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  1. I get that everything needs triggered and hashed, my issue is I don't know what all has been already triggered and hashed. I also understand its probably easiest to do all the player cars, and then all the signs on the left in order etc, but my issue is, if I haven't done any work in a month I dont want to repeat a bunch of work because I dont know if its been triggered or not. So I'll ask a different way, how can I see all the parts that have been triggered in video mode?
  2. Lets start over then. When I trigger a frame in the video-mode colorization, I have no idea where the hash or frame or anything else is stored. I cant see what Ive done or see whats left to do. I can go a few weeks between when I have time to work on colorizations and the only solution I have been able to come up with it is to keep super detailed word doc with screen shots and hash CRCs frames mask details etc It would be great if like under the trigger for the mode, there was a list of all the triggers used IN the mode. TL;DR I'd like to see whats triggered in colormask layer mode
  3. Something exactly like the editor, or built into the editor that is more functional. I made some progress on the getaway video mode, redoing it with the weird shapes that only need triggered because they are the only variable sections of the screen. Looks weird but But its been so long I have no idea what all has been done. I cant go back through and see whats triggered and what isn't. Instead of bogging down or bloating the exiting editor I thought it'd be better to have a separate piece of software. Even it it just exports to something that has to be imported into the regular editor. I guess I could photoshop some sort of GUI to give you an idea of what I mean, if that'd be more helpful.
  4. Can we have an editor just for video mode? Have it export a .vmf file or something? The way you edit for video mode now is sort of clunky, and impossible to keep track of if you say edit some frames then dont touch it for a few weeks.
  5. Are you getting a ColorDMD or a Pin2DMD? If a Pin2DMD, the files are in the download section.
  6. I havent done a lot since last release. Burn rubber map is well over 100 scenes and triggers so its going to be a long work in progress when I get back to it. The chick talking is 1 to 1 frame triggered so "nice wheels" must have a frame that isn't used anywhere else. I'll see if WOB can rip it for me.
  7. Yeah there was no VPX table to test the colorization with. I plan to pick this back up but I have other stuff in the works right now.
  8. Have at it. Love it if you released the source but you dont gotta
  9. I wont be mad at any improvements This is why I release the source files, so people can poke around and change stuff without having to start over from scratch. T2 was the second game I did so there's probably a ton of crap just band-aided together because I didn't know any better. I do remember there being at least 7 explosion first frames so it sounds like your on the right track. I'd love it if you posted your source code changes when you're done. I had also planned to do a bunch of custom animations, but I tried to keep everything as stock as possible because when I did SF2, I replaced pretty much every single animation. I knew with SF2 no one would dislike replacing those aweful dots, but when it came to T2 I figured some people would prefer the factory stuff colored instead of replaced.
  10. Your at the point I got it to after like 30 hours of screwing around with it. Autofire and kickback triggering the same shouldn't have mattered, the robot part is the same and there was a color mask over the words. As for the HK, I had planned to just make the explosion animation trigger no matter where the start explosion was. Problem is I never found them all.
  11. now that theres a VPX I may revist this, I just have a pretty sizable queue already 😕
  12. I believe you just use the correct DLL with external display on , then run the pin2dmd.exe to dump the file.
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