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  1. Oh boy. And you where in fear of not completing before Flupper ? You're racing away. I thought you didn't really have much time to spend on it this month ?! Still, racing away or not, it looks absolutely stunning. Looking at the lamp pr. example. I would not know where to start to make it look 3d'ish by pixels alone.
  2. [New B2S Alert] Monte Carlo (Bally 1973)

    Very nice. Many hundred percent better than what I had before.
  3. You know what. That I don't think is a problem. We're talking about Flupper here. He isn't winging anything. I would be surprised if we see a release in 2018 to be honest Don't stress it. If he where to release it before you. No biggie. They will eventually meet and live happily ever after ;-)
  4. Ah. This make me very happy. When a returning - very successful artists arrives with a new project. I am having high hopes for it to come to life. It is not like you don't know how much work that is needed ! Your MM was very well done. No lie, I'm very happy that it you who take this task on your shoulders, knowing who is working on the table itself. Confident that it will be a great marriage between them
  5. I'm happy to hear that you trust your wife
  6. This is because you are using the wrong *.exe for the table. The name PM5 indicates that it is a physmod5 table and you need to run the physmod version of VP9 to make it work as expected.
  7. thanks carnypriest

    Roms, CCC repo and VPinmameSAM is just a few of the things he does. Been helping the community for years in many different areas. Useful ahk scripts that have lead to PBXRecorder and maybe the best build thread I've ever seen. Yes, I have no problems with a thank you topic He deserves one.
  8. DOF and PinballX

    Actually kiwi. That could be a very nice use case for making softlink instead of renaming. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=40868&p=413667
  9. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Thank you Carny !
  10. Thats great ! Thank you very much !
  11. Start messing with South Park

    Screw you guys... I'm going home!
  12. DOF and PinballX

    @kiwi I noticed recently that I had a few tables not working as before. So I changed my port 14 from "RGB Undercab Smart" to "RGB Undercab Complex". Maybe give it a try ?!
  13. I've had so much fun playing MM this week. It really enhances the game a lot. So, once again. Thank you so much for all your hard work !!
  14. Of course I'm interested. Only for vpin though.