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  1. PM me and I'll see if I can't help you out. I know my dropbox can't handle it right now.
  2. I think that's a good idea. I know that last time I updated (3-4 mnd ?? ) it used a wget directly towards your repo Carny.
  3. Actually Dave. On my first install I had problems on my desktop computer because that one has windows defender. Disabled it and retried and it worked. I could see it triggering on a false positive. I even reported back to you that I had to disable windows defender way back then. I have a slightly more complex setup than the average user with both Perl and Python.
  4. Ok. Try this. Go to monsterbash and get the latest installer from Ninuzzu. Don't uninstall it, but run the other steps. See if that changes anything. Oh, and - make sure there are no antivirus programs running. Not even windows defender.
  5. Yes. that is a good indication that your python/p-roc is healthy. Does eg. CCC work ?
  6. Not really. It would be like expecting to find all your tables under programs. If something is blocking the installation. Make sure you start it running as administrator.
  7. It might actually be that the plunger is placed too low. For some odd reason there is a difference between the mechanical one and the emulated enter key one. I expect that you will get it to work if you look closely at the plunger - often at layer one for a wall that is holding the ball just slightly too high in the shooter lane. Try moving the wall a bit down so the ball falls a little bit further toward the plunger.
  8. Provide the last 20 lines of the log - that is useful instead of line numbers. Or is it errors from the VP script ?
  9. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Now I'm excited. I've had this problem for over half a year, so, crossing my fingers for it to be fixed ! Thank you very much devs and Carny for making this available right now.
  10. [New B2S Alert] Cosmic (Taito 1980)

    Thank you Wildman and Akiles !
  11. [New B2S Alert] Zarza (Taito 1982)

    Very nice - I was using the old one and had no complaints. But, of course. Very happy to get a improved one. Thank you very much Akiles and Wildman. You've really pushed out some excellent updates to these Brazilian Taitos.
  12. [New B2S Alert] Lady Luck (Taito 1978)

    Thanks for the fix/update. Still haven't had time to play the new JP table. Will this afternoon.
  13. [New B2S Alert] Big Bang Bar (Capcom 1996 )

    Thank you Wildman. Now I'm set for Clarks wip
  14. Thank you for the update.
  15. Family Guy

    It is important to use the same rom as it was made for. To me it sounds like your trying to patch the wrong *.bin rom file.