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  1. I bought two boards from Sash, and they had the most current firmware un-activated. It would be nice to have a copy of the old firmware around in case you disappear. I don't really understand.
  2. Also, I just got everything hooked up correctly for the first time. With live preview on in the editor; I noticed and wanted to let you know this is the coolest thing ever and I am having so much fun. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. This is amazing.
  3. Did the palette color picker locations get moved around in the new version? The darkest layer usually in position 1 on mine is now in 5.
  4. I feel so silly. The sd card holder is like a little door, you pull toward you and it flips up. I thought they seemed a little loose! All these cards work great.
  5. Using UncleSash 2.0b I had a handful of kingston's ranging from 1-8 gig. I couldn't get the red light to turn off with any of them. I re-partitioned the bigger ones. All were fat 16, default allocation. Does anyone have any recommendations before I start buying random 1 gig sd cards? I would prefer us ship so its not like the middle of august, but whatever. Thanks for your time.
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