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  1. Hi again CB3, In first thanks a lot for taking time to reply me.. Sorry I was understanding you don't want to share for real pin but I'm not english and my poor english don't help me... Very sorry for this. As I say I really don't want to creat any disturb and respect your choice and also your great work! Just ask this for my understanding😋 I probably PM you because I use much pin2DMD (and more and more because I like it) and of course having a full color DMD was really a pleasure. BTW thanks a lot and again be sure I respect your choice. Thanks a lot for all you do for the community!👍
  2. Hi Cb3, Sorry for my stupid question but why stopping to share your color version with real pinball? Of course it's your job and you decide what to do with, no problem for this but I'm just curious. Is there a Copyright problem, commercial use of your job, etc ??? Again, no problem with your choice just want to understand. Hope my question will no hurt you... is not what I want, be sure👍
  3. Hi TeamPPAetios, I've just see you're workin on TFTC Thanks a lot, you're the best!
  4. Thanks a lot Lucky1 for this confirmation.... I will look now to find this controller board....
  5. Hi all, Yesterday I've broken my DMD on star trek DATA EAST. I've seen we can build a 128x16 PIN2DMD but what's need exactly? Only with nucleo and V4 or a V3 with STM32F4 could do the job... Probably need to buy an extra display card? Thanks for any help.
  6. OK I've done it... I was in 2.49 and I'm now in 2.55... I'll tell if problem continue. Thanks
  7. Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for my delay.... I was ill... I(ll try the lastest one andgive you the result
  8. Hi, I've got 2 PIN2DMD on my real pinball and both of them sometimes said they want a key... They have it on sd card but they don't see it. Have you got any idea to fix this problem? When I playing it's really disturbing to lost the DMD... The only way is to stop (electrical) and restar the pinball. Thanks a lot
  9. Yes, I have done it on this card yesterday but on the same way I 've installed the blue cable that creat the default. I put a picture on the other to show you how they are.. I've make a mistake by doing 2 changes in the same time. I forget to mention it yesterday. Since to Dom last picture I understand that the problem could be only on this solder and only remove the cable and bridge.
  10. OK, I've made all test, remove blue cable I've added, remove the bridge I add and... Now it's working... With Dom help, I've found the problem. All pins on 2 and 3 in red section was not solder (only first pin in each black coposant - sorry I don't know the name). I've check on the other card and each one have not be solder on this area... So since to Dom I've found the problem but... Dom why don't you have solder correctly this part??? BTW, I'm so please that my pin2DMD is working that I'm just dancing in my living room for the rest of the night. Thanks all for your great help
  11. Hi Dom, Thanks, I'll remove the blue cable... I've test the 3 shield I bought to you with the same problem so I think it's not the LS123 (or all are defective). Does I need to remove the bridge in LS123 also? I'll make all test this evening.
  12. Thanks a lot for this new help... I'll check this evening...
  13. OOOh sorry I read wrong... Ithink you're talking about shield... but I have 2 other dicovery board... I 'll do the test... Btw I've got a multimeter with ohms
  14. Yes, I have three of them and have test all... same issus...
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