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  1. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    1.7.2 of dmdext works for fx3 ( reported by others ) I don't play fx3 on my cab. 1.7.1 works well for me as a pindmd3 user. Mjr reported some issues that I haven't really experienced myself, and that was some of the changes that got added to 1.7.2. Pindmd3 and LCD users can test his version if they have issues with 1.7.1.
  2. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Well - then it is weird. Or at least it was. It is not like I re-try this myself on a weekly basis Have at least two cases where I've helped people out from the rom renaming and in both cases they needed to replaced the filename inside the zip in order to get it working. At least that was what they reported back to me.
  3. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Not only that. It used to be ok if only the *.zip file was correctly named. Now, the file inside needs to be correct too. At least it was like this just some revisions back, and before that - it was good enough if only the *.zip was named correctly.
  4. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    Unfortunately, not my area of expertise. I have a Real DMD, You've installed Freezy' dmdext ? At this moment you need 1.7.1. There is a bug in the latest, preventing it from working correctly. https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases/download/v1.7.1/dmdext-v1.7.1-x86.zip And - yes. You seem to have done everything correct. It might be the bug mentioned that is your problem.
  5. [New B2S Alert] Big Town (Playmatic 1978)

    Thank you Wildman !
  6. help a newb, pin2dmd on a vpin with colorizations

    In the vpinmame folder - make a subfolder named altcolor. Under this new folder you need to create one folder. In this example, Attack from Mars. Inside the script you look for the rom name, often found by cGameName = <romname>. afm_113b is a valid rom for attach from mars. Now create the subfolder afm_113b and in that folder you put pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni. Next time you start the game, Press F1, On the bottom of options, tick the 'use color' and you should be done since you already have your pin2dmd showing the dmd ( already ticked use external ). Remember, if you changed rom, you need to do this all over again. Both create subfolder - copy required files and tick both 'use external' and 'use color' in pinmame. So. c:\visual_pinball\vpinmame\altcolor\afm_113b\ - these should hold pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni.
  7. [New B2S Alert] Evil Fight ( Playmatic 1980)

    I've often wondered. Do you have count on how many db2s you've made for us Wildman ? It's a huge number - I know that. And. Thank again !!
  8. What Backglasses Still Need To Be Made ?

    Thump - thump - thump ... ( The sound of another newbie head, rolling down the road .... )
  9. True. Not that worried I admit, since it is you Malenko. And those preview you now presented looks very good.
  10. WHAT ? You're at it again ?? God damn. Thank you so much ! Now, please promise me - don't burn yourself out.
  11. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    Very nice - thank you so much Freezy !! ( and mjr )
  12. We surely would like that Malenko No updates and you get the eerie feeling that the project is stranded, like these projects often do.
  13. Triple Action (Williams 1974)

    The truth is. If you manage to get very good resources for it and that somebody knows how this table works ( rules ) there is a much higher chance that someone picks it up as a project. Without, it just another pin with not enough good resources. Doing EM's is probably the hardest thing to make. You have to not only make the table, you have to write all the rules and logic too. One could argue that the rules are already made in that old release. Might be, or maybe not. Still. its a project best done by someone who knows what they are doing. And you will not be able to lure them into working with "bad" resources. They simply don't enjoy working on the table. And, that is of course very important. No fun, no table.
  14. Excellent ! Thank you very much ! This looks like a great improvement for what I've got !
  15. [New B2S Alert] Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    Great. Thank you so much Wildman ! You are the best !
  16. [New B2S Alert] Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    Very happy to hear that Wildman !
  17. rev r4638 2nd start problems

    Before you scratch that install. You could try MJR' dmddevice that he says has fixes that isn't in Freezy' code yet. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/PinballY.php#dmddeviceDLL
  18. rev r4638 2nd start problems

    Reinstalling is often a good thing to do. Remember to export a few of those registry keys that holds rom settings, dmd location etc.
  19. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    You'll find it here, once Carny have the time to make it.
  20. Sure. You have something connected to the the machine. A joystick, a controller or something that is messing you up. The actual problem is that is isn't perfectly calibrated. But, you get the idea.
  21. Take care of roms and tables (backup or move to some odd folder ) - run uninstaller and start over is my suggestion. And make sure. Don't install to c:\program files\xxxx. c:\visual_pinball is a good choice.
  22. Don't use the Vpinmame64. Only advanced users should even consider using it at the moment.
  23. Force exclusive checked ? If so, disable ddraw in registry.