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  1. I think what I've got already looks great. Of course, happy to see an upgrade with more scenes !
  2. @toxie - something to look at ... some day down the road ?! Thank you @kds70 for a great report. I was too lazy as i just had run debugs for poto.
  3. Looking at the changes. A lot was done on 4789 - so maybe 4788 or older is ok ? Just a hint. Look at the svn history should help you track down changes. https://sourceforge.net/p/pinmame/code/4792/log/?path=
  4. Played the game yesterday and I didn't notice any issues ?! Or do you mean the sound for the drain pr. example, where I believe it is the astronaut screaming ? I know that there has been some work done one sound in the 3.2 life cycle. Not something Carny can fix, but, @toxie or any of the other main vpm devs might have a clue. The best feedback would be if you test builds from this thread, going back until it is ok again instead of comparing to 3.1.
  5. Sorry to hear that Ken. Been fortunate enough NOT to have that happen myself. But, then again, I live in a place where lightning strikes isn't a monthly event.
  6. Thanks for the update guys. Maybe you would accept some code change in order to get ssf working ? Not checked 1.1 yet - but, 1.0 could be improved a bit.
  7. Well, then you have to make the pinmame devs aware. And, they don't read all the threads. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27063&page=1 - seems to be the best fit.
  8. Right. Well, I'm pretty sure that I just mixed up the names there. I'm sure about the story. So, it was probably PinballMikeD I asked first and I remember now that _J_M is the one requesting payment. Thanks for rectifying me.
  9. Freezy' dll is not related - but, still there is a difference. The main difference now between the SAMBuild and the Official is that the Official doesn't have color support. It used to be that it didn't support Stern SAM mpu, but, that was let in from the cold a while ago.
  10. I don't think you get anything out of Sharkky. If i remember correctly. I asked him about patching for the newsts Metallica rom and he told me that he lost all the original stuff when his laptop was stolen. Not 100% sure if this was Sharkky or not. Been at least 8-9 mnd since I asked. I know that there is another guy that has done Metallica too, but, he requested money for each copy. His asking price wasn't unreasonable, but, one of the reasons I like this community so much is that it is mainly based upon sharing and helping each other out.
  11. @lukpcn Explained very nicely in this thread https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=42293&p=429527
  12. Thanks @DCrosby for not giving up on this table. I really think you've done an outstanding job.
  13. There is no external music for these tables. The music comes from the Stern rom.
  14. Kind of odd that you get more hits from uploading a zip than when you extract and test the executable files. I've seen Comodo, Cylance and a very obscure QIhoo-360 being annoyed a pinmame.exe which actually is a compressed file. And well, I think that there lies the problem. They simply are crap at detecting. If it was dangerous. Then I've had problems since last year. Comodo seems to always be annoyed and angry on those kind of files. Out of all those engines. I would almost be more worried if none detected anything. VPX beta is also a virus according to Comodo. Nothing odd has been happening on my VP cab, except it if riddled with bugs instead of viruses.
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