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  1. Oh no! I feel for you....just screen damage hopefully?....good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. britxpatusa

    Ledwiz Configtool Downloader

    go here and on the far right you can see the downloads: i couldnt see them at first as i didnt scroll over.... http://configtool.vpuniverse.com/index.php good luck
  3. britxpatusa

    Ledwiz Configtool Downloader

    got it ... hey all, the version 2 zip files seems to blank each time i download? is there another place i can get it from pls? tx
  4. Hello All, Firstly great forum with lots as cool/smart/interesting stuff.. So i started to play around with MAME..Daughter plays and starts to ask questions (9yrs) then i take her to an arcade to play real arcades.. This leads me on to ay why dont we do a Dad and daughtre arcade build...Daughter is learning kids code on raspberry pi so we get a monitor i have an old x-arcade dual tank..and were off. I start to do some research when i can...I work away a lot so time is hard...and i see virtual pinball...were both hooked...that leads onto what about a pinball cab...which leads onto arcade (mame) pinball cab....then i see pinkadia...wowed by it.....so i have an amazon (look into my eyes moment) and have landed with this: Vizio 43 lcd - main screen Vizio 32 lcd - back Dell17" - DMD gigabyte gaming 7 mother 32gb mem 4 ghz intel latest CPU EVGA GTX 980 ti samsung 950 256gb m2 - OS/apps 1tb western SDHDD roms-others creatve speaker sub combo on back order plunger from virtual pin button pack from virtual pin MS Kinect V2 have a vive on order and rift so looking to use this pc with fx and usbs out of the cab.... need suggestions on board for buttons/joy - i was just going to strip the x-arcade and use that swapping the buttons Software: have them all..and not manged to get it all work..hence reaching out....:-) OS wins 10 (needed for VR) would like : PinballX front end - have moanged to get the screens correct now Pinball FX2 - have account and table working on main screen only Future Pinball - can only get two screens working Visual Pinball - not treid as want to get others working first Steam installed also MAME working on screens via mameini display changes and each game- horizontal/vertiacal BAM installed I have futreDMD installed cant get it working on Dell monitor I have managed to get Pinball FX working with two screens. im at a loss now just getting the software right and monitors...i have searched and tried various suggestions throughout the forums... Any suggestions help/guidance greatly appreciated..what do you need to know to help out or config files? I have main display per pic and i have rotated screen while i config software - i move back once starting pinball fx...