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  1. BaronShadow

    Some VPX tables have no music or speech

    I did found out in vpinmame i tested the rom and saw that Use Sound was off in those roms. how this happened i don't know but when i put the option on at all 3 the roms i have sound again ☺️
  2. BaronShadow

    Some VPX tables have no music or speech

    Well glad you found out. Just read your post and i have the same issue with a couple of tables Monster Bash being one of them so i will try out what you did and hope it helps
  3. BaronShadow

    Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    Delete the nv file
  4. BaronShadow

    Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    Well i hope to see a fix soon because it keeps crashing here and i would like to play it.
  5. BaronShadow

    Csi (Stern 2008)

    Looks good, played this a lot in Fp Ruud www.baron-shadow.nl
  6. BaronShadow

    New Stuff Coming Soon!

    That sounds really good. Can't wait to order and then the awful wait until it's arriving in the netherlands But i believe it's worth the waiting time.
  7. BaronShadow

    New Stuff Coming Soon!

    Great can't wait to get it. I have the vp kit disconnected and now i always have to say to new people tomuse the button under the plunger. So will be great when i can use the plunger again Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met behulp van Tapatalk
  8. BaronShadow

    Hyperpin Not Showing Fp Tables

    Well i thought i started all over and created 2 new xml files with only 1 game in each. Still only showed VP and the i set VP to false and the it showed the Fp table. Strange but i had progress but when i put VP to true i saw the VP table again but not both arghhhhhh. Well i then noticed that at the top of the settings.ini from HP was something about version and a another line Visuall Pinball I deleted the info in those lines and guess what now the FP and the VP table appeared in Hyperpin. Pfffff it's mice stuff Hyperpin but it can also cause al lot of frustration sometimes. It also happend in Pinballx by the way so it was i think probably something in the xml but very strange and not showing.
  9. BaronShadow

    New Stuff Coming Soon!

    Well great to read. This after i haven't done anything new with my cab for quit a while. There are lot's of new tables and new software but this is really a nice hardware upgrade. Hope to see it going in production soon because my nanotech is lying somewhere in the basement and had to say to people playing the cab that they must use the butto under the plunger. That will change then and finally a nudge solution i will going to save money for it and will keep reading this topic.
  10. BaronShadow

    Transformers Wip - Gtxjoe And Freneticamnesic

    Nice to see some good tables coming to VP I still have problems under Hyperpin to get FP tables to appear and so to play Transformers i have to start it apart. So will be nice to see it in VP also because of the better Physics ofcourse. No matter who wins the race because we are the winners with these table builders
  11. Nice i really love youre tables and i'm renewing my cab and will be nice to have new ones from your hand.
  12. Hoi Njay, nice video from tweakers. Looks nice your mini MM There are lots of new good tables, even Stern tables to find now. And then you als can try pinball arcade and fx2 etc.. In your CAB now. I have a cab myself ande are also renewing things now although i allready hot some nice new tables here on Vpuniverse. I'm still struggling to get FP and VP tables work under Hyperpin but with al the other stuff i am thinking to start over with the install of Hyperpin or maybe switch to Pinballx
  13. BaronShadow

    Hyperpin Not Showing Fp Tables

    Here's a dropbox link to the map with the files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1cd08tlud6u0nw4/AADEywb376U3bq-3yWA1RmWya
  14. BaronShadow

    Hyperpin Not Showing Fp Tables

    Ok wil do that today
  15. I have this problem allready a long time and never found out how to get it working. Don't play FP a lot so it wasn't a big problem but now i am busy with it again. Have installed the WIP10 but that didn't solve a thing have even tried PinballX today and it also didn't show the FP tables although the path is ok and have it on true. Does anyone have an idea where to look or do i have to put my xml files online?