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  1. Hmm. I see what you tell me and I agree. You seem to know what you're doing and it should run by now. I don't expect this to work. But, please delete the respectiving nvram file in your nvram folder. What about trying 140h ? Does it still crash ?
  2. There are two things to check. First - make sure that the rom is actually working. Go to you vp folder. Then you vpinmame folder ( if you've used the one in all installer - recommended ) than run the setup.exe. Press the test button - scroll down to the rom name that is mentioned and run the test. If that fails. There is no chance for the game to work. If you don't find that game in the list at all. Then you are running a very old version of pinmame. Update it. Download this file. Extract it into your vp/vpinmame folder - overwriting what you've got there. Then run the setup.exe. Press the install button and you should be good to go. If that error of yours where just a tad different. I would say that you've put exclusive full screen on without turning off the directdraw (ddraw for short if you need to look it up) Needs to be off in fullscreen. But, well , your error indicates using a vpm that just don't support the rom.
  3. Thalamus

    The Flintstones WIP

    Looks very nice !!
  4. @neophob Thank you very much for making this tool. I saw it the other week and I simply didn't think that using it as a bumping tool would be one use case for it. Now, with the update it is maybe the most useful tool we've got ❤️
  5. I was wondering how much time it would take before we saw this db2s from you. Thank you so much. I say this before even trying it out of experience. This one will be used in my cab !
  6. @death69inc Happy to hear that you've jumped the ship. Be aware. This stuff requires both skill and most of all, patience. You have my respect for even trying.
  7. Martin. Again. Damn you if you burn yourself out on a project. Relax, take your time - we want and need you to last a long time Looks as usual very good ❤️
  8. That is new to me too ... and soon in color ❤️
  9. That's a good feedback Gwen. I haven't noticed. If I understand this correctly. It might be that a keyframe needs adjusting ??
  10. Thalamus

    PIN2DMD Tutorial

    Martin. Just makes me more impressed over what you and the guys that have completed builds do for us. I agree with Malenko, clickable time links and it would be perfect. So, I see that you are adding those ❤️ I believe that even I could do this job - not as good looking maybe, but still I now have a understanding of how it can be done. Just awesome that you and CB3 gave us this run though ! Very useful for anyone that comes in your footsteps.
  11. Thalamus

    Pin2DMD Displays and some parts for sale

    I live in Europe and the day after I've picked up the parcel. Dan contacted me asking if everything was ok. For anyone that is looking for a pre-built Pin2dmd. You will be very lucky if Dan is still making these. Both looked and feels like a professional build. That's all I have to say about the matter.
  12. Thalamus

    Some VPX tables have no music or speech

    Just make sure you get your roms from this site and you will be ha happy camper. That's my opinion about the matter. It is not like these roms changed often, but, when they do, they are updated on this site - not on any of the other regular vp sites.
  13. Thalamus


    For me the match where the turtles come and open and close their shells is not very nice. But, I don't know - might be because I have a pindmd3 ?
  14. Thalamus

    Transformer Rom

    No problems here downloading the newest from Stern. There is a LE and regular. Never been 3 different roms - right ?