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  1. ok, thank you, is there a guide where i can read and learn how they work? for example i patch the shrek file, i'll put it on my pinball and than??? what else do i have to do? no pin2dmd.pal required? about the "inframe palette", do i have to set it somewhere?
  2. hi guys, i need some info about the pin2dmd on real SAM stern pinball. that's what i understood: 1) to colorize the real pinballs i have to use the original stern rom of the game and patch it with the *.diff file. 2) i need the patched file and the smartdmd.txt file and open them with pinballbrowser to create the *.bin file to flash on my real pinball. 3) the same smartdmd.txt file needs to be opened with pin2dmd editor and transform it into pin2dmd.pal file to put on my sd card. then the questions are: is it right? if it's right, where can i find the smartdmd.txt files for every pinball? if it's not right, what am i missing? :-) thank you all
  3. ok, so it was right i had to do a different procedure... now i have the licensed version of pinball browser, i just need the macro file from sharkky. now it's clear to me... thanks.
  4. hi guys, thanks a lot to sharkky for this amazing work, i tried it on my smve real pinball but i had problems... time ago i've done this work for my metallica pinball but i had to do a completely different procedure. now i followed what you said on the top of the post but it didn't work. i downloaded the .bin from stern site, then i patched it with bspatch as told in readme file. it generates a .bin file 1M bigger then the original. i put it in a usb card and then tryed to flash on my pinball. when it goes to verify image it tells me it's wrong and it give me "error code 8". did i do something wrong?
  5. none of them, i had to use something to extend the signal of the output.
  6. it just doubles the images of the original display, i'm not so good to let it show different images! :-)
  7. this is my homemade topper for my theatre of magic! can't wait putting it on my pinball!! :-)
  8. yes, it's exactly what i did, thanks to the support i had, i succeeded in doing it. If you learn what to do, it's not so difficult and as you can see from my video, the result is really good!!
  9. this is the final result before turning purple letters into white ones but animations are the same... IMG_7588.MOV
  10. i did it!! i tryed what i told before but using the generated file from saving rom didn't work, so i tryed to save a dat file from pin2dmd editor after opening the smartdmd file i saved before and this time it worked! really beautiful effect on a real pinball, now i'm waiting to do the same on my spider-man ve. the preview looks amazing!! now waiting for the file... thanks guys for this fantastic project.
  11. ok, i understand what to do, to change just the letters and numbers color i just had to change color 15 in smartdmd and i did it, i saved the file and rename it, but if i put it into the sd, letters are still purple/pink. now i'll try to save the rom file and see if it generate the .dat file, if it does i'll try rename it and put into sd... ...stay tuned! :-)
  12. as i told you before, it's first time i attemp to use it properly so i ask to be patient with me... when you say "edit the smartdmd palette" you mean on pinballbrowser or on the pin2dmd editor? because on pinballbrowser i tried to open smartdmd but it opens a window where i don't know how and what to change. and about pin2dmd editor i don't know how to use it, i tryed to open and use but i have never understood how to do! it seems to be a little bit complicated and i tryed to follow the instruction but my english is not so good and i lost myself...
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