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  1. Lethal Weapon 3

    I'd like to upgrade my game to 2.08 ; be happy to buy the require ROMs from you.
  2. Lethal Weapon 3

    The Cow is in my actual pin Im on 2.05 I'll check to see if its in 2.08 With the way frame triggering works I can do 2 releases, one that says Multiball and one that says Tri-ball you'll just need to pick the one you want.
  3. Lethal Weapon 3

    welp, scratch that Im running an OLD ROM revision in my pin, Steve just got me a 2.08 dmd dump, so Im going to see whats different and what needs colored in addition to the change from Multiball to Triball
  4. Godzilla

    Its all done except for Rappel fixing key frames (I dont have access to the pin) He'll be doing the releasing.
  5. Godzilla

    Ive been CRUSHING IT. Might finish the coloring part today
  6. Godzilla

    ok so Im like 14,300 frame through the playback so the end is certainly closer. I absolutely love the animations on this game! (I fixed the yellow lines being white, but didnt make a new GIF)
  7. Godzilla

    Switching gears back over to Baywatch! I am about 6300 frames through playback and I think figured out how to do the 4 different taxi stop animations (for spelling taxi), that'll be the next thing I work on.
  8. Godzilla

    hate to bump again so soon but other than the lightning bolt this is my fave animation so far: And I like the Alien-esque egg hatch too! That enough Eye Candy for you? RADAR!
  9. Godzilla

    I plan to write up a bit of a tutorial. Lucky helped me with the basics but its really using the tools, making mistakes and learning from them. Up into the 5,000s quite a few more scenes done.
  10. Having issues while trying to export project

    I updated your files you sent me, make sure you update your editor just to be safe. Keep me in the loop!
  11. Godzilla

    Tappin out at 4 hours.Lots of scenes done with just color swaps Currently working on the tristar logo No more work till monday!
  12. Godzilla

    So in 3 hours I have a shit ton done already, but Im only 1889 frame through the playback. The recording has 31,787 frames but Im pretty sure theres a ton of repeats and frames just showing the score.
  13. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    COMBO BREAKER! So, whats this mean to the old shield peeps? New ones will use this but they'll be no backward compatibility issues?
  14. So started up on Godzilla, just started today. If things need fixed on T2, Lethal Weapon, or Baywatch, this will get put on hold. LW3 and Baywatch are both being privately tested before release. Looks better than having end users beta test "releases" IMO. 5th colorization, Im getting pretty good at these meow. Recording provided by Rappel. More is done than what is shown in the GIFs (15 scenes in total), I've been doing much better at dynamic palette changes which takes much less time than recoloring scenes when it isnt needed.