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  1. I've got exactly same problem in my real pin. But to be clear, You're job is just incredible!!!
  2. Je ne savais pas que tu étais Français... Vraiment félicitation pour ton travail! Je l'ai installé Hier et la fin de certaine scène (la scène d'intro avec l’hélicoptère par exemple) passe en full rouge sur la dernière seconde. C'est le cas pour pas mal de scène chez moi. Peut être est ce pour les même raison. Je check si ma rom n'est pas en Français mais j'en doute. Je te fais une vidéo asap si tu as besoin. Dans tous les cas c'est vraiment génial. Merci beaucoup.👍
  3. I will test your great job on my real pin. I really want to thanks you for creat files for real pin and share it... You're the best man!
  4. Hi dtatane, You're job seem amazig and thanks for sharing it. Nothing for real pinball ? Thanks a lot!
  5. Well, I've find a reply by Lucky1: "If you go into the onscreen menu and initiate a Save Config a pin2dmd.dat should be generated on an empty SD card." I'll test this this evening!
  6. Hello, I am encountering a problem on a field that I built myself for Nucleo. No files on my SD are being read.Neither the .key nor the ROM files. I guess the problem comes from my SD drive on my shield and I am looking for a way to find out exactly if this is the problem. I tried to redo the soldering without success and I use a WaveShare micro SD drive. Is there a way to test this drive on my PC (via a micro usb connection)? Thanks!
  7. Hi again CB3, In first thanks a lot for taking time to reply me.. Sorry I was understanding you don't want to share for real pin but I'm not english and my poor english don't help me... Very sorry for this. As I say I really don't want to creat any disturb and respect your choice and also your great work! Just ask this for my understanding😋 I probably PM you because I use much pin2DMD (and more and more because I like it) and of course having a full color DMD was really a pleasure. BTW thanks a lot and again be sure I respect your choice. Thanks a lot for all you do for the community!👍
  8. Hi Cb3, Sorry for my stupid question but why stopping to share your color version with real pinball? Of course it's your job and you decide what to do with, no problem for this but I'm just curious. Is there a Copyright problem, commercial use of your job, etc ??? Again, no problem with your choice just want to understand. Hope my question will no hurt you... is not what I want, be sure👍
  9. Hi TeamPPAetios, I've just see you're workin on TFTC Thanks a lot, you're the best!
  10. Thanks a lot Lucky1 for this confirmation.... I will look now to find this controller board....
  11. Hi all, Yesterday I've broken my DMD on star trek DATA EAST. I've seen we can build a 128x16 PIN2DMD but what's need exactly? Only with nucleo and V4 or a V3 with STM32F4 could do the job... Probably need to buy an extra display card? Thanks for any help.
  12. OK I've done it... I was in 2.49 and I'm now in 2.55... I'll tell if problem continue. Thanks
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