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  1. Hey Arngrim, i do have the latest DLL My Comment wasn't meant as criticism. If you can't do anything about, then so it is! Keep up your good work
  2. Hello, I have a Tablet PC which i use for playing Pinball while at Train or such. First i had a Dell Venue 8 Pro (2 Core, 1,33GHZ, 2GB Ram), now i have an Akoya (Medion/Aldi) which has much better processing power (4 Core, 1,83 GHZ, 4GB). As was the case with the Dell, all Tables i throw on it run well, except the SAM Ones. They run too, but they have an awful Audio Stutter. I had hoped that the better Machine would get rid of that performance Problem, but unfortunately it doesn't. Since i can't do anything about it, i would like to ask if it is possible to modify something on VPinmame itself, possibly a feature for something like "Frameskipping" or something similar (i would have asked Arngrim via PN, but his Box seems to be full) If that is not the Case, then would there be a possible Solution with Samples? I've noticed that in LOTR that had been done. Or... has someone another solution (opposite from getting a better Device) for this Problem? Kind Regards Romuluz
  3. There was a sample of Script in "El Bueno el Feo y el Malo" here, which randomly choose one of five different Music Pieces. May be you can incorporate that in ACDC
  4. So am i the only one with that Problem or do i miss something obvious? Greetings Romuluz
  5. Hello, i have a problem with Medieval Madness. The Trolls do not show up. I testet this with the NM Version by LoadedWeapon which the PMVersion is based upon. In this Version the Trolls are working for me. Any Ideas, please? Greetings Romuluz
  6. Hello, with VP990 and Physmod5 i have this Error: You notice the Black "Surrounding" around the Ball...?! I'm pretty sure, that there was a Solution for this Problem. I red about it at work, and thought: "Hey, cool..." but than i forgot it. Now i'm searching for the Solution but can not find it anymore. I remember that it had something to do with with DX9 and a DLL. I even don't know if i red the solution here or the other Place. Could you please be so kind to tip me in the right direction? Kind Regards Romuluz
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