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  1. Sax

    Lunelle (Taito 1982)

    This backglass is wonderful. The lightning is very well balanced and the Akiles's image is amazing. Congratulations. May I suggest a little correction? Although the yellow arrows follow the correct sequence (lighting from right to left) when the table is not in use, during the game the sequence gets messy. The configuration of the lamps for the arrows light up in the correct sequence during the game is the next: Lamp no. 6 (luneljj) - ROM ID 129; Lamp no. 5 - ROM ID 122; Lamp no. 4 - ROM ID 121; Lamp no. 3 - ROM ID 132; Lamp no. 2 - ROM ID 131; Lamp no. 1 - ROM ID 130. Bilta (Sax).