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  1. What kind of break is that ? I'm not complaining. Thanks a lot @malenko
  2. Take your time. I much more prefer you not getting tired and fed up with the awesome work you've done so far on this and the other projects of yours. We've waited about 40 years, so we should manage 😉
  3. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/PinballY.php
  4. It depends I guess on what version you run. I haven't updated pbx in a while and I probably won't either. I recommend you have a look at PBY or Pinup Popper as a frontend. I suggest this because it is very easy for you to evaluate if PBY is something you want to continue using. It sees that you have PBX installed and asks if you want to use the PBX data to run PBY with. It is very fast. For the actual problem, it might be a video setting. I seem to remember something about nVidia and true colour or something in that direction. As I said, been a while now so I don't remember exactly what it was. If you want to try PBY - here is the thread for it over at vpf. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=40679 Currently I run that as described above. Was up and running in no time and it has a few features that PBX hasn't. One of them being able to record table videos and backglass very easily and at a higher quality than what pbxrecoder uses as default.
  5. Of course it is being worked on. It's not a 5 minute job so it will be ready when he says so
  6. About the colour stuff. Yes, you are correct.But, you also need dmddevice. You need Freezy's and you should pick 1.7.1 (1.7.2 has bugs where colour don't work ) or MJR' version of the same. About updating pinmame. When you upgrade, just extract everything into pinmame overwriting what is there. Once done. Open folder, run setup.exe and press the install button, and your done. This last release has some optimization to WPC sound. Its been ages since that has been touched but so far it looks like a good change. But, there are a lot of tables out there. We currently can't be 100% sure that it is working great for them all. The ones I've tried though, has been great. So, I recommend taking the plunge.
  7. Played a few games with this update. TAF included, like suggested and I don't think it is a placebo. Wife was out tonight so I cranked the pin to max. Pretty sure that it sounded better than ever before so thank you so much DEVS ! You're invaluable and awesome !
  8. I haven't tried this, but, I would install it to c-drive - then move it to another if you need the harddrive space. Of course, creating a symlink in between those locations. I know that there are guys that have installed it to other drives than c-drive. What you need to do in order to do so, I don't know. As mine is on c. You should look around for threads where this has been discussed.
  9. IMO the best tables in VPX outperforms FX3 for realism. I recommend playing TNG by Knorr, Star Trek by nFozzy, Jack-/Pinbot by Bord as a start. There are many great emulated tables out there. FX3 is not all crap, it just isn't good enough for me to dedicate HD space for it on the cab.
  10. Double check that you the required files into the correct altcolor subfolder.
  11. And - it might be that the table hasn't been updated since the roms changed name. Download updated script from here https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts Just press that green download button. Download it as zip and extract to somewhere. Take the script that is named exactly the same as the table and put it in the same folder as the table. My advice, do this for a few more tables Scroll down all the way on that web-page. It explains what and why that repository exists.
  12. There is a way to get more colours. Do it yourself.
  13. Huh. Of course he knows that 10.x is out and plays awesom, But, there is also SSF (surround sound), FFS (might be cool for your current setup), FastFlips (essential imo), ColorDMD seems to have accelerated and the quality of the colourization is really nice. I'm sure there is a lot I should have mentioned. Just make sure you check them all out.
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