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  1. When in doubt - test it here https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload instead of running just one engine.
  2. When you say. I think I have everything up to date. Why didn't you tell us what you have installed and where you downloaed it from ? That would be very helpful for us trying to help you. Don't be lazy when you request help. Could it be that you just recently installed Freezy, but have forgotten to set it enabled for those tables ? F1 and tick use external ?
  3. Awesome - thank you Wildman !
  4. Relax. All the devs do their work on their own time. If you want it done quickly - do it yourself.
  5. I could start with - once, there was a smart mind around and he said this. But, well - he is very much still around and this still applies. It is just buried into great forum post. https://vpinball.com/wiki/visual-pinball-knowledge-base/turning-onoff-at91jit/ Solution ? Not really I guess. I advice you to read what DjRobX wrote about the matter. Not the fix. It explains WHY you don't want to disable it. But, I doesn't help I guess for most Win7 users. I have had it enabled and disabled, testing a lot of times. It is for me like a gamble. If I turn it off, table start all the time. If it turn it on. I can get lucky and it will load and there is no issues. Let's face it - its a unresolved problem. Sometime in a year or two we should at least tell people that they need to upgrade to this really annoying OS Win10. Win7 will be unsuppoted by M$. Not a very big deal for machines that aren't connected to the internet at all or have a smart guy in the other end of the keyboard I guess. But, well - we have to accept I guess ... some day down the road that we don't care about our private lives and data since want to play pinball. Up yours M$ !
  6. Still - what makes it fair from anyone enabling VP9 nudge vs none at all ?
  7. I've seen so many cases of this reported and I'm on Win7 myself, needing to keep the jit disabled for Stern'. I expect that is this combo Win7 / Stern /Freezy that just isn't working as well as the same combo on Win10. Still, not going to update to that spyware OS for this reason alone
  8. Make a thread. Post the tables, submit your scores - done. Both VPF and VPinball has had their tournaments, with varying degree of success. One of the really long threads on VPF is about the weekly comps.
  9. It is typically something that you could mention to the devs. Maybe they conclude that there is nothing they can do about it, or maybe there is. One thing I'm sure of. It will not be fixed if they are not aware. @fuzzel - @toxie - @DJRobX
  10. Sure is. Find a table that has the level you enjoy. Mark all the sounds named ballroling*, export. On tihs table, delete all, import the exported ones. Press save and enjoy.
  11. It is totally useless to try to make VPX competitions. Compare gameplay that Wob used to extract as many frames as possible for dmd colorization towards a cab like mine where you just have to breath on the cab before it tilts. There is that, and of course that you can change single objects properties. Some kind of checksum routine might work but, again, don't see how that is going to pick up nudge settings and alike. The honour system, trusting each others scores is IMO the best solution. Easiest too. I enjoy competitions. But, I started shaking my head the minute I started reading the complicated rules.
  12. Win10 - 250GB SSD (too many great games and more to come) and UP https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11573 - choose backglass server when it asks. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=160 - same install method, so first part is done. This is how you install machines. Bookmark it, go back to it until it becomes natural. That is basically it. Rest is dependant on hardware you add later on. DOF, SSF etc. You didn't mention any of these so I left it out. Later on, you might consider updating to the latest, non official build. https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/vp-10-6-beta - use the small drop down over VPB Download, pick the highest number - currently 3705. Extract and overwrite everything in c:\visual pinball\ folder http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3651-sambuild32-beta-thread/?do=findComment&comment=44117 - latest beta of vpm, the "engine", extract into c:\visual pinball\vpinmame -overwriting everything. Open then that folder, run setup.exe - press install button. This is a tread, by the time you get to this point. Who knows, maybe you need to scroll and find even newer releases. Look for Carny's posts. This should get you up and running. There are things I can't really tell you. The size of db2s and stuff, it is related to your screen resolution. You just have to look these things up yourself I'm afraid. There is myriads of guides and tips out there and you will need to get your hands dirty trying, cursing and retrying until your happy. Good luck.
  13. @frankrt : Create a video of the problem. Anything visual is best described by pictures and videos - always !
  14. There is. Those that pay are given access to a closed facebook group.
  15. Flintstones is being made, but, it's seems to be a pay to play project.
  16. What kind of break is that ? I'm not complaining. Thanks a lot @malenko
  17. Take your time. I much more prefer you not getting tired and fed up with the awesome work you've done so far on this and the other projects of yours. We've waited about 40 years, so we should manage 😉
  18. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/PinballY.php
  19. It depends I guess on what version you run. I haven't updated pbx in a while and I probably won't either. I recommend you have a look at PBY or Pinup Popper as a frontend. I suggest this because it is very easy for you to evaluate if PBY is something you want to continue using. It sees that you have PBX installed and asks if you want to use the PBX data to run PBY with. It is very fast. For the actual problem, it might be a video setting. I seem to remember something about nVidia and true colour or something in that direction. As I said, been a while now so I don't remember exactly what it was. If you want to try PBY - here is the thread for it over at vpf. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=40679 Currently I run that as described above. Was up and running in no time and it has a few features that PBX hasn't. One of them being able to record table videos and backglass very easily and at a higher quality than what pbxrecoder uses as default.
  20. Of course it is being worked on. It's not a 5 minute job so it will be ready when he says so
  21. About the colour stuff. Yes, you are correct.But, you also need dmddevice. You need Freezy's and you should pick 1.7.1 (1.7.2 has bugs where colour don't work ) or MJR' version of the same. About updating pinmame. When you upgrade, just extract everything into pinmame overwriting what is there. Once done. Open folder, run setup.exe and press the install button, and your done. This last release has some optimization to WPC sound. Its been ages since that has been touched but so far it looks like a good change. But, there are a lot of tables out there. We currently can't be 100% sure that it is working great for them all. The ones I've tried though, has been great. So, I recommend taking the plunge.
  22. Played a few games with this update. TAF included, like suggested and I don't think it is a placebo. Wife was out tonight so I cranked the pin to max. Pretty sure that it sounded better than ever before so thank you so much DEVS ! You're invaluable and awesome !
  23. I haven't tried this, but, I would install it to c-drive - then move it to another if you need the harddrive space. Of course, creating a symlink in between those locations. I know that there are guys that have installed it to other drives than c-drive. What you need to do in order to do so, I don't know. As mine is on c. You should look around for threads where this has been discussed.
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