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  1. Looks ok to me - have a look at MJR's table build resources for this and other questions you might have. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/BuildGuideV2/BuildGuide.php?sid=plunger
  2. Eh ? No more - go to VPU for the color version, or are we talking about something else ?
  3. Ups. I totally missed that you are working on this ❤️ Very nice - as usual !
  4. I have a few PM5 and VP9 tables in my cab still. But, I never play them. I don't believe that every vp8 and vp9 will be re-created for vpx or newer. My question to you, would you actually play vp8 or vp9 when you have almost 1000 tables that plays way better than those old releases ?
  5. Ah, when you ask - I'm pretty sure I did yes. If memory serves me right. It was just two small screws.
  6. For a real machine. I believe you need different files. That is kind of also, why it has its own download section - I think.
  7. You thinking of a Nude mod ? It might be - I normally skip those mods. If your just looking for Cosmic Princess, then JPS made one https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=14219
  8. Only one I've got is. If it breaks, I buy a new one Once you get it inhouse. Know that it will default dsp port to 1.1 - which will give you no more than 30 fps. You have to change that to 1.2 and have a proper cable that. ( I might take these numbers and version from my brain - so, don't trust the fully. Just know that you have the change the dsp mode ) You're GPU is slightly stronger than mine. I only have a regular 1080. I don't think you'll regret this buy, if the monitor - of course doesn't have any issues with it when delivered. Oh and yes. This goes for many 4k monitors. You might have to come up with a solution for the fact that the back of the monitors bevel isn't the same in the back. It is kind of thin in the top and bulky in the bottom section. I solved it by attaching a VESA mount to it and then made a flat plate that I let the monitor rest on. I'm sure you figure something out.
  9. Oh. I've been waiting for what feels forever for this release. Thank you once again @CarnyPriest
  10. I can only trust @outhere when he says it looks great, being one of those that needs freezy in order to really see it. But, one thing I can do is to say thank you very much @Endprodukt ❤️
  11. No one was born with the ability to color DMDs.
  12. Code is code. If I read it correctly, pin2dmd owners won't have any issues with your release, for the rest, maybe we'll get it sometime down the line. Whatever happens. I think it is cool to see DMD's for pin getting a second life and who the hell knows. Maybe next time I'm in Oslo or where ever. I get to see and play with what you've created. Not that long time ago, on of the regular vp forum uses reported exactly that so
  13. Damn, that was kind of a let down being that it looks very good. Anyway. Thank you for the time spent @Endprodukt @lucky1 - does Freezy know about this mode at all ? Do you know ? I could do a feature request.
  14. I recommend that you do. Very flexible. If I where to build my cab again - this would be the way to do the backglass.
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