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  1. Oh yes ... Never tried any pack though - so, that I can't help you with. You should be able to patch your own roms after Dazz made the GUI utility.
  2. Nope - you run the physmod5.exe for those tables - they are however named like VP9 tables. So you have to look for a hint in the name. Often it is Physmod or PM5. If you load a PM5 table in VP9 and vice versa, you'll notice that on the flippers first. They are super slow.
  3. Yes. True, but, also guys like you that share every bit of code and I'm sure - being there helping out from the user point of view is invaluable. Not at all trying to say ANYTHING bad about our devs. It is simply a fact, that there is a difference being a user and being a developer. Sometime their believe things are obvious that really isn't "if you come from the other side of things".. Love both sides, we just need to remember that we come from different experiences in life. Thank you very much Malenko and Lucky1 - your teamwork seems to have struck gold in this case.
  4. Its in the documentation where you downloaded that dll - section reporting bugs. Set Cabinet mode. You probably read about that at Carney's link about DMD.
  5. Turn on debugging for the dmddevice. Try the same tables, untick the use external dmd - doesn't it happen then, well, then the log might be something freezy would be interested in looking at one time in the future. Bugs should be posted on github. You have to remember - you're running bleeding edge software where there will be bugs, so, if this IS related to that dll, well, then you're kind of out of luck because the programmer doesn't have time right now to work on the project. We have to respect that, it is after all something he does for free out of love for pinball and this community.
  6. Ah - thanks for the heads up Carney !
  7. Ruebsy, first of all I'm no god Your suggestion sounds very sane to me. I simply haven't tried that since I use a real dmd in cabinet. That has its advantages and disadvantages though. Can't really choose what kind of dmd I want to run the game on. But for what I know from registry is that there should be information there already about the vpm dmd, where you had it placed last. So, I would expect that information to be gold when you want to "convert" the settings into dmddevice.ini. Ah - and, I don't experience the crashes you describe delt31. Can choose whatever game I want in PBX.
  8. @Ruebsy Great support your are doing. Saying 'all' is a bit confusing. Saying default would be better. You did know that you can adjust this by adding the rom name to the settings ? [twenty4_150] virtualdmd enabled = true virtualdmd left = 1424 virtualdmd top = 480 virtualdmd width = 570 virtualdmd height = 114 [ft_l5] virtualdmd enabled = true virtualdmd left = 1428 virtualdmd top = 464 virtualdmd width = 555 virtualdmd height = 94
  9. I'm not sure - but, since you mention Win10, there has been several reports on NOT running the VP' exe files as administator. That has been the recommended setting for earlier OS', If you have that set - maybe try turning it off would help ? I've seen several people having .net problems - especially on Win10. Haven't seen a easy way to resolv them though. Seen suggestions for going to "install/uninstall windows feature"., Believe there is a thread from scotty wic over on vpf about it. Wish I could be of more assistance. I don't want to touch Win10 without actually needing it myself
  10. Search forum for at91jit. Might be related.
  11. Ok,, this plays for me without any problems. Weird.Nothing comes to mind right away. Wonder if anyone else except you get this behaviour ? Running latest 2.9 btw ?
  12. Thank you very much for asking. I'm hoping for a software solution to the incomparability for the benefit of us all. It might or might not come. But, well, if I see art work like this coming without me being able use them. You can make sure that investing in a pin2dmd isn't far away. I just bought my pindmd3 out of availability. Would have gone the pin2dmd route today.
  13. Have followed you progress from day one and you're a really talented guy for sure. Unfortunately I'm on pindmd3, so this format is of no use to me at this moment. Want to congratulate you on a very well done job ! I'm sure this is just as time consuming as putting up a good looking table is - if not more ? Thank you !