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  1. Thanks Wildman, I had another image about your same effects, removing the letters, because I did not expect you to solve it so fast. I'm releasing it again right now, thank you very much for the work and the speed. ---------------------------- Gracias Wildman, yo tenía otra imagen sobre tus mismos efectos, quitando las letras, porque no esperaba que lo fueras a solucionar tan rápido. Lo descargo de nuevo ahora mismo, muchas gracias por el trabajo y la rapidez.
  2. Hello Wildman Speaker Panel is always visible Thanks for all your great work
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Diablo Pinball MegaDocklets
  4. Thank you. I prefer it that way, a little higher than normal. I'm doing better for several reasons, especially in horizontal arcade games.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    416 Nuke Wheels
  6. Version 1.0.0


    340 Custom Wheels
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A total of 311 Megadocklets. About 100 new megadocklets for Visual Pinball. All images have been renamed as "Name (Manufacturer Year)" Some failures of previous deliveries have been corrected. ---------------------- Un total de 311 Megadocklets. Cerca de 100 nuevos megadocklets para Visual Pinball. Se han renombrado todas las imágenes como "Nombre (Fabricante Año)" Se han corregido algunos fallos de las entregas anteriores.
  8. Thanks for the answers and sorry for not answering, I have had a problem of access that Dazz has already solved. Soon I will publish new MegaDocklets, at the moment they are more than 60 new and I have little to finish.
  9. Thank you dazz. I hope you solve your personal affairs. My comment was not aimed at anyone in particular since a large website needs several people to manage it, precisely because being a hobby, we do when we have free time and we do not always have it. I simply try to make the staff more supportive of new contributions, because if a new user registers and shares content without receiving a response, they probably will not share more content. And that does not benefit anyone. -------------------- Gracias dazz. Espero que soluciones tus asuntos personales. Mi comentario no iba dirigido a nadie en concreto ya que una gran web necesita varias personas que la gestionen, precisamente porque al ser una afición, lo hacemos cuando tenemos tiempo libre y no siempre lo tenemos. Simplemente intento sensibilizar al staff para que apoyen más los nuevos aportes, porque si un usuario nuevo se registra y comparte contenido sin recibir respuesta, es probable que no comparta más contenido. Y eso no beneficia a nadie.
  10. Hello, I registered recently in this great web. Download 20 SAM5 PM tables and I opened a thread for a small problem in which two users helped me. I presented myself exposing my PinMameCab, without receiving a response, like other users. I decided to upload artwork for those tables in thanks. That users download and do not comment, it seems the most normal, unfortunately it is something that you have to assume, no one thanks when downloading, including me, although my way of thanking is to contribute me too. What is stranger is that no member of staff says a simple thank you.
  11. PcTeknic

    My things

    Here some of my little machines
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