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  1. Most sterns that uses a fire-button, the authors have chosen right magna-save.
  2. I've heard people having your kind of problems and it has almost always been that they haven't installed the latest sam update correctly. Once more - update and replace your files and scripts. Then - run the setup.exe and choose install, After that - make sure you don't have old *.vbs files laying around in your vpinball\tables folder. It doesn't sound like that is a problem. I admit, according to the tests you've run, it sounds like this should work. If for some reason on of these tables still don't work, then try changing the jit registry entry for that rom.
  3. Have you installed sam version of pinmame ?
  4. Don't think it would be better to actually show what your talking about ? Picture please.
  5. I was about to implement this myself, and noticed that your correct. I only get 0 byte archives when I try to download the 2.0. tool. Can someone please provide us with a alternative link ?
  6. Well, like any other M$ updates. You have to talk to them - not me if something breaks. Will it ? Most probably not. You run AC/DC on physmo5 ? Well, if you cab can handle it - just wait what you have in store when you've updated and try the Nunizzu release of the LE version of the rom. Yes, this is technical, but, you get there. Don't rush it. Do you updates as suggested.
  7. Ugh .. Once more I noticed that I didn't answer all your questions. Well, physmod5 is a go between VP9 and VPX. We, the community consists of amazing people with different. skills. So the stuff fom VP9 to Physmod5 lead to smart people joining forces to make a better emulator. The Physmod5 tables I like to call ... test tables between VP9 and VP10 ( VPX ). They made new software - with different physics ... but, that period didn't last ... very long. The main devs jumped at the task and make a significant jump to what is now VP10. Requires more hardware - but the emulation is ... the best there is out there IMO.. So, hunting for Physmod5, yeah, well your better off actually to., jump over this step. Go for VPX. Adjusting a VP9 table to VP10 might be something you in fact can do on your own. Its all about adjusting values here and there in the software. Going from VP9 to Vp10 however ... is NOT that easy. VP10 is a very different beast than VP9. So much that they needed to break the relationship between *.vpt and *.vpx file extension to explain it in a easy way :-)
  8. Uh .. forgot to answer you other question ... Friday and enjoying beers ;-) Yes, update of tables is done by simply overwriting. Like any other data. You should some day figure out how you're going to do backups. I work with computer as a living ( not windows though ) so I make sure from time to time to take backup of my visual_pinball folder with its tables ... You should also do the same. A simple but effective way is to download 'sync tool' from M$. Its free. get youself a external usb drive .. use this tool - set the mode to "echo" - choose source your c:\visual_pinball folder - dest. somewhere on you usb harddrive or rather large thumb drive. And you can do incremental backups easy. It is not a full backup of your computer/cab though. But, yeah - good enough to be able to get back your VP ... if for some odd reason you computer breaks down. First time around this tools takes a full backup - after that it only copies changes. So, every time your "happy" with what you've done - you should consider doing that backup. By doing some of the stuff I've mentioned above - you understand what is required ( might not sound like this right now ) but believe me, you've overcome your first steps and tackled a rather difficult problem on your own already. ( fixing screenres.txt - is hard for most users ) So, if your able to do the upgrade without issues your almost home free to maintain your own cab at pristine levels for the future.
  9. I would say yes to both. There is of course never a 100% guarantee if it will work. My cab is at the moment almost 100% patched with recommended patches from M$. There is one now that patches Dot.Net - that VP uses. It can potentially break things. But, my experience tells me that I'm probably better off installing it than leaving it unpatched. Good luck ...
  10. Not a thread that I know of. It should be easy though. It involves running a installer and telling it where to install. Pressing the next key a couple of times. Since you already have visual pinball installed, it should pick that up and it will update the files required, not touching or damaging your already working installation. The one in all installer for 10.2 is found here : You should then pick - after that there is a patch That is a normal zip file - so, you need to extract the files, overwriting the files you've already have on the system.. Some people just make a normal folder on their desktop, extract it there and then copy the files, overwriting the destination manually. After the installation has been done, You have latest visual pinball, but, not the latest vpinmame. At this stage you should be up to date with the official release. You basically do the same at the last step, extract a zip archive, and overwrite destination. However. This time you need after overwriting to run a file "setup.exe" in c:\wherever\visual pinball\vpinmame\ folder. This in order to register the new dll files to the operating system. At this stage - you have the latest official 10.2 and the latest official vpinmame. There exists beta software as well, but, I believe that you shouldn't go there yet. You are posting this on a forum where the SAM vpinmame has its home. It makes you able to run more modern machines from stern. It is basically the same stuff again. Download - overwrite and running the setup.exe. Once you are at this point, You should be able to run most, if not all VPX games available here : Newer - modern games from stern, of this site however is not going to work. But, if you manage the above steps, you will probably be able to get these rolling also with a bit of guidance. Be warned that VPX, requires more of your hardware, So, there might be tables that simply isn't performing like what you are used to. But, don't make that a reason for not taking the route. VPX is well worth the effort.
  11. I'm glad you managed to resolve it. Good job. I find these cases being not the easiest to resolve. Its not like I see what you problem are, and there is a lot of ways to setup a PC to play VP on. Your pictures helped a lot. Now, enjoy your cabinet once again. And a tip. Take a backup of screenres.txt - well, maybe you don't need since its here as a pic now ;-)
  12. Yes, your correct. What I believe has happened is that your monitors have changed places in windows when you had the monitor problem. You need to go to desktop - got to screen properties and probably shuffle them around so your 3 display becomes # 2 and the other way around.
  13. Answered you on vpinball.
  14. change 600 to 1357 200 to 365 and you should at least be a bit more familiar with the outcome I guess. Thats what you have in pinballx. from your original screenres.txt - you don't state that you have 3 screens at all. Not even telling what monitor the backglass is running on.