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  1. I just downloaded 2.0 and its says Ron path Orrin not found. Using Visual Pinball 9.xx . Can you lend me in the right direction for the right rom. One of my favorite tables thanks!
  2. For some reason the rom doesn't work for me when I try to play it. Says can't find it . Idk...was looking forward to this one
  3. Where is the table for its is it B2S also
  4. Good got it now I'm stuck trying to figure out how you download and set up future pinball tables. Already have some tables on here but want more like JAws, T2, etc. help? Thanks for everything also
  5. I downloaded couple tables and have them working. But when I try to add them on PinballX manager thru visual pinball the table isn't on the list of tables? What am I doing wrong? Help!
  6. where is the roms for this table?
  7. And you say to add follow those steps and cross my fingers? Lol so if I do something wrong will I enable my PinballX frontend? Just wondering I really want to learn how to do this. Now that I have a virtual cab I would like to upgrade to new tables once in awhile .
  8. Question though when you say download related rom. Where do I get that? That Aint the table or backglass? So there is 3 files I need to download?
  9. I'm gonna attempt to try to do this sometime this weekend. So complicated it seems. Thank you for your time. Gonna follow your steps see where I end up
  10. Just did this still the same. Driving me nuts can't even play my favorite games. Thank you for your info tho. Appreciate it
  11. I just bought my first virtual pinball machine . It's a mini with a 32" play field. It's using a a PinballX frontend and I'm liking visual pinball tables that the guy put on for me but wanted to add some he missed like Family Guy, World Poker Tour, and Magic Theater but have no idea how to. Step by step if anybody can show me. Don't know much bout computers so bare with me please!
  12. Tables like Medevil Madness, Arabian Knight, Attack on Mars, etc audio when playing sounds like speakers are blown. Anything I can do to fix this in settings??
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