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  1. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    I've copied the 14 files from the latest mapster.zip file on pin2dmd.com and replaced the files in my pin2dmd directory. I run pin2dmd.exe in the directory with my key file and now I get this: any ideas? Also I've updated my firmware to the version for v3stm3f4-discovery from that same zip file and it worked for about 10 minutes before I ran into the key file issue from yesterday. OK I've done the old have you tried un-plugging it and plugging it in again and that seems to have fixed it, go figure.
  2. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    No using the same version of pin2dmd.exe that I've always used. Should I use the version of pin2dmd in the master archive in /tools/latest?
  3. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    Sorry to bother you again @lucky1 but after sucessfully updating to the 2.55 firmware I've got the same problem. when you say copy to the micro SD do you mean the keyfile?
  4. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Thanks for that. I'll hopefully get onto fixing it tonight.
  5. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Sorry for my ignorance but how do I fix the drivers and install those provided by STM?
  6. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    I've got a related question to this. After installing the GB 1.1 vpx table I'm looking to add the colorization. In VPinspa I can test the ROM to work with the altcolor directory and pin2dmd.pal file and it looks awesome. But then when I load the table in VPX it goes back to orange and colorizes around that, no so awesome. I thought maybe it could be the firmware of my Pin2DMD. So I disconnected the micro USB cable and plugged in the mini USB on the other side. I loaded the ST Link software and no matter what I do I receive No ST Link found. I'm currently on Firmware 1.46 which I updated to a few months back (November or October last year?) and it worked fine then. Any ideas on what may be causing this? When I plug in the mini USB the DMD boots fine and comes up with the normal Colorprism image, etc. And assuming it's a zdiag USB driver issue, should I use the version in the master zip file or upgrade to v 2.3?
  7. Thanks for that. Worked a treat
  8. 1;Sorry for the newbie question but how do I get th table to work? My launch keeps telling me, "Line 58: game not found!" I fiure that's got to do with vPinMAME not finding the rom but I've place avr_200.zip in my roms directory but in my test list for vPinMAME 2.9 I can't see Avatar. Do I have the wrong vPinMAME version, if so which version should I have or how do I add it to vPinMAME?
  9. PIN2DMD freezing then completely not working

    A followup after 2 days of things working. Thanks for the help Lucky1 you assistance was perfect and the IPCA-ve is running smoothly now along side the Pin2DMD. Thank you again, and I love the colours I'm seeing now, so much nicer under the new firmware. an d XDMDs
  10. PIN2DMD freezing then completely not working

    I read the github link some more and learned a valuable RTFM lesson thanks to my wife not giving up.
  11. PIN2DMD freezing then completely not working

    Thanks for that i'll give that a try.
  12. PIN2DMD freezing then completely not working

    I changed the drivers to WinUSB and while I could still access it directly using pin2dmd.exe PinballX and Visual Pinball 9/10.2 both reported that pindmd could not be found. However I changed back to the libusbK drivers and everything worked again and I plugged in a friend's IPAC2 and the issue did not return. So given I've not tried a more modern IPAC and a Xin-Mo budget controller I suspect the issue is more with the older IPAC than the PIN2DMD. I'd be happy to use the WinUSB drivers if someone could help me config PinballX and Visual Pinball to point to the device manually, however I'm inclined just to replace the clashing hardware. Thanks again for you help.
  13. PIN2DMD freezing then completely not working

    OK I'll try that, it didn't give me an option in zdiag to replace driver with WinUSB last night, from memory, but I'll have a look tonight when I'm home form work. Thanks again for your help.
  14. PIN2DMD freezing then completely not working

    Thanks @lucky1 I've changed the PIN2DMD drivers in zdiag from libusb-win32 (v1.2.6.0) to libusbK (v3.07.0). I'll see if this helps. Interestingly though I had a thought tonight that maybe my simpler keyboard emulator that i used in my arcade MAME cab may work and sure enough with it I've had none of the issues I experience with the IPAC-VE so it very well may just be an instruction clash between the IPAC-VE and the PIN2DMD. It's certainly something that can easily happen in the PC world of infinite variables. The good news is that the simple keyboard emulator is $20AUD vs $95 for an IPAC2
  15. I seem to be having a clash somewhere in the setup in my VP cab. When I have my standard EZ Install Kit, Virtual Plunger/nudge interface kit and Pin2DMD display all connected everything works fine. However I want more buttons on the cab than the Plunger/nudge kit allows therefore I've also installed an IPAC-ve which I had spare form another project. No matter what USB port combination I use whenever the IPAC-ve is installed the PinDMD stops working after about 15 minutes of use and will not work again until I restore Windows to the restore point before the IPAC drivers were installed. Then everything works perfectly again. I can't even directly issue commands like PIN2DMD /r to it the command line just sits waiting for the device to respond which it never does so I have to ctrl+c out of it. I've asked a a few different VP forums as to whether anyone has experienced this problem and I've had suggestions like ensure you're not overloading the USB bus, update to the latest motherboard firmware (done) or ensure the Pin2DMD is in a USB 3 port which I've tried, I've even installed extra USB control boards so that no more than 2 devices are on a controller. I've also asked at Zebsboards and they don't believe that their products would be interfered with or interfere with the IPAC. I'm wondering if there's a know issue between my installed items and IPAC-ve keyboard emulators. If so I'm more than happy just to buy another IPAC or other brand emulator. I'd rather know if anyone has any further suggestions before I throw more good money after bad however. My cab setup has: i7 Intel CPU with gigabye motherbaord 2x onboard USB 3 ports 2x onboard USB 1 ports PCI-e USB 2.0 4 port controller PCI USB 2, 4 port controller Zebsboards Standard EZ Install Kit Zebsboards Virtual Plunger/nudge interface Pin2DMD DMD display Windows 10 x64 Enterprise (I had the same problem with Windows 7 Premium both x86 and x64) Gigabyte GTX750ti IPAC-ve keyboard emulator PinballX Visual Pinball 9 and 10.2 Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.