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  1. I would say - try. I wish pinheads would scan their cabinet parts with a high as possible quality and share with this community. It would help both parties in the long run. If however the print you make isn't up to snuff, I'm sure a high-res scan and some artistry from this community could get it back to at least a respectable level. You're not the first and definitely not the last to seek resources at the vpin community.
  2. Did you change cgamename = <romname> in the script to match ?
  3. Thanks Carney & DjRobX
  4. So, basically - you're not happy with the physics ... ok, everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you posted your preferred changes ... friggin' 2 lines of code - your point would come through without you looking like a total ass. Your not helping yourself or anyone else by this behaviour. Personally I've decided NOT to respond to a question you just asked on another forum because of several loud mouthed statements from you. Cross you fingers someone else cares.
    @Blacksad Hahaha - Mascot wars has started ! Made me laugh. Thank you for both.
  5. LOL. I didn't really take notice of him. Now, I'm sure I can't ... ever !
  6. Thank you for the updated table. I've been rebuilding my cab, so there are a few tables I haven't tried yet. Looking forward to this one.
  7. Have you tried to use the "baywatch" example from freezy' documentation ? Here he uses the rom name to dictate where the dmd is going to be placed. Also, over at VPF, Stat posted a working setup in the game of the week thread. I guess, you could also ask him nicely for copy if you don't find it. I don't use this feature since I have a real-dmd.
  8. GTS3 according to ipdb is This sounds to me like something else. Gbeef didn't tell us if he is using the latest dmdext ( 2.5.1 ) or not. I've seen many resolve their problems by switch to this version. But, obviously, these tables will then start to act up.
  9. Do you have any anti-virus program installed ? Try turn off windows defender. Redo the install ( run uninstaller first ). You sound to have done this correctly, so. From the top of my head, I don't think you need a new vpm if you run aio from 10.3. Good luck.
  10. That sound awesome Ginsonic - thank you, looking forward to it.
  11. So, we should shake the leg of @DozerAUS ?
  12. PM5 only pls - so then maybe we get those VP9 over to "modern" physics.
  13. Should be the same for any external dmd. LCD included.
  14. Yes ? I have a pindmd3. and run dmddevice so pin2dmd.pal is steering my colors on the pindmd3 or if I don't have that, the normal rules applies. Only when this is set, I can change the inline dmd to eg. purple as a option.