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  1. Files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10CjjAcqHkeEuJ7iSOv-fVCJzrrNpndLc CheckPoint Pin2DMD Readme Colorization of Data East’s CheckPoint. 1 animimation DOES break the 16 pixel height, but its position makes it work in both 16 and 32 pixel height mode. I just wanted to get yet another first out of the way. First Gottlieb (SFII), First DMDXL (BayWatch), First 16x to 32 conversion (TMNT), and now first 16x colorization sticking to 16 pixel height! WIP thread: Doesnt Exist Release Change Log: .03 SkillShot Made blue Porsche animation Radar Gun (dynamic, all speeds) 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K RPM .02 Scoring SkillShot Notice Credits Music Select Both Check Point Animations Corrected Turn Key Pal Support Our Troops .01 mega BETA Color by Malenko, 16 pixel edition High Scores & World Record Caveman Ninja Place holder DE Logo Turn Key Thanks to Lucky1 for the recording, and for the support.
  2. I have no programming knowledge, just some work related power shell scripting. SFII, T2, and Baywatch....I worked on all of those Ive gotten a lot better at making things work, but adds a lot of work.
  3. The reticle animation could play and not get interrupted by itself but then the explosion could interrupt. It makes sense in my head but I'm better at coloring dots than explaining things
  4. uninterruptible by itself would have made the T2 HK shot animation and the SFII skill shot not take forever to do
  5. This looks amazing, if I can help at all, let me know.
  6. TMNT

    Gdrive updated. I'm going to go through one more time but I might actually be done! Added Leonardo name call scene, pal, and trigger Added Donatello name call scene, pal, and trigger Added Raphael name call scene, pal, and trigger Redraw of "Last Chance" scene and trigger masked of "smiling turtle" bonus and name entry done Pin2DMD animation injected
  7. TMNT

    Is anyone play testing these at all?
  8. TMNT

    Gdrive files are updated to .6 added some red gradients added to dull intro scenes Michaelangelo name call done redid some "kitana million" frames April saved animation done, had to be masked because its dynamic some pals adjusted more key frames done still need to key bummer dude and both sewer call outs
  9. TMNT

    more stuffs done, INCLUDING THE MATCH GAME!!!! Gdrive updated
  10. TMNT

    not everything is a redraw, so I left the "not so crummy" animations in there. Source files are updated.
  11. TMNT

    Did a bunch more attract mode stuff, been going through the rip trying to find animations, there dont seem to be many, Its time to save April 's lame ass animation knocking out a few more little things then I'll upload the changes to the Google Drive
  12. TMNT

    I always replace the "don't do drugs" screens. I'll have to edit the screen to add you if you're going to plug it into WCS somehow.
  13. TMNT

    Thanks! Maybe I'll do more x16 games in x32 format now! I redid the triggers, did some attract mode stuff, and added an animated "colorized by Malenko" because im so vain Updated the Gdrive files.
  14. TMNT

    is it bad I can tell that's a frame from the building scrolling down? I think I'll just kill the triggering frames till the end. its going to make the colorization unplayable though.
  15. TMNT

    Try PMing lucky for help. Lets use this thread for colored dots instead of tech support