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  1. Hi Everybody I'm still stuck with my first V4 pin2dmd... This one 's hard for me... :( Now, My display stay definitively off... I've well flashed my Nucleo with last 3.05 Pin2dmd XL bin (For a Baywatch) Board power up with a green/red flashing led on it. I've taken some pics for you : Any idea for help me ? Thanks a lot ! Best regards ;-)
  2. Not bussed ? So this kind of resistance array is not good ? And for the Reader, Is SDIO and WaveShare are compatibles ? Because I can find easyer a SDIO Reader than a real WaveShare, but if we take a look at the pins there are not the same... Depsites sites description told me is equivalent... LEFT WaveShare - RIGHT SDIO Reader... So i'm a little lost with the V4 version... Thanks again for your precious help Lucky1 😉
  3. Hello, I've recently buy PCB only for making a new display With Pin2DMD (192*64 in this case, so V4 shield only) But i've 2 mistakes with the board : 1st : There 8 pins for Resistor Network instead of 6 (V3 Shield) I can buy it, but are they still 220 Ohm or different value ? 2nd : I've two type of SDCard Reader, but no one fits on this new board... Can I adapt one on this board ? Or Should I buy another model of Reader ? (And in this case, witch one ? ) Many many thanks for your help 🙂 Best regards 😉
  4. Ah yes ! Very Interesting Vbobrusev 🙂 Thanks, you make my day happy 😉 Can you also add a classic palette for the portals menu ? to be more readable 😉
  5. Hello Everybody, I Try to ask clealry my question, I hope my english will be ok... I've a Sopranos game colorized by a member here "Vbobrusev" His work is really good, that's not the problem, BUT, I've some screen I've really hard to read, for exemple simply, All the Portals Menu, or, The Executive Game... (Mission 5 in game) The question is : Is it possible to me to load the files i've bought to Vbobrusev to apply a palette color to the screens i've hard to read ? (There is some unfinished frames, notably in The Executive Game, there are unreadable... ) And if is it possible, how can I do this simply ? I cannot now do complex colorization because I've not learned how to use Pin2DMD Editor... So I just want to add different color basic palette to some screens... Many thanks for your help 😉 Best regards to everyone here 🙂
  6. Hello guys, I'm actually looking for making a replacement display for my Baywatch, Pin2DMD site tells I need 3x 64*64 RGB LED pannels with P2.0 and 1/16 Scan Drive. But, actually, It's impossible for me to find anyone of theeses ! I've find a lot of 1/32 scan, but will it work ??? Or i've find ONE 64*64 P2.5 1/16, but very expensive... Any help or link with good display is welcome 😉 Thanks.
  7. Oh... Sorry Sorry... I didn't mention the VET6 extension... Really sorry. Thanks Lucky, I will be carefull for looking after the good one.
  8. No, No, The objective here is to find certified model to work. Not to try to be "the genious boy" 😉 So, if I well read the Hardware point, This model just above is good ? It's interesting because I've find it very cheap 😉
  9. Yes, OK. So I will modify it for use with a 12V DC-DC Converter And thanks for the confirmation ! 😉
  10. So, This one should be the one good ok ? STM32F407VET6
  11. And, another question, I'm looking for components for shield, I Cannot find the "Max232" On my board it is a "UT232" but I can't find it. But, i've find "MAX232CPE" Is this the good IC ? Thanks 🙂
  12. Yeah, I've seen, STM32F429, So I think the first example I gift is not OK...
  13. Hello, I just looking after a little confirmation, Can we still use actually with pin2dmd 2.66 the first developpement board STM32F401-Nucleo ? This one : Or we absolutely need the STM32F404G-DISC1 ? This one : Thanks a lot 😉
  14. How can I know if my +5Vdc connection can Handle 4A or more ? Schematics ? Yeah of course I measure it before connecting anything 😉
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