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  1. Hello everybody Could you please tell me if someone make a PIN2DMD colorisation for a rocky and bullwinkle (real pinball) ? Regards
  2. I try to colorize a stern sam for the first time. Does this file works with a metallica limited edition ? And in general does pro roms can works in limited edition games
  3. Finaly your stm32 card was dead or you can save it ?
  4. I've got several panels I swap the stm32 board from one to others. Everytime it is the same problem so I think that this board is unserviceable, bad luck
  5. I've got an issue with a stm32f4 discovery board. It was working fine until I want to upgrade to pin2dmd 2.36 version. The display's pixels began to change color and after few second all the bottom part of the displays become blue. I try to change the displays, the shield but the issue is really on the stm32. I try to upgrade the firmware of stm32, come back to pin2dmd 2.33 version to but nothing is working. Doe's anyone got an idea ? 20170107_161841.mp4
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Not my work anymore
  7. Version 1.0.0


    It's not my work but can be usefull for someone else.
  8. Is anybody can send me a dump of white water ? I'll install a pin2dmd un mine.
  9. Is anybody can send me a dump of white water ? I'll install a pin2dmd un mine.
  10. I tried to perform some color change only during attractive mode scene. With the dump I perfomed with an old fimware it's ok the change works but with the gtxjoe dump it doesn't work fine (colors change in the middle of one scene or didn't return to original). I check the keyframe number, I can see that for the same picture the number is sometime different between the two dumps. To be in the same condition than in gtxjoe I will change display rom and cpu rom wich are currently different. I'll let you know the result.
  11. I live in france where we used 230VAC too. I used the violet cable from j605 who deliver 100VAC coming directly from the transfoermer, it's enought for the power supply and save the logic 5v wich is very important for logic and can cause reset or strange issue in the pinball.
  12. Here is my solution. I took 100VAC on J605 from the display control board. The 2 violet cables come directly from the transformer. It's ok to enter 5A power supply and works fine. https://postimg.org/image/9x1tpt9zl/ https://postimg.org/image/dutosym6p/
  13. I have to change the eprom of my pinball because the dump gtxjoe give me is display v2.00 and my pinball is v1.00. It is not a problem, I've got the tool to burn an eprom.
  14. It's ok I manage to open the dump. I'll need to change the display eprom on my godzilla because the versions doesn't match. After that I'll try to make a colorized version. Is there a maximum change of palettes authorized with pin2dmd editor ?
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