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  1. Some tables ... example of which tables might help us.
  2. Yes, please - tear it apart for scraps ... ( naahh .. not envy )
  3. Well, we have a lot more to thank him for. But, I prefer not to single out any of the devs. As I see it they have a very healthy relationship - really working hard trying to please the community. A community that also is giving them something back ( Pssst - they love to play pinball as well ) by table creations, back-glasses, DOF adjustments, mods .... etc. ... etc ... in a quality that I didn't believe was possible only a year back. I'm baffled by the activity that is always seems to be going on. Just right now I feel there is a hotspot around B2S, Color DMD and maybe the new found "bug". In a couple of weeks it is probably something else. I'm so happy and grateful for everyone's work and I hope that I some day soon will also be able to participate in the contributing part of VP. Thank you all !
  4. I see the same symptoms. I only tested once - a ac/dc rom, since I already knew that westworld had reported the issue.
  5. @freezy I tried it yesterday night ( at work now and can't test the just release one ) and I believe now that is a good replacement. I set no virtual dmd in *.ini and only pindmd3 active. Used pallete files that lucky1 provided. Congo first try, was working as you describe. Same for Attack from mars, but Tron LE the DMD stayed black. IF even the folder /altcolor/trn_174h existed but wrongly named pallete files it still stayed black. Except for this, awesome !
  6. @DJRobX Very nice find I must say !! Played metallica LE for over an hour without a problem at all. But, I must admit that when I loaded the new Tee'd off I could not hit anything. It felt like I had some kind of lag. Rolled back to the original and played much better. THIS is probably just me, or some weird issue that I've sometime experienced that a table need to be reloaded again. Thought I just mention it if anyone where to experience the same. It is probably a one time issue, Just haven't had the time to re-check.
  7. @umpa Sorry, I don't see the same problems that you. The only issue I have with TWD is that sometime the flipper can die on me for a short period. Happens on both my machines so I expect this is a known SAM or table related error. Believe that to be happening on Mustang as well. Don't remember. So, not fixed.
  8. Good. Just updating that I did a quick game - trying to shoot that orbit. You don't need to be in a multiball. In that game I had one ball in the snake head. So that is one destroy/create ? Then coffin MB where I lost all three balls. After this I played regular on a single ball when I provoked the bug and yes. Same address in the crash.txt as before.
  9. I believe that I wasn't in a MB and experienced the same. Come to think of it. It reminds me very much of a crash I had the other day on Dozer' Attack from Mars. I don't now remember if I was in a MB or not. It was shot that was on its way to the top on the left orbit. Since it is a new computer I was thinking in the directions of that it might related to heat or something. But, now when you mention this - I'm beginning to wonder if that crash is related to what we see here. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti.
  10. Now the color cycling is gone and I'm back to standard orange. But, the dll doesn't seem to honour registry. I tried to change color and it stayed on the default orange. I didn't try adding a palette file though. And, I stayed in vpinmame folder - no need to put into any system folder it seems. But I observed that I didn't get any log file. Weird.
  11. x-mas is almost over. Was hoping for a solution to the cycle of colors for pindmd3 :-)
  12. I haven't DOF setup yet myself. So, I can't verify. But, as you said - there is a relationship between the config and the rom. So, I would first of all make sure I have an updated config via configtool. And then manually look into the files if there is a config at all for the rom in question if it isn't working after the update.
  13. @freezy This must be a x-mas release. So many lovely colors , like a x-mas tree. Thank you ;-) 1) Can't turn off the virtualdmd from ini file. 2) virtual now stays default orange color., before it had the color I told it to use. 3) pindmd3 seems to cycle through all its. colors, slowly.. 4) If i try to start pindmdconfig.exe - I do get a Unhandeled exception, expected I guess. To me it seems the color cycle might match what I've set in this tool. 5%.. Ah - yes, the scale is an awesome hack, looked to be working for the pindmd3 as well, DmdDevice.ini DmdDevice.log
  14. @freezy Now it semi-works. If I don't change config I get virtualdmd with correct colors and the real dmd with default orange. change enable = false under [virtualdmd] and this happens. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.715 INFO | [vpm] Open() [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.731 INFO | [vpm] PM_GameSettings(0) [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.731 INFO | Disabling game colorization [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.731 INFO | Setting game name: twd_156h [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.731 INFO | Setting color: #FFD90000 [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.810 DEBUG | No palette file found at C:\Visual_Pinball\VPinMAME\altcolor\twd_156h\pin2dmd.pal. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.823 DEBUG | PinDMDv1 device not found. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.849 DEBUG | PinDMDv2 device not found. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.849 DEBUG | Checking port COM1 for PinDMDv3... [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.930 DEBUG | Error: The parameter is incorrect. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:32.930 DEBUG | Checking port COM3 for PinDMDv3... [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.060 INFO | Found PinDMDv3 device on COM3. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.060 DEBUG | Firmware: REV-vPin-01008 [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.060 DEBUG | Resolution: 128x32 [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.162 INFO | Added PinDMDv3 renderer. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.182 DEBUG | PIN2DMD device not found. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.182 INFO | Applying color to DMD... [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.182 ERROR | Object reference not set to an instance of an object. [1] 2016/12/21 01:45:33.182 ERROR | at PinMameDevice.DmdExt.SetupGraphs() at PinMameDevice.DmdExt.Init() at PinMameDevice.DmdDevice.GameSettings(String gameName, UInt64 hardwareGeneration, IntPtr options)
  15. pindmd3 here - not edited the default config. [1] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.726 INFO | [vpm] Open() [1] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.742 INFO | [vpm] PM_GameSettings(0) [1] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.742 INFO | Disabling game colorization [1] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.742 INFO | Setting game name: twd_156h [1] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.742 INFO | Setting color: #FFBC2C41 [1] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.821 DEBUG | No palette file found at C:\Visual_Pinball\VPinMAME\altcolor\twd_156h\pin2dmd.pal. [1] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.821 INFO | Opening virtual DMD... [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.885 DEBUG | PinDMDv1 device not found. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.911 DEBUG | PinDMDv2 device not found. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.911 DEBUG | Checking port COM1 for PinDMDv3... [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.992 DEBUG | Error: The parameter is incorrect. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:57.992 DEBUG | Checking port COM3 for PinDMDv3... [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.118 INFO | Found PinDMDv3 device on COM3. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.118 DEBUG | Firmware: REV-vPin-01008 [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.119 DEBUG | Resolution: 128x128 [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.219 INFO | Added PinDMDv3 renderer. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.232 DEBUG | PIN2DMD device not found. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.232 INFO | Added VirtualDMD renderer. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.232 INFO | Applying color to DMD... [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.232 ERROR | Destination "PinDMD v3" is not 2-bit compatible. [8] 2016/12/20 02:20:58.232 ERROR | at LibDmd.RenderGraph.AssertCompatibility(IFrameDestination dest, Object castedDest, String what) in C:\Development\dmd-extensions\LibDmd\RenderGraph.cs:line 335 at LibDmd.RenderGraph.AssertCompatibility(IFrameSource src, Object castedSource, IFrameDestination dest, Object castedDest, String what, String whatDest) in C:\Development\dmd-extensions\LibDmd\RenderGraph.cs:line 323 at LibDmd.RenderGraph.StartRendering(Action onCompleted, Action`1 onError) in C:\Development\dmd-extensions\LibDmd\RenderGraph.cs:line 212 at PinMameDevice.DmdExt.<SetupGraphs>b__21_0(RenderGraph graph) at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.ForEach(Action`1 action) at PinMameDevice.DmdExt.SetupGraphs() at PinMameDevice.DmdExt.<CreateVirtualDmd>b__20_0() at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state) at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()