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  1. Wow. Totally unexpected and preview looks awesome. Thank you so much !!!
  2. Ah. Thank you - that is a new reminder. I tried r181 or I think it was. At least, pretty recent. And once I did I got a copy of the dmd on the pf and I've been having so many issues with that freezy and well - to be perfectly honest. When someone gets pissed when I ask for progress of something that is perpetrated as being testing within weeks and they get pissed of you asking for progress well of a year afterwards. I don't really care to be guinea pig any more.
  3. No. Controller.vbs does magic. You have to get the screenres.txt right though. You still kind of want to move the dmd. Except, that these days, there is something called dmddevice by freezy. Look it up it basically consist of a better implementation to how the dmd looks. And, also, it has a a ini file. And it uses that as the default for the placement. Yes. It will not fit for all dmd's - there are some undstandard sized ones like baywatch etc. that are not 128x32 in size. And then you might need to make a custom entry in the dmddevice.ini. Documented on github where you download the program. Just search freezy - should be more than enough articles about the subject. Yes. there is some reading, but, it is better for us both that you put some effort into understanding what you are doing.
  4. This is very cool @malenko I know that it has been a long time coming. No wonder. There is very few DMD' that has this much dynamic content in the DMD. You never learn to pick the easy ones - do you ? Thank you so much for your persistence and the way you ploughed the way for @NetzZWerg and @slippifishi especially. There was a time I though that all we would see was half finished work. All of you are heroes and I wish one day that pindmd3 LAG will be solved so I can really appreciate your work in all the games. Thanks a bunch guys !
  5. Only older VP9 tables - you'll have to changed controller for. The modern - recreations, which you should focus on use controller.vbs and once your standard setup is ok. Then you don't have to do manual labor of fixing such things. So - read my answer again. If you find a VPX tables released over a VP8/VP9 or PM5. Never ever go back to them. The authors have come a long way since those tables where released. Sure. There exists some machines still which are not re-created as VPX. But, by then you should have read enough threads to know what to do.
  6. Basic instructions is here : https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=136 The first line is an update to the guide. db2s server is installed during the one in all install. So, no need to fiddle with it manually. But, the rest about setting up screenres.txt still applies and that is normally your second monitor. Good luck.
  7. And how is it possible using my link to not find it ? Did you actually press the google search button ?
  8. Excellent job as always. Thank you very much !
  9. Sounds to me that it is a question for the tables support thread. It is the table author that needs to code the event to happen in the table. If he hasn't done it correctly then these things can happen. If however the rom doesn't send anything, we might have a bad rom dump, but, I find that very unlikely in this case.
  10. Been playing this table a lot today and you really did a fantastic job @slippifishi ( and @Wob ). Thanks once again guys !
  11. That is probably best called a self inflicted bug.
  12. I love Dozers version of this table. But, the preview looks great so I have a feeling that my cab will end up with two different versions of this table. Thank you very much.
  13. /me waves at @malenko - should give you some attention ... hehe (j/k) Want to thank you guys for this really well done colourization. Everything about this table seems to be perfect now. Will be one of the tables to show off next month when I'll be alone for a month having friends over for virtual pinball competitions
  14. Sure is. You just download the rom directly from Stern. And - uh, add spike emulation to pinmame. Looking forward to it.
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