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  1. PIN2DMD EVO128x32 Controller Board

    That looks epic as fuck, and right after I ordered 2 more of the old ones :/
  2. forgot this one. My wife said the game needed more purple.
  3. Added some attract mode triggers, they may or may not work. I think I need to break the lightning into its own sequence, but triggering and chopping scenes is what slows colorization to a crawl for me. Luckily the High Score section can all use the same frame and trigger.
  4. The scenes are being colored , but nothing is triggered. That means if I export the vpin or even real pin file it wont actually do anything since nothing is being triggered to play. I am going to go through and finish coloring all the attract mode scenes and then trigger them, then set a good default palette so its playable while I work on it. Ive been making great strides with the scenes but its still just something I do in my free time.
  5. Terminator 2

    its mentioned in the read me, but @lucky1 did the bulk of the fixes a while back I just cleaned up a few scenes and forgot to upload the files till now. Im going to take a look at @DJRobX 's released files for World Cup Soccer, and redo the "colorization by" scene and add him to it.
  6. Terminator 2

    Files updated, new URL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Logz-tz-1Y_7M5S1M37oGH1x-_kerrbb Im trying to put all the Pin2DMD releases in 1 folder and share it out instead of a bunch of shares
  7. Terminator 2

    I totally forgot about this. I'll check whats up there vs what I have saved and see whats what. I have a much better understanding of the editor and stuff since I release T2 so maybe I can go through and pretty some stuff up and fix some frames.
  8. Theres no triggers, so exporting the game wont do anything. Im going to finish the scenes then start triggering them.
  9. We'll have to flip it next time, tell me what game youre working on and maybe I'll try to color it Added these scenes Journal Of... In Memory Of Louis Boasberg Ice Cave Ice Cave Double Award Inject Victor Throwing Switch Helena Bonan Cart Stoning Banner Select Left Music Select Music Middle Select Right Music Lock Lit Leg & Leg 2 Kenneth Branagh HeartPull
  10. it was a permission issue with the files, they should be showing up now, sorry!
  11. Ive never seen the flick. Added to the first post, but heres the download link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Eahyhp725Q4iqMN8E8A_1l-6-D7Xic6C There are no triggers so there was no point in exporting for real or vpin yet. Please dont trigger anything yet!
  12. There's a great tutorial he can use too! Here's some more stuff. None of the colors are set in stone, but Im trying to be more "steam punk" in the palette I use
  13. There's only a handful of XL games, they can be enjoyed on a vpin by displaying the XL DMD on the backglass. I'm doing MSF as a favor to Steve for all the hardwork he put into the Pin2DMD editor. I redid TMNT in "normal dmd" dimensions , despite having a real TMNT cab that can't take advantage of the larger pixel area. So I spent 30+ hours of my life on something that's useless to me for the benefit of others.
  14. Download link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Eahyhp725Q4iqMN8E8A_1l-6-D7Xic6C started ploppin away at this, gonna bug @DJRobX to help with triggers (Im bad at them and prefer to spend my time coloring dots)
  15. just bought a TMNT so this would also have to be for a vpin, looks really good