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  1. Hello guys, I'm actually looking for making a replacement display for my Baywatch, Pin2DMD site tells I need 3x 64*64 RGB LED pannels with P2.0 and 1/16 Scan Drive. But, actually, It's impossible for me to find anyone of theeses ! I've find a lot of 1/32 scan, but will it work ??? Or i've find ONE 64*64 P2.5 1/16, but very expensive... Any help or link with good display is welcome 😉 Thanks.
  2. Oh... Sorry Sorry... I didn't mention the VET6 extension... Really sorry. Thanks Lucky, I will be carefull for looking after the good one.
  3. No, No, The objective here is to find certified model to work. Not to try to be "the genious boy" 😉 So, if I well read the Hardware point, This model just above is good ? It's interesting because I've find it very cheap 😉
  4. Yes, OK. So I will modify it for use with a 12V DC-DC Converter And thanks for the confirmation ! 😉
  5. So, This one should be the one good ok ? STM32F407VET6
  6. And, another question, I'm looking for components for shield, I Cannot find the "Max232" On my board it is a "UT232" but I can't find it. But, i've find "MAX232CPE" Is this the good IC ? Thanks 🙂
  7. Yeah, I've seen, STM32F429, So I think the first example I gift is not OK...
  8. Hello, I just looking after a little confirmation, Can we still use actually with pin2dmd 2.66 the first developpement board STM32F401-Nucleo ? This one : Or we absolutely need the STM32F404G-DISC1 ? This one : Thanks a lot 😉
  9. How can I know if my +5Vdc connection can Handle 4A or more ? Schematics ? Yeah of course I measure it before connecting anything 😉
  10. Yes, I've this : But I've found +5Vdc in the machine where not used, so I've taken it. But, I think I will just add a DC-DC Converter, just before the display, just for lowering it. With this : Do you think it's good ? Thanks 😉
  11. Ok, How can I do for lowing more my 5Vdc ? Add some resistor in serie with supply of Displays ? (Can you tell my how much resistor ?) I use 5Vdc supply for optional board inside my backbox. Definitely no more use of High Voltage display board. Thanks Lucky1
  12. Hello Guys, How're u ? First some photos of my montage : What do you thing ? (My first time...) BUT, I've some issues (again, yes) with the display. Now, I don't really know why, but it's very very glitchy compared to when I've tested It without any screw, ground etc... It's really make headhache... Take a look : What can I do for it ? I've tested my 5Vdc supply, and I've just 5.00DC ... But, I cannot go less... It's minimum possible I think. And, It seems to be, A LOT of frames that are not colorized, BUT, I'm using a FRENCH Display Eprom, So, Do I need to change it for an US Display Eprom to work correctly ? (I've got this idea, because i've seen some words stayed in english in my game...) Again, Many Many thanks for your help guys ! Greetings 😉
  13. YEAAAAHHH !!!! GOD It WORKS !!! Very Very Very HAPPY NOW ! Many many thanks for all your help RappelBox & Lucky1 !!! Very Friendly ! Now I'm gonna enjoy it 😄
  14. Hi, Today I've tried again to put my display in my real pinball machine, and it still didn"t work. :( I don"t understand why I've no picture... Everything seems to be ok. BUT, if I power the stmf32 with USB from my computer, and not via Shield, I've got picture ! I can see attract mode in my Pin2DMD in my real pinball. But if I plug off usb cable --> The screen continue to operate ! But I absolutely to plug my USB cable to my computer One time for make it operate ! If I go to diagnostic, I can see Plug 11&17 Closed. What does it mean ? Thanks a lot.
  15. OK Lucky1. Things seems to going better in better, But... I cannot use Pin2DMD.exe... It seems to doing nothing. Or I've an error window open when I push save config. So, I've configured my display via Menu : It seems to be Ok : But Now, How am I supposed to add colorization file on MicroSD card ? Can I copy on it manually ? Or I absolutely need to use Pin2DMD.exe For this job ? Many thanks ! Have a nice day 😉
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