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  1. I'm sorry, but since I've never had this problem myself I'm not sure what might be causing it. You need to backtrack to what you changed when this started to happen.
  2. There is a even newer sam available - you could try that one. I haven't had your problem, but, I've seen crashes on exit. But, that was a long time ago when running a older version of dmdext. It looked like the table was closing normally but, nvram didn't get saved. I've seen a few that has reported this happening not that long time ago when running walking dead. Don't know if they ran the latest either. I can only tell you that I'm at latest and on 2.5.1 of dmdext and it is working great except for reported bugs.
  3. Guns N Roses

    Thanks you guys for GNR. And are looking forward to see you progress. Colourising is not a small project, so good luck.
  4. Its been answered in the first reply in this thread.
  5. Double audio voices is something I experience on older machines. at91jit is kind of the solution to prevent that.
  6. The start of my cab (design process)

    I don't care about anything else than VP - you should consider doing the same. Focus on one thing.
  7. Try http://vpinball.com/wiki/visual-pinball-knowledge-base/turning-onoff-at91jit/
  8. The start of my cab (design process)

    Been a while since I built mine. So, the measurements isn't something is fresh in my head. Be warned that changing things like thickness to the material might bite you in the a&/&. When you go out to eg. buy buttons. They have certain length and behind that you want to attach leaf-switches. Buying eg. a ready made kit and you might end up with it not fitting at all. In general you should try to keep as near as possible to either widebody or standard sizes. That goes for material thickness as well.
  9. Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    When you install VP - using the one-in-all installer. You get the latest vp9, pm5 and vpx executable. Just run the correct exe for the table. The problem between those is that file ext for vp9 and pm5 is the same. So, you kind of need to look at the description of the table or often the filename that says its a physmod table ... or pm5 or something like that. You can run a physmod table in vp9, but, well the flippers will be very slow and many times the ball doesn't even manage to eject. You are not going to break anything by running these.
  10. [New B2S Alert] Mata Hari (Bally 1977)

    Thank you Wildman. Will be replaced with the one I've got.
  11. [New B2S Alert] Flash Gordon (Bally 1981)

    Damn, almost missed this update - thank you WIldman !
  12. Oh yeah. Very nice !! Thank you once again for a wonderful db2s release !
  13. Visual Pinball and Stern Colorized ROMS

    Great. Have fun !
  14. Visual Pinball and Stern Colorized ROMS

    Have you patched the rom ? For me to get it to work I needed to patch the mtl_170h (LE) rom with the patch at this site, and I don't remember now if there is just a *.dat file inside the archive or if it is called pin2dmd.pal already. That file goes into your \vpinmame\altcolor\mtl_170hc as pin2dmd.pal The rom needs to be called mtl_170hc.bin in a file called mtl_170hc.zip - and of course you then need to edit the table to use that rom file ... look for cgamename.
  15. Visual Pinball and Stern Colorized ROMS

    Ticked 'use ext dmd' and 4 colors in pinmame ( F1 ). Both need to be enabled.