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  1. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega 1995)

    VPX version by Schreibi34 and Herweh
    Version 1.0: Initial release
    Schreibi34: Visuals and gameplay "It's simply amazing what you do in Blender. So thrilling, so inspiring, so extraordinary. I'm overwhelmed every time when I see what you have created. You are the man. And a very relaxed, cool guy too. And for sure an awesome drummer ;-). Once again it was a pleasure and an honor to work with you"
    (this was written by Herweh)
    Herweh: Scripting, VP development and gameplay "Everything you see below in this script! Without him Mr. Basic v2.0 Schreibi34 would have been totally lost! What he has done on this table goes beyond my imagination. From animating Frank to implementing RothbauerW's physics to the texture swaps to all sorts of extras. Please check out all the stuff that the script Voodoo Master has provided for you below! Thanks for being such a cool guy! It was a pleasure!"
    (this was written by Schreibi34)
    Special thanks to:
    - Dark: We all know what he did! Frank is just jawdropping!! - Dids666: For starting all of this and his awesome meshes. Thanks for letting us finish this!! - Sheltemke: For stitching together the PF image and playtesting - Mlager8: For PS help on the sling plastics - RothbauerW: For his awesome physics' guide at vpinball.com and some more help on the physics - Mark70, Bord, Thalamus: For beta testing and some good hints - Batch: For the DT background image (Sorry for making it a bit darker! Batch's original is in the image manager for those who like more pop)
    Magna save selects LUT filters!
    Version 1.0.1
    - Herweh: Fix for the trapped balls and the post left of the Geneva hole. Fix for LUT filters resetting after restart
    - Skitso: Alligning the GI-ON and OFF better so they don't "jump" when swaping
    - Schreibi34: Minor gameplay/physics adjustments



  2. Hot Tip (Williams 1977) – v1.0 – S34

    An almost from scratch build of my first ever upload! Big thanks to Herweh for his incredible stuff, and another special thanks to 32assassin for bringing this table to VPX!!
    - Herweh for the incredible saucer physics, scripting all moving parts, SSF sounds and reworking the rest of the script! Thanks, man!
    - 32assassin for bringing this table to VPX! I used his table as a base for all of this.
    - Mlager8 for his incredible Apron redraw!!
    - Poppote for his ultraclean original artwork. Made the 8k upscale alot easier!
    - Bord for the shooterlane image and playtesting!
    - BorgDog for the wood image!
    - Thalamus for playtesting and kicking everybodys ass in the forums!



  3. Deadly Weapon Gottlieb (1990)

    Needs VP 10.6   rev. 3696 or higher!!

    After almost 8 months it's finally done! A very special thanks goes out to Herweh!! Withou him this table wouldn't be half as good!! Thanks my friend!
    Don't miss Herwehs "Additional GI" switchable in the script! More GI-OFF for those who enjoy it!
    I hope you guys have fun while playing!
    - Herweh for scripting everything on this table, including kickers, animations, airball, additional GI and SSF sounds. He also fixed stuff like the trough and the tilt script!
    Without him this table wouldn't be half as good!!! One of the best and a great guy!! This is also your table!! Thanks!!!

    - 32assassin and BodyDump for bringing this Table to VPX. I used their table as a base.
    - Kiwi and Destruk for a great hint when 'Tilt' didn't want to work the way it should
    - RothbauerW for some code of his manuel trough in 'No Good Gofers'
    - Bord and BorgDog for images, testing and all kinds of help!
    - BorgDog for moving spinner rod
    - Flupper - cycles insert material
    - Thalamus for playtesting and screenshots
    - Ninuzzu - BallShadow
    - Whoever made the flipper shadow
    - Last, and definetly not least the VPX devs!! Thanks guys!
    v 1.0.1
    - Herweh fixed a crash caused ba a glass hit
    - fixed the "bleeding" of the flipper textures
    - better DT background image
    - Herweh fixed two hickups in the script. Flickering of the GI when hitting the flipper button is now gone. Thanks to Thalamus for finding both issues and providing a quick fix!



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