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  1. Thank you very much Wildman ! Now, I'm truly ready for this afternoon.
  2. Not if you clean out the previous versions and run his installer. I'm pretty sure that your screenres.txt could be improved upon too. But, I don't run lcd myself so I'm no help to you.
  3. In dmddevice.ini - section virtualdmd - set enabled = true. A lcd monitor is a virtual dmd, so, you have turned it off.
  4. What you describe is a ball falling out of the table. If no one else is having such issues, then it is probably your fault changing maybe the z-axis scale.
  5. That is not a good idea. It will only change a few parameters and several of the objects in the table won't change. So, normally they become even more out of wack than they where before. Of course, you can get lucky, but, as a solution it is not valid. You guys need to learn to adjust these things themselves I'm afraid. There is many ways to tune physics. BOP from wrd1972 pr. example uses very different technique than most tables. You need to learn about physics collections and - without looking, most probably also script. There is a quide over at vpinball made by Rothbauerw that explains most of it, but, it is not a copy and paste solution. Just gets you closer imo.
  6. Deadzone under dof/keys can be used. But, well, I advice you first to make sure that the nudge that you are seeing isn't of high values. If they are, and you crank the deadzone too high because of it, it won't feel natural. You can always download DiView or DXTweak2 both see and fine tune DirectX input values with.
  7. Understandable and just remember. If only 0.001% of the end users have done as much as you in this field. We've had all machines colored already. Appreciate all you've done.
  8. @toxie : Can confirm, setup -> all says OK, CRC check on and pinball test on, cleaned the registry for old entry. No go.
  9. Yes. I've got a PM. Will check it out soon.
  10. What exact rom are you trying to dump ? I think it would be best to use the same one in case there is odd bugs. I should be able to give it a quick run and see if I can reproduce, or I'm getting good dumps.
  11. This is what I did. First use F4, and change those ------- to 00000001 - then switch over to the F6 dump.
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