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  1. This is the one hosted here on VPUniverse. The other table is is on another site. Is it ok to post the link to another site? I do have the issue sorted out now. See previous posts.
  2. Issue is solved. Answer came from another site: Thanks Jorge change all your RomSets to this Const RomSet1 = "mb_106b" Const RomSet2 = "mb_106b" Const RomSet3 = "mb_106b" This worked a treat
  3. Hi All I am trying to get the "VP 10 Monster Bash Hanibal's Style 2.0" table to run on the mb_106brom. It seems (I think) to only use the mb_10 rom. There is another version of this table called "MONSTER BASH · FRANK EYE EDITION · V2.3" on another site. It is basically the same table. I have the same issue with this version also. In the script it says: 'RomNames Const RomSet1 = "mb_10" Const RomSet2 = "mb_106" Const RomSet3 = "mb_106b" cGameName = Array(Romset1,Romset2,Romset3)((MBOptions And (7*cOptRom))\cOptRom) .GameName = cGameName I could not figure out how to specify the game to use Romset3 (mb_106b) I have tried running the table with mb_106b only in the roms folder. The table comes up with an error message saying it needs mb_10. If I have mb_10 in the roms folder it runs fine. The reason I would like to run this table on mb_106b is because I would like to run the pup pack. Also I would like to play with the updated rule set.
  4. OK I tried the latest AFM table but it didnt help with my DMD issues, but... WOW!!!! what an excellent table. Up there with the best I have ever seen. It looks and plays sensational. Good job guys.
  5. AFM Table 1.2.0 is what I'm using. The other tables are the same. I only have 3 other tables at the moment with colour roms. I will try the latest AFM and see what happens, I see a new version just came out
  6. Heres what my DMD looks like now. Im running it on my test setup which is why there is a desktop background. AFM_DMD.mp4
  7. When I had it running on VP10.4before the updates it looked really good. You can see a youtube video here: This is what it used to look like for me. I will do a video of what mine looks like and post it later.
  8. Gday All My system was working perfectly including colour roms for ACDC, AFM, T2 and Jurassic Park with the following: Sam3.0, Visual Pinball 10.4, Freezy 1.7.0, 3 screen setup with a virtual DMD (Old PC Monitor) I wanted to install Pinup popper and the install instructions say to use freezy 1.6 and then update to 1.7 after the install. So I removed the Freezy 1.7 DMD files and installed 1.6. Tested it and it worked ok. I also went ahead and installed VP10.5, after the install it tested OK. Then I went and installed VPinMame3.1. Did the usual, unblock dll's run the install, setup defaults etc etc. Tested a table, all ok. When I was using a test table after each install it was AFM which is one of my colour roms. I could see colours but I didn't realise after each test that it wasn't quite right. Only after completing all the upgrades and playing a full game did I realise that the colours are all wrong on the DMD. The DMD is still colour but it seems to be missing parts here and there. It worked perfectly on before I upgraded. My install of VP isn't from the all in one installer, It is an install I have had going for a few years and I just keep upgrading it to the latest build. Have not had any problems up until now. Any Ideas???
  9. Thanks Everyone I installed version of B2Sbackglass server. That fixed it. I must have been blind when I checked if I had the latest version. Oh well.
  10. Hi all. I have this same problem, not on all tables, only a few VPX tables so far. I haven't tried them all yet. Doesn't seem to happen on any VP9 tables. It happened after I updated VPinMame from V2.9 to 3.0 and B2S Backglass server from to It happens on AFM. Also on Indiana Jones and ACDC which are both Stern Sam tables. It happens much more often and quicker on the SAM tables. VPX10.4 VPinMame3.0 B2s Backglass server Windows 10 .Net Framework 4.7.1
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