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  1. @stefanaustria From what I can see in the merge, it is the 3.0 rom from 2003.
  2. @sniiki I thought that the latest DOF 3+ from Mjr had some optimization for butt shaker ? You are running that version - not ? Personally, I've stayed away from the bass shaker simply because if I increase the volume on the cab as it is, ball starts to shake and jump. I've fine tuned the nudge so that if I put the volume just under max, it stays "solid".
  3. For me, these are the main reasons - stability, speed, built-in recording, no call home, a proper change-log, good documentation, flexible ( tunable via java-script ), compatible with pinballx, videos in dmd while playing, still under development. Popper has most of these advantages too. But, a bit more work if you come from PinballX. You should in theory be able to add tables via PinballY and still go back to PinballX. Don't think you'll ever going to though
  4. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/PinballY.php Easiest way for you right now as it is compatible with PinballX - no problem installing Pinup Popper on the side - testing it. I have it installed in my cab, but, well, prefer the simplicity of PinballY. I came from PinballX myself, a almost seamless upgrade and no need for external PBXrecorder any more. Woz is at vpinball I think - no rom emulation, just original ? Beatles, more or less the same, might be best to ask a facebook friend ?
  5. @lucky1 should be able to help you I guess. And, well, for playfield/backglass videos. There is a at least two front-end that are able to record those for you. So, we don't upload that anymore. PinballY and Pinup Popper. You've got enough on your hands right now. Just bare that in mind once you get there.
  6. PM someone we're already helped in this thread. The least they could do is to help you too.
  7. Been ages since I did this and I remember I had to take special care of my install because I personally program in perl and this has a mingw from python. What I remember though is that running Ninuzzu's installer from MB resolved issues that Dave ( horespin ) told me would be resolved running his routines. I haven't tried the 3.3 installer. I did get a notice from Carny in between releases to see if his routines was working. So at the moment I'm not 100% sure if I've got the latest to be honest. That is also why I didn't test and respond to you request about the missing train by the way. I however would appreciate getting feedback from someone, re-installing from the ground up, if only the latest is required or not. Would help a lot supporting new guys. Personally I'm not willing to dive deep on this since I've forgot the details around multiple mingw installed. Not before a proper backup at least and my backup is based upon simple tables and files. Not OS related stuff.
  8. Well, Thank you both @Wildman and @blawicki
  9. Maybe we should just delete the installer on vpinball Carny ?
  10. Read what I told you once again. About what needs to be ticked and what the subfolder inside vpinmame needs to be named. It is essential that those match exactly to the rom that you are using etc. Open table, open scripts - search for cgamename = <romname_is_here>. Then make sure that c:\vp\vpinamame\altcolor\romname_is_here - exists and contains the two pin2dmd files. If they don't - you will get what you are seeing.
  11. If you are enabling 'use external dmd' ( pressing F1 ) - and you have the alcolor subfolder inside vpinmame and the subfolder under there that matches the rom name, containing the two files in the download ( pin2dmd.* ) inside the folder and also have ticked use color. You will get the colors that is defined by the two files in question. It is not something you can really change without editing those files using pin2dmd editor.
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