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  1. malenko

    Demolition Man WIP

    Slippi sent me the source to look at, I've made some changes (very minor, he does great work) and I'll be sending them to him in the next couple of days. Everything is going to be saved separately so he isn't committed to any of my changes. Im going to try and get some of the chopping and triggering sorted for him more than any coloring. I definitely need to get better at this game cause there are a myriad of animations I've never seen before. I needed a break from TMNT 😛
  2. malenko

    Star Wars

    This is CB3's thread , MartDes should have started his own thread. CB3s is pretty much done.
  3. malenko


    I've gotten better at the vpin version and Ive been able to record, so I'll just need you to keep play testing for me and telling me whats borked
  4. Without seeing the source I cant say but it could be that the tales sequence is replace instead of colormask.
  5. malenko

    PIN2DMD Tutorial

    The video is really good, little long should be broken into chucks (at least have clickable time links in the details) Its a nice compliment to CB3's tutorial.
  6. malenko


    make a subfolder called dmddump under pinmame activate the dump by having use external DMD and show DMD in the game open pin2dmd and tick "create dump file" the dumps will be in the dmddump folder. You can compress them to gz with 7zip tweaked Push Start colors, recolored kraang/shellbrain redid Match game. Since its so random, there's no easy way to color the shells the way I wanted to. So its slightly blander, but less glitchy looking. redid "insert coin" and its working closer to expected, not always animated but still looks good. added and colored "fight again" This might get replaced with a new animation, but for now, its in there. retriggered Brown belt. added more eye triggers same link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UtVjBM2hh9bKb0iMDwU_Sp-R8pJEFwqu
  7. malenko

    Demolition Man WIP

    Ha! Well if you want me to take a look at those, send me a link to the files.
  8. malenko


    .12 Addition triggers for NUMEROUS animations , sequences, and palettes (way more to do, I need to do another capture) Added and colored missing big right arrow scene replaced "oops missed" scene with Kraang animation replaced "push button" scene with Baxter Stockman scene Added but havent redone "fight again" animation I do need to adjust colors a bit, they look a little washed out. I just got my colorization panel from dpannel , so I'll be hooking that up and checking shit out
  9. malenko


    Thanks! I have a new recording I have to add to the mix and go through and try to trigger what's already done and see if that improves anything. I did a bunch of recordings but they weren't where I thought they'd be (in the table folder) but I found them in the dmddump folder I made under vpinMAME. Building Scene I have play more often than not. I've seen it not trigger and Im hoping the additional dumps Ive made fix the triggering issue. Bummer dude definitely has a triggering issue (its replaced by the rocksteady frames) Help Me has never triggered for me , I will be chopping it up and doing a ton of 1:1 frames / triggers Splinter is missing from the dump I have and Im not sure he's in my new dump, but I will get him recorded and draw up a new scene Turtle showing fingers? I was happy I got Leo and Raph triggering most of the time and my new dump has mikey and Don in it a bunch so Im hoping this gets sorted Looping Lit is missing form the dump Push button is captured and needs colored Everybody out of the sewers is getting redone and retriggered. Sounds like you're a lot better at this pin than I am (despite me owning the real deal) Think its possible you could make a dump or two for me? It'd be a huge help.
  10. malenko


    Not working, no idea why, going to redo it from scratch. Its a replacement screen but its acting like a color mask. Made another recording so Im going to get some more triggers in place and see whats what
  11. malenko

    Pin2DMD Displays and some parts for sale

    Its great to order something and get it a few days later. I really appreciate the fast shipping dpannell2
  12. malenko


    Updated the files with the latest. I dont mess with frame timing unless Im replacing animations, Ive never really paid attention to it otherwise. I believe a 0 makes it stay until another sequence gets triggered over it.I updated the files LATE last night, and the canister scene is colorized and plays *most* of the time. As for the eyes and the replacement seen....... I might replace the canister scene with the 4 turtles jumping out of the hole, and replace the eyes with shredder's eyes redraw. Thanks for testing! EDIT: Just had a GREAT game, 20m! That sbetter than I do on my real TMNT Scene's Im missing: Splinter...multiplier? Ive seen 1 2 and 4x with a crude rat picture Replay/Play Again screen of a plunger launching the ball 2nd frame of name entry Ive never captured from a vpin, I assume its the same as a real pin, just load up pin2dmd.exe and tick the record box; so I'll give that a go next. Another Edit: Shredder Eyes added Canister scene replaced by the 4 turtles that used to replace the eyes eyes should trigger during game
  13. malenko

    Demolition Man WIP

    Got my flipper issue sorted (Windows was blocking the VBS files cause they were downloaded) Everything looks really good, the only mode I hit that wasn't colored was chasing Simon Pheonix. I dont know the rules of this game very well, but I'll definitely play it more now that you've done so much colorization and done it so well.
  14. malenko


    That needs totally redone, I thought the animation was the same every time but its not, its randomized. I have a solution in mind but I need to slice and dice the sequence. I'm super annoyed the insert coin animation isnt working. Its acting like a mask overtop of the existing frames and looks weird. Maybe I need to update the firmware on this old panel before I drive myself ape shit.
  15. malenko


    Would love it if you guys test it and tell me whats still messed up for you. I have a list but I might be missing stuffs Latest update: .101 New x32 sized Insert Coin graphic (3 frames 1:1 trigger, taken from another Data East Game) Added delay to Pin2DMD scene, trying to avoid uneeded triggers cleaned up multiple intro word issues (save april, turtle power, cowabunga,etc) added extra triggers for turtle name scrolls EDIT: testing insert coin, didnt get results expected