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  1. Hi Sacha, sorry that I missed your answer, just to be sure while instslling the Win drivers in section 2. You say skip point 1. and 2. start at 3. Does this mean: 1) Connect the your PIN2DMD to power,if not already connected. I do not connect my Pin2dmd to the power? 2) Connect the STM board using the microUSB cable to PC. Windows should automatically start to install the device. I have to connect USB-cable but I need to stop the automatic Windows driver installation ? and then I continue with 3-5 ? 3) Start Zadig Utility from usb_driver folder.4) Choose Options → List All Devices5) Choose LIB-USB-WIN32 as driver and install
  2. I do not know what is your firmware version, but If you have never updated it. probably its an old version. So it's your decision, update or not to a more current firmware version. Yes I want to update it, but I can not see it in DFUseDemo. If you want connect to DMD by USB from your PC, you need config driver with Zadig. Yes I want to connect it by USB , but the PC does not recognize it.: "Unknown Device" So I do not have the right drivers. In your tutorial , you say, Windows will recognize the DMD ST32 and then you change the driver with zadig. But on my PC it is not recognized and never was recognized, even befor the USB was ripped off. Perhaps my Windows is missing a driver, but which one? and how may I install that driver? Thanks for your help. jumperger
  3. As I have the PIN2DMD Logo and the rainbow colour squares ( Splash Screen, see foto above) , this means my firmware is OK. Is that right ? If Firmware is OK I do not need the DFUseDemo because I do not need to update the firmware. Is that right? I want to config the Pin2DMD with Pin2Dmd editor, so I need zadig to help my PC recognize the Pin2DMD when pluged into USB. Is that right? And thanks for your help jumperger
  4. Thanks for the confirmation of the soldering, I will try the driver installation this weekend. Is the DFUseDemo for installing the firmware? Is Zadig to change the usb driver ?
  5. Thanks for the BOOT-jumper Tip. 1) Does this confirm that my Board is OK? 2) Could you confirm that my soldering of the BLACK wire is correct on position 5 ? (see foto for position 5) earlier post. Or must it be on Position 4 ?
  6. > You may check if microcontroller is damaged, simply connect power supply without SD card, if red led if off then board is damaged (except if boot jumper is open, then enter in boot mode and > screen is black, but PC must recognize it like a DFU device if drivers are installed properly). Red Led is off when power on BUT: except if boot jumper is open - as you see on the picture I do not have a jumper on the BOOT-Pins , so I think it's open then enter in boot mode and screen is black - yes my screen is black but PC must recognize it like a DFU device - PC recognizes something because an error message pops up, "Unknown Device" if drivers are installed properly) - my conclusion: drivers are not installed properly. Could you tell me where to find them and how to install them? (what are the names of the drivers?) When closing the BOOT-jumper , must I get the LED on and a splash screen? Thanks' for your help
  7. I've pasted some pictures from my iPhone into my answer, but I can't see them now? now they seem to be there
  8. When checking with the Pins on the ARM, soldring seems to be ok Do you think the problem could be on PIN 4-5 Bkack, as the pad 4 was ripped off I used the Ground 5 nearby. As Pin 4 is signal ID , I thought that ID should be put to GND to simulate a plugged in USB cable?
  9. Hi, I have a Pin2DMD since 1 year now, unfortunately while installing it the first time my cat caaught the USB-cable an the Pin2DMD fall of my desk. Result: USB-socket ripped off. Since 1 year I'm trying to get help from my seller, but I'm still stuck. As I could not get a replacement USB socket, I now soldered the USB-Cable directely to the DMD ST31 board. The inscription on the board is: Pinballsp DMDST32 V160405 When I plug the Pin2DMD into my PC I get the follwing message: Unkown device I remembre when giving power to the Pin2DMD the first time, I had squares coloured in rainbow colours and Pin2DMD text. Now with power on the Pin2DMD there is nothing. I red the installation instructions on Pin2DMD page and there are only instructions for DiscoveryBoard, but I do not have a DiscoveryBoard, I have Pinballsp DMDST32. The OSD-Menu should be activated with blue-button, I do not have any blue button, I have 2 buttons called "MENU" "CONFIG" "OPTION" On my PC I have a program called STM32 ST-LINK Utility, the About says: Files Info: STM32 ST-LINK Utility.exe v3.8.0 ST LInkUSBDriver.dll v4.4.0.0 ST-Link_CLI.exe v2.4.0 Could anyone help me find out where I have to start to get this thing running? Thanks jumperger
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