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  1. Only happy to help.
  2. @wAxx I find your post a bit to aggressive. We should be grateful for this release, no matter its state. It is up to you, me, or anyone else to find a solution to the the problem and share it for the benefit of us all
  3. Working for me - and yes on DMD3. Well, you have to do some tricks ... Vpinball thread explains some
  4. From GtxJoe tutorial - Open table script - If you see 'Choose Controller: 1-VPM, 2-UVP, 3-B2S' near the top of script, change it to option 3 - Else, search for Set Controller = CreateObject("VPinMAME.Controller") and change it to Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")
  5. Would very much like to get my hands on this build. I forgot that I've replaced vpinballx.exe from Rob and been struggling with a weird issue that seems to be a comination of vpinballx.exe and dmddevice.dll. In short, I could not save Grand Champion scores, best noticed by coins getting lost if I add and exit and return when run from PBX. It was kind of a palm to forehead moment when I realized this. After switching back to official, PBX isn't as stable as it was, but, I've gained normal FPS again from tables using UltraDMD. Some went from ~300 to as bad as ~40 ( I don't play much originals, but, though my wife would like JP pokemon table )
  6. @agwood : I was cominig back here to ask the exact same question :-) I haven't played the original table, so, I have no idea if the loop ramp is supposed to be hard like Fren's or more like it is now. I also have noticed that on the left ramp that goes back to the left flipper there seems to be a small issue. Sometime a fast ball suddenly stops and get returned while a slower ball would get through. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Thank you for sharing !!
  7. My 750 ain't happy when it sees those dots of yours Fren. But, what a light show it is. Makes me want to upgrade.
  8. I have no problem with either of them - well, for you my friend
  9. I'm not 100% sure I understand the question. ( my first language isn't English ) But, your asking if you can build a cabinet and also play other things than VP ? If that is your questions. Sure you can. Many people do. Implementing those though, might require some effort. It all depends about the hardware I guess.
  10. Quite sure I've seen that solved by using what they described a shitty usb 2.0 hub. The idea they had was that a cheap 2.0 hub slows down the dof framework enough to resolve the problem.
  11. Really ? No feedback ? All of you can't be running Pin2dmd
  12. I'm good. Now I know at last a bit more about the history. I'm sure we don't need any old scars torn up again.
  13. Thanks. I wasn't active in this community when all of this happened. But, I quickly picked up that there was no love between VPF and VPU. Didn't know that one isn't supposed to talk about any other sites though. And when I saw he complained about even a convoluted *** reference I got really angry inside. Wrote a long post and almost pressed the submit button. For what I've also picked up - pin2dmd is seen as a competing product of pindmdX and that is also a no-no. Hmm.