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  1. Thalamus

    Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    Don't use 1.7.2 for tables that required the *.vni - it is reported as a bug already. You should however use dmdext.exe if you play fx2, fx3 from the 1.7.2 release. So, Downgrade dmddevice.dll to 1.7.1. Actually. MJR has a release on his pinbally page that is semi 1.7.1 and some. He provided fixes to freezy and I believe those have fixes that 1.7.1 hasn't and I have no clue to why 1.7.2 isn't working. Looking at the bug report to the vni problem. Even Freezy seems to be unsure why it doesn't work. Guess we just have to wait and see when/if it get fixed.
  2. @senseless I believe I have a archive copy of 0.9 on the pin. So, remind me in a weeks time if you don't find it elsewhere.
  3. Oh. That is not easy to answer my friend. I just remember that someone recommended trying one of the releases and off I went. You might find me raving about how cool I think it was in the pinsound forum though. In order to answer your question, I think I would need access to my pin. Can't for the next two weeks so if still struggle - remind me
  4. Thank you Alessio !
  5. @senseless I don't remember trying it for Elvis but I know that I got it running just fine for LOTR. I have both the older 0.8 and 0.9 installed and I believe I had to use 0.9 for LOTR. Not using pinsound that often but wasn't there a issue with Gottlieb and using 0.9 ? I have downloaded the latest release but, are yet to try it so maybe I don't need 0.8 anymore. Right now I'm not able to test this though. I'm on holiday until the end of this month. Neither Elvis or LOTR should require 0.8 so get 0.9 or newer ?
  6. Thank you HSM for this convertions. Looking forward to get home to play it !
  7. Always. Let the game start once before even considering how it performs. It is a long standing known fact. First time a rom is run, it will act odd since it doesn't have any nvram data to read.
  8. Interresting. I didn't know there was a thing between EM's and SS. Looking forward to see how this one plays out. Thank you Alessio !
  9. Thalamus

    [New B2S Alert] Twister( Sega 1996)

    Hi-res - yes please. Thank you once again Wildman.
  10. Thalamus

    [New B2S Alert] Lady Luck (Bally 1986)

    Thank you very much Christian ... once again. I don't think I have this db2s and playing tables without one takes away too much of the experience. Still have to wait some weeks until I'm able to play it - but, your work has become of high standards lately. So, I expect it to do just fine ! <3
  11. @DJRobX Yeah I know - and it is killing me ...
  12. Thalamus

    [New B2S Alert] Jolly Park (Spinball 1996)

    Thank you so much Wildman and Akiles for providing us with another masterpiece for my collection. I have no clue as to big of a percentage of your db2s' I have installed Wildman. I just know it is very high. And, Akiles - your work is of course very highly appreciated !
  13. Thalamus

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    @toxie https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/metallica-premium-stern-2013/page/10/#post-90010 You have to read the thread from the page before. You'll see that once jbg4208 updated he had to rename files within. I mention in the same thread that I've seen Rob mentioned it - somewhere. Where - I don't know. This is a while ago now. I haven't bothered to really try this out in details myself.
  14. Thalamus

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Let me see if I can find the thread and reproduce. Been awhile since now.