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  1. Ah. That's ok. I will much rather you guys finish this project in style than having to do a rush job in order to reach a deadline. For each component I've seen it is going to be a very nice release indeed. Your excellent DMD work, with an amazing looking table that I've learned has more than a few sound improvements.
  2. Have a feeling that TAF is going to become some kind of x-mas present ?!
  3. Thalamus

    Newbie with pinball x backglass display question

    Yes. That is possible. You define in db2s where the emulated backglass/translite should start and end using x,y coordinates. The same goes for your dmd etc At some point you might have trouble fitting it all though. BorgDog did something I wish I came up or knew before I built my pin. He got a rather large TV which he raise 90 degrees using "all" of the backbox as a possible screen area. Genius.
  4. Thalamus

    XML and PinballX

    PinballX uses xml and if you understand the format it means you can edit the file directly instead of using the tool that comes with it to administer the tables with. I would say it is a advantage to know a bit about it - not not a 100% requirement. It is just like any other frontend. It stores information about the tables, videos, pictures in some kind of file format. Pinup Popper pr. example uses SQL. Not directly a file - but still. Information stored. Do you need to know SQL ? No, but, again an advantage.
  5. Thalamus

    need a help

  6. Thalamus

    need a help

    https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=160 You seems to have more than one thing to learn - so, follow what gtxjoe explains until you understand it all 🙂
  7. Thalamus

    need a help

    Since this is your first posts. Please, it is enough to ask a question once.
  8. Yes. Second page - Don't know if there are any updates on it though. Was called 1.0 beta. Don't listen to me. I overlooked the 2.0.
  9. Thalamus

    need a help

    It might be several reasons. I haven't looked at these specific tables if what I'm telling you is valid or not. But, this is more of a heads up to everyone on the subject. Always run the table once, then quit and run it again if it is the very first time the rom in question is being run. In some cases, it can even be smart if you you've run the rom from old VP9, EM5 etc to actually deleted the nvram and registry entry for the rom - before even playing it on a new table. One typical example of this is Vector, Only the new Vector seems to do a proper job tracking the ball speed which is a feature in the game. Once you've started it once, hitting F6 might be a good idea. What you are looking for can maybe be set if the code has included easy accessible rom options. If noting happens pressing F6, you might need to find the game manual and read up on how you go into the rom menu and adjusting these things yourself. I can't tell you exactly how to do this last step as it differs from what era the machine is from and the manufacturer. There is some tips on how to get you going in the top menu over at VPF -> Tutorials. It is possible that there is error in the game code or in the rom emulation itself. Both are stuff that only the smartest of the smart ones fixes. Another reason to update VPM from time to time.
  10. Thalamus

    add scripting for spinner sound Family guy

    Hmm. So adding this doesn't work ? Sub sw39_Spin:vpmTimer.PulseSw 39: PlaySound "fx_spinner":End Sub - you need to change the name of the spinnner to sw39 in this case.
  11. Thalamus

    add scripting for spinner sound Family guy

    Do you know the switch number ?
  12. Thalamus

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Hi Andy. Curious. Have you ever tried to downgrade and run older VPM on the tables ?
  13. Thalamus

    [Vp10] Stones_10_Rtm_1.5_Final.rar

    Sounds like a nvram issue. Especially since you had if working before. Try this procedure. https://vpinball.com/wiki/visual-pinball-knowledge-base/reset-a-table-to-default/
  14. Thalamus

    color a new version of an old rom

    If you look at the config file you download. It starts with the rom name - easy to make a copy of the line in question and paste it in with the rom name you need/want. In your case, maybe change 180 til the old 170. Of course, when you update this will be overwritten.
  15. Thalamus

    [Vp10] Stones_10_Rtm_1.5_Final.rar

    Rolling Stones and other older tables should all be working and in many cases improved by using the script repo. https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts This table is actually in the queue to be improved even more in the next couple of days,
  16. Thalamus

    color a new version of an old rom

    No. You can use 1.80 for the new game rules with the regular rom. There are two reasons to still be running 1.70 for VPM. Color patch for the rom, and maybe more important, code that enables Fast Flips. If @lucky1 or someone else with the knowledge required, where to make the current patch usable for 1.80, then I'm sure the Fast Flip would come rather quickly too. But, this is hobby is often relying on good will of some key people and all we can do is just hope that it gets done.
  17. Thalamus

    Roadshow Directb2S

    One of the best advices is just that. If @wildman has made a db2s - get it. They look great, in most cases -- authentic and very important, performs great. Poorly designed backglasses may give you stutter and other problems.
  18. Thalamus

    Star Wars

    STAT : As I understand it, FSQ is for real pin. So, you can ignore that download.
  19. Download the one that Carny ref to in the previous post before that site is gone. Not 100% sure, but, I expect the other table to be even newer than this "need to patch" version.
  20. Sub table1_Exit Controller.Pause = False Controller.Stop If Not UltraDMD is Nothing Then If UltraDMD.IsRendering Then UltraDMD.CancelRendering End If UltraDMD = NULL End If End Sub Add this to the end of the table script. If it doesn't have a Exit routine already. And in this case, the table needs to be named table1. If it is Goldorak then the first line needs to be changed to Sub Golodorak_exit
  21. Thalamus

    Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    Don't use 1.7.2 for tables that required the *.vni - it is reported as a bug already. You should however use dmdext.exe if you play fx2, fx3 from the 1.7.2 release. So, Downgrade dmddevice.dll to 1.7.1. Actually. MJR has a release on his pinbally page that is semi 1.7.1 and some. He provided fixes to freezy and I believe those have fixes that 1.7.1 hasn't and I have no clue to why 1.7.2 isn't working. Looking at the bug report to the vni problem. Even Freezy seems to be unsure why it doesn't work. Guess we just have to wait and see when/if it get fixed.
  22. @senseless I believe I have a archive copy of 0.9 on the pin. So, remind me in a weeks time if you don't find it elsewhere.
  23. Oh. That is not easy to answer my friend. I just remember that someone recommended trying one of the releases and off I went. You might find me raving about how cool I think it was in the pinsound forum though. In order to answer your question, I think I would need access to my pin. Can't for the next two weeks so if still struggle - remind me