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  1. So I tried the fantasy backglass. Changed to it then close out and re-opened to be sure. Played the table for like 20 mins and saw nothing flash on it. Very odd.... I am using 1.2 of the BG as well. Anything else I should check? Every other BG works as it should as far as I can tell. Thanks, Nick
  2. Oh wow, you learn something new every day LOL. Only played the real machine a handful of times and never even noticed it didn't have flashers. Thanks for the quick replies. Thanks, Nick
  3. Wildman, Thanks for the reply. I know I changed to the fantasy version but I am not sure I actually tried to play a game while using it. I prefer the original look. Are you saying that only the fantasy option has flashers on it? I will give it a shot, thanks! Thanks, Nick
  4. Is this backglass supposed to have lighting? For me it stays static. I have seen one video on YouTube of their BG flashing in places like normal. Most of the videos I have seen though have it static as well. Looked through the script on the table and checked the B2S settings on the BG and not seeing anything that sticks out. Never had this issue before but I do know this is not a normal rom / scenario. Thanks, Nick
  5. Hello, Just got LEDWiz setup with a Launch button and 2 beacons. If I test the ports with LEDBlinky everything works and lights up as expected. I have added the LEDWiz ID#1 to DOF Config tool and set the port assignments, downloaded the config files and replaced. I get nothing in the DOF tester tool or on any table. I also have a SainSmart, Teensy and Pinscape. I am not sure what else to try at this point. I am sure I a missing something stupid. Any help would be very appreciated as always. From what I can tell from the log it is detecting the LEDWiz at ID#1. Log is attached. log.txt
  6. Thanks. I had done all of that. I figured out what it was. The DLL was blocked. Stupid me for not looking. I had checked all DLLs during all installs and never had a blocked one. I think what happened this time is I dragged the DLL directly from WinRAR to the folder instead of extracting it and then copying it. Thanks for your reply. Thanks, Nick
  7. Hi guys, I apologize if this is in the wrong area. I have VPINMAME 3.1 installed and the SAMBuild version 3.1 official rev r4607 dll overwritten. When I go to Setup.exe to test ROMs I do not see any of the color ones listed like ACD_168HC. I have been semi successful in just patching the ROM and then naming it ACD_168H but there are errors on the DMD, like overlaps. I am sure it is something stupid, but why do I not see the colored roms in the list? Thanks, Nic
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