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  1. UncleBuck

    Jolly Park (Spinball 1996)

    Thank you Wildman for the backglass, it looks good.
    Thank you very much. I had a real The Amazing Spiderman & this backglass looks like the real thing.
  2. UncleBuck

    Black Knight (Williams 1980)(Db2S)

    Thank you for the reply. I've previously done everything (with one exception) that you mentioned on the few 2 monitor setups I've played with. The problem I had was going back & playing the DT table because the DMD stayed at its position on monitor 2. So I had to turn on monitor 2 & drag the DMD back to the DT on monitor 1. IOW the DMD stayed wherever it was last moved. The solution was entering the position & size for the DT DMD in the DT table script and entering the position & size of the FS 2 monitor DMD in the FS table script. That locked in the DMD for each version. That is my concern with the Black Knight. If I go back & forth between DT and FS with 2 monitors will the scores stay where they belong. The exception being that I left .hidden = 0 on the 2-monitor setups I've tried so far. I'm presuming changing it to .hidden = 1 will make the difference that is required. Currently monitor 2 is not connected so I will not be able to try this until later. I'll let you know how it works. Thanks again.
  3. UncleBuck

    Black Knight (Williams 1980)(Db2S)

    I already have the BackglassServer. But it appears it's for DMD displays. What am I missing? If I install the Black Knight backglass will the scores automatically appear on the backglass? And also stay on the DeskTop table version?
  4. UncleBuck

    Black Knight (Williams 1980)(Db2S)

    I recently started playing around with VP & have mostly DeskTop tables. But have experimented with a few Full Screen tables & a second monitor for the backglass. I know how to drag the DMD from monitor 1 to monitor 2. I'm using the same PC for both table versions which causes a conflict when using the same ROM for both. However the problem is solved if I specify the position & size of the DMD in each table script. But how do I drag the scores, etc, from monitor 1 to monitor 2 when they are not a DMD, such as in Black Knight? How do I lock in their respective positions & sizes in each table script? Since it's not a DMD do I somehow specify multiple positions? Thanks in advance for any information.