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  1. Ah. Very nice - thank you @DJRobX !! The new GB rom and wizard modes looks very cool, I hope you find the time to give that a special treatment. And, what about modsol for Whitestar ?
  2. You have to read the documentation for freezy dmd. You can either use registry, or set a default using the ini and then for a few machines - make exceptions. Like baywatch and others where the "normal" 128x32 isn't a good choice. I'm taking this out of memory, so it is probably wrong. But, you don't want to use "use registry", It is just easier to set it once and then make a few exceptions.
  3. @fly No, not this exact version. My advice - TIP him and then send him a PM 😉
  4. Tested Road Kings, Sorcerer and Space Shuttle. All seems fine to me. Didn't have time to do them all this time around.
  5. Don't think just yet @naeromagus - the code is there, but build not made yet ... or ?
  6. This is VPM related. So, sure - you can go back a few version and loose the improvements made other places 😉
  7. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showuser=21386 http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/ Both point to the guy.
  8. After spending about as many characters that you have in the topic in google. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=15235&p=130350
  9. A more appropriate place would be to ask for help in a new topic somewhere else. This is a dmd related problem. Not directly VPM. And for that reason I'm just going to respond once. Did you make sure that the dll files I mentioned is the only ones in those folders ? No old stray *.dll' laying around. A problem pr. example is if you have pindmd.dll in there. The official pindmd3 is still without color support. That is now the main difference between this beta and the official one. But, for pindmd3 it is, like you said. Recommended to use freezy and then 1.7.1 - not 1.7.2. 1.7.2 is ONLY for dmdext. Or you could try the newer one. But, my experience is that it just isn't working very well on my cab. Therefore I've picked mjr' version as he sent off a fix for 1.7.2, but, since it doesn't work. It is backported to his version of 1.7.1. Yes, this is a mess, but, it's what we've got.
  10. I don't want this thread full of pindmd3 support info. So, download this - look at the info inside https://www.dropbox.com/s/q46nj5ymrxarc2g/Thal_pindmd3_July_2018.zip?dl=0 This archive is a bit old, but should resolve the problem you're having. ( be smart - make backup of pinmame and ultradmd first ) After that, replace the "forked" dmddevice.dll for the on in my pinmame. For dmddext.exe - use 1.7.2 from freezy ( if you play FX3 ) Don't get hung up in the file sizes. It has it related to compression.
  11. A bit confused as to the update. Wasn't this already at 1.2 ? Did you change anything for Secret Service and POTO ?
  12. Thank you very much @CarnyPriest - a rush of roms and a new vpm build. We're really lucky to have you doing this for us.
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