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  1. Thalamus

    Avengers rom

    Avengers was renamed a while back. Try searching for avg_110.zip instead. You have to rename those files afterwards though. Pinmame needs the new name.
  2. Thalamus

    Fish Tales WIP

    Talk about dedication. Wow. Lost for words - but I love it.
  3. I know what I'll be doing in 15 minutes. Thank you so much Slippifishi !!! ❤️
  4. Yes ... yes ... yes - perfect backglass for a perfect table /me like very much ! Thank you once again Blacksad.
  5. Thalamus

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    You mean that the tables you're after is not in the repo or ... ? And downloading alll the tables as a zip - and just putting the scripts along side the table is enough to test if you like the changes or not. Easy peasy with 10.6. Don't like it - delete it. Just don't press save while it is there and you decided you want to revert. And what new family guy ? Link pls.
  6. Thalamus

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Why do the hard work when it is done for you ? Or - well, you of course can. Just look at these examples. https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts These are actual VP tables where the scripts have been exported, edited for new technology that included directional sound improvements, dof updates and fast flips. Can't guarantee that they are 100% working each one. But, should be pretty close now that Carny have spent some time validating. https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/thalamus-github-vpxtable_scripts-repository/ Nothing is holding you back from doing this manually by your own. Just know that some have special edits that was needed to "go around" curtain problems. Mostly DjRobX level kind of shi%% - so, I dare you to just adding that expecting it to work flawlessly
  7. At least that makes sense now
  8. Wow. I'm really surprised to see how far you've come on this. Feels like last week or so since you mentioned that you had a plan to do this. And no only that. It really looks great too. Very nice Slippifishi and Wob !!!
  9. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=44
  10. Believe the best thing to do in this case - take a picture and report it in the beta thread with exact download to the table so the devs can investigate.
  11. You seem to have good control over what you're doing so I don't really have any great ideas. What did you do before it started to become a problem ? You are sure that you have the same bass.dll in vpinball as in vpinmame folder ? And the suggestion above is probably not your problem. If it is - you could just export the registry and do a search and replace. Those values are stored there. Why you want to have that setting in a table script ? Because playing a soundmod of a table that has regular rom. Xenonph pr. example makes those. But, he is aware of the problem and restores the rom setting on exit. So, that is why I don't think it is related.
  12. Thalamus

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    @lucky1 That sounds very interesting - thank you so much for adding this to VPM !
  13. Thalamus

    Star Wars

    A pinsider - J_M if I remember correctly.
  14. Thalamus

    Star Wars

    That's just it. I didn't read all you have to say about the issue. I just mentions that there are sertain people out in the pinball community that does take money for their work. I did not at any time say that this was your intention, at least it was not what I intended to say. Sorry if I offended you in any way.