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  1. Thanks lucky, I installed this patch .. rebooted Downloaded the 2.45 zip from first post and installed the dmddevice for pindmd3 and the vpinmame.dll from the package and it works now ..loading tables works great manually and from PBX although from PBX the DMD does not show while browsing tables anymore. Maybe an update i missed for PBX recently. **updating PBX to v2.28 fixed the pinDMD3 not displaying in PBX during the tables selection. All is up to date and working now Really appreciate the direction, thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did not know that was the reason it wasn't working for me, I will give the patch a try.
  3. Having done the updates and trying to get the new modulated flashers to work has been unsuccessful for me. I have tried many of the new VpinMame.dll's but always seem to get the "No DmdDevice found" error. The table will work with the new flashers but just no PinDMD3 support. So I just saw this and tried this new VpinMame.dll and everything works great! Just finished playing the new Medieval Madness and wow! Also just tried the new Tron v1.3f and the ramp lighting is amazing. So if you have a PinDMD3 this is the new VpinMame.dll you need, well atleast for me anyway. Thank you very much lucky
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