or show the replacement frames? Im having issues with the latets build of the editor (build 46) with exporting GIFs. I always pick dot size 4 but it only exports it at 2
  11. CHUN LI IS DONE!!!!!! That means all the defeated fighter animations are in the books!
  12. Ok so thats my issue, I didnt get key frames made when cutting previous animations, is there a way to go back and create the keyframe? Or do I need to open up 2 editors, recut the animation with the key frame, then copy/paste the altered frames back over?
  13. Just Chun Li is left for the "defeated fighter" animations. Then I need to try out this BETA firmware for gottlieb and see if I can use masks for the dynamic scenes. Attached is the 2million point Yoga Flame shot
  14. The "defeats" done now include: Balrog, Bison,Blanka,Guile, Ken, and Ryu. I tried something different with Blanka, and instead of his win stance you get his "knocked out" animation. the 32 pixel limit made both of his win stances (repeated back flips or hand raise) too hard to made look good. Much like Guile, I got 2 special moves in!