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  1. So after checking over the capture file again it turns out the section shouwing the portrait with an X over it *IS* dynamic , "X number of fighters remaining" so they'll have to be palette tricked, but all the "death" animations are not, so I took a break from drawing the street fighter logo 26 times and started E honda's sumo torpedo
  2. I'd love it if you could do another alt, using the alt backglass I made for my real SFII pin JPG: PSD:
  3. Almost none of the scenes in SFII show anything dynamic. VERY stop and go gameplay, make a shot, stop and watch a scene. Its why everyone hates it The only "dynamic scenes" are car crush scenes (1 scene that has 3 animation parts), barrel crush , millions circle shot, torpedo shot count, guile shot count, and Vega rewards, planned on doing pal swaps for those. I am pretty sure the Chun Li skill shot loops, so I'll only have to redraw the main 10 frames.
  4. I'll retry. Why wont redrawing everything work? the majority of the animations are pretty terrible. The display flickers on the actual DMD as well.
  5. no, cant seem to snag one. Been redrawing every frame by hand anyway.
  6. so I started coloring the game yesterday, no promises I'll ever finish. Plan is to start with just coloring the frames, long term is to redo the admittedly bad animations. Animations: Gottlieb / Premier Logo 100% Street Fighter / Capcom Logo 85% ChunLi Skill shot 0% Bracelet Throw 0% BT Result Early 0% BT Result Bullseye 0% BT Result Late 0% Defeat Honda Trigger 0% Defeat Honda Result 0% Defeat Guile Trigger 0% Defeat Guile Result 0% Defeat Bison Trigger 0% Defeat Bison Result 0% Defeat Zangief Trigger 0% Defeat Zangief Result 0% Defeat Dhalsim Trigger 0% Defeat Dhalsim Result 0% Defeat Vega Trigger 0% Defeat Vega Result 0% Defeat ChunLi Trigger 0% Defeat ChunLi Result 0% Defeat Ken Trigger 0% Defeat Ken Result 0% Defeat Ryu Trigger 0% Defeat Ryu Result 0% Defeat Vega Trigger 0% Defeat Vega Result 0% Defeat Blanka Trigger 0% Defeat Blanka Result 0% Barrel Break 0% Car Smash 1 0% Car Smash 2 0% Car Smash 3 0%
  7. You are a rock star! I'll be starting a "colorization in progress" thread after I finish the capcom/SFII animation (that way I can test by leaving the attract mode running)
  8. I emailed you a link to the drop box files. I'd like to keep the files between us for now. I know Im doing something wrong but there isn't a ton of documentation with pictures (which is something else I am currently working on) Exporting animated GIFs from the DMD is pretty awesome BTW
  9. so, I dont know how to put the stuff on the SD card. I pick export project and its just a pal file, no dat file. The Capcom/SF animation isnt dont obviously.
  10. I got all but 1 or 2 scenes ripped. Recoloring scenes is pretty tedious , but it'd be significantly faster if I could copy and paste sections of the frame. After I finish up recolring the capcom/street fighter logo section I'll try to plop them on the SD card and see if anything works.
  11. Gottlieb with signal enhancer worked! Now if only I could get the editor to work....
  12. I only fiddled around with the software for about 40 minutes, I got 92 and 93 mixed up. But the important thing is I tried both modes I will definitely try the enhancer thingie and report back. I was also told to try and flip the data cable, I'm assuming that's perfectly safe to try? I also donated to register the 3 panels (1 for each real DMD pin I have, and 1 spare in case I get another pin or build a full sized vpin) so it'll be easier to test without wondering if there's no signal or if the lockout splash screen is back on
  13. I am using Rappelbox's shield aka German Gaming, guy is an awesome seller! The DMD is plugged into the data cable the only way it fits (and the same way works on the William's T2 cab) , I tried both Gottlieb and Gottlieb93 (since Street Fighter II was released in March of 1993) but didnt play with the enhancer settings. I will try that when I get home from work. The other funny thing is when I tried to set the mode with pin2dmd editor, none of the names lined up. For example, choosing Stern Whitestar seemed to put it into Data East Mode, picking data east put it in Gottlieb93 mode, etc Dunno if it my panel not being activated mattered or not.
  14. Just got 3 Pin2DMDs, Ive been looking forward to colorizing the game so it can get the love it deserves. Unfortunately , pin2DMD doesnt seem to be able to display the data from the pin. I hooked all 3 panels up to my Terminator 2 and put them in Williams mode and they displayed the T2 DMD screens just fine. Reconnected them to Gottlieb Street Fighter II, and no matter what input mode I chose it just stays on the static PIN2DMD splash screen. Any ideas? I PM'ed Lucky1 but figured I should post too!
  15. or you can block the exe in windows firewall. I have never had an issue with updating pinballx but it does suck that you cant just disable the notification.