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  1. star wars data east

    I have advanced somewhat more in the coloring, although I have problems with some scenes made with mascara since they change color to me of other zones of the game, I am investigating why. apart I am waiting for a new sd extender because it has broken the one I used and right now I can not do tests on the machine regards
  2. star wars data east

    I do not know the requirements of the virtual pinball, but I will share all the files with the community. so I think it will be easy to adapt regards
  3. star wars data east

    Thanks for the feedback I have not been able to work on the project for a few days, I think coloration is 80%, in 15 days I hope to be able to work in it again. regards
  4. star wars data east

    Eres español o hablas muy bien el idioma, es verdad que aveces dan ganas de dejarlo un poco de lado pero bueno poco a poco y sin prisas. saludos
  5. star wars data east

    Muchas gracias jawdax, aunque es un duro trabajo el resultado me gusta y hace que todo merezca la pena. saludos
  6. star wars data east

    primeras pruebas en la máquina, estoy muy contento con el resultado, aunque todavía no está completo y hay cosas para pulir. Necesito aprender más incluso con las escenas que contienen signos de puntuación y el uso de máscaras Saludos
  7. star wars data east

    I have updated the first post so that people do not get confused, my work is totally disinterested and will be freely shared when it is finished, anyone who wants to can use it, change colors etc I will also put a donation button in my signature, in case someone wants to collaborate in the acquisition of my second dmdled for my sttng, which will be my next project, as I said before it is not MANDATORY to use the coloring. we keep moving
  8. star wars data east

    I attached the advances in coloring
  9. star wars data east

    I do not know the reason, but the key of the SD is deleted, I will continue investigating. I update with some more scenes
  10. star wars data east

    the truth that did not count the time, I will put the key back in the card, but this ne had happened to me this and my license is good
  11. star wars data east

    very good lucky, in this case I am writing you because I have a provlema with pin2dmd, in the middle of a game randomly, I get the image of pin2dmd and the serial number telling me it is not registered. When I turn off the machine and turn it on again, it works again until it happens again? any ideas Thank you I hope you have a happy birthday and parties
  12. star wars data east

    Thanks again I already understand one more thing. I think I discovered that stars share keyframes in many scenes and change when they identify the scene, I attached photo. As a suggestion for future versions of the editor, it would be good to take better advantage of the monitor space, I use 24 "and I waste a third of the monitor. Greetings, I'm still working Thanks again