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  1. Hello; I finally got Bam working on my cab. I followed your guide and the guide from the Bam site. Everything is working however when using fploader I can't change the size of the translite. Even after going into the menu (q) and playing with the options it does not work. Loading a table using the futurepinball.exe i can use the scroll lock and PgDn /PgUp keys to resize the translite/backglass, but the settings will not carry over to Bam. Any ideas? Yes, I have tried load fpt setting, manual, stretch etc. Also, whenever I select arcade mode in future pinball video menu my seen for the table is huge. But when i use bam to force arcade mode it works great. I love bam now that I got it working. Just would like to fix the size of my translite on my 2nd monitor. >Derek