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    Thanks for the backglass, it looks really good.
    Thank you Wildman for the backglass, it looks good.
    Thank you very much. I had a real The Amazing Spiderman & this backglass looks like the real thing.
  1. Thank you for the reply. I've previously done everything (with one exception) that you mentioned on the few 2 monitor setups I've played with. The problem I had was going back & playing the DT table because the DMD stayed at its position on monitor 2. So I had to turn on monitor 2 & drag the DMD back to the DT on monitor 1. IOW the DMD stayed wherever it was last moved. The solution was entering the position & size for the DT DMD in the DT table script and entering the position & size of the FS 2 monitor DMD in the FS table script. That locked in the DMD for each version. That is my concern with the Black Knight. If I go back & forth between DT and FS with 2 monitors will the scores stay where they belong. The exception being that I left .hidden = 0 on the 2-monitor setups I've tried so far. I'm presuming changing it to .hidden = 1 will make the difference that is required. Currently monitor 2 is not connected so I will not be able to try this until later. I'll let you know how it works. Thanks again.
  2. I already have the BackglassServer. But it appears it's for DMD displays. What am I missing? If I install the Black Knight backglass will the scores automatically appear on the backglass? And also stay on the DeskTop table version?
  3. I recently started playing around with VP & have mostly DeskTop tables. But have experimented with a few Full Screen tables & a second monitor for the backglass. I know how to drag the DMD from monitor 1 to monitor 2. I'm using the same PC for both table versions which causes a conflict when using the same ROM for both. However the problem is solved if I specify the position & size of the DMD in each table script. But how do I drag the scores, etc, from monitor 1 to monitor 2 when they are not a DMD, such as in Black Knight? How do I lock in their respective positions & sizes in each table script? Since it's not a DMD do I somehow specify multiple positions? Thanks in advance for any information.
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