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  1. Artwork applied, not far from completion...
  2. My cab is in it's prime... The plunger got a Dulux reco...
  3. A bit more progress today, I got the cab together. A few more things left to do before glueing it together and giving a it a lick of paint. Only 2.5mm left ont the sides...
  4. Busy day, got the cabinet together. Now I just need to cut the flipper button holes, leg bolt holes and make up a new backbox plinth as well as undercoat and a light coat of black in preparation for the artwork which will take a couple of weeks before its ready. Coin door hole routed out....
  5. I would have prefered to do it that way but if you look at the pic below, the flipper butons and plunger prevent the screen coming any closer to the lockdown bar. I'm about to build a new cabinet base and can lower the position of the plunger but can't move the flipper buttons, at best I could gain an extra 30mm out of the 70mm gap. I'll have a look at the screen when I have it out and see if I can cut enough plastic away to clear the leaf switches.
  6. The last pic above is without the playfield glass installed. I've painted the underside of the playfield glass to frame the monitor and fill the gaps at the top and bottom.
  7. I've been wanting to build a Virtual Pinball for over 12 months and the biggest thing stopping me was building a cab from scratch. Not so much the woodworking side of it but more so the cab design and dimensions as well as the cabinet hardware (lockdown bar/side rails/coin door etc.). A gutted Williams Flash cab came up for sale recently so I bought it. I had a couple of spare TV's, a 40" LCD and a 42" Plasma. The 40" was the obvious choice but I had to route out 25mm from the inside of the cab in order to fit it in. Once that was done I turned my attention to the PC, I had an old P4 that was running 2 screens okay but I wanted to have a DMD so 3 screens were required. I ended up buying a Core2 with dual nVidia cards running Windows 7. I have 385 games loaded onto it running Hyperpin for the front end. The backbox that came with the cabinet was a bit average so I decided to fabricate a new one to fit the 28" backglass screen perfectly. The 19" DMD screen pokes through the bottom of the backbox to allow everything to squash up nice and compact. I'll probably end up making a new cabinet next weekend and then the cab will get Defender artwork onto it.
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