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  1. Well I get it now, thanks a lot for your detailed explanations!! So you use the ROM name (from the error) to find the correct entry within the xml. Isn't it possible that you parse UP until you are at the "game" level, read the name="..." and then look for the apropriate directB2s file, because "Additional info: the naming convention for a direct2bs is normally: tablename.direct2bs (like in your case VPX - Demolition Man 1.2 (Williams1994).direct2bs)" that's what most if not all people (including me) use atm*. Then we would not have to change anything at all. *OR description.direct2bs (in your case Demolition Man (Williams 1994).direct2bs)"... I never eard of this one before.
  2. I have 2 questions: 1. Just out of curiosity, when parsing the PinballX xml, why does it not just try to find "game name" and search for the same named .directB2s and use it? This is exactly what's given anyways for most users: the diectB2s file has the same name as in "game name" in the xml file. Wouldn't this be the easiest way? 2. As it is now, can I just fill the "rom" tag with the same as is written into "game name"? Like this: <game name="VPX - Demolition Man 1.2 (Williams1994)"> <description>Demolition Man (Williams 1994)</description> <rom>VPX - Demolition Man 1.2 (Williams1994)</rom> <manufacturer>Williams</manufacturer> <year>1994</year> <type>SS</type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>True</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>0</rating> <alternateexe>VPinballX.exe</alternateexe> </game> I really don't want to mess with renaming all 189 directB2s files and this would be the easiest way to make it work. Sorry, if I misunderstood something basic, not sure about that Edit: I think my second question was answered with a comment from you at vpforum: " The Pinballx XML file (or Hyperpin xml file) can contain a <rom> tag, just enter the game name/rom name, and it uses that to find the description name. " So the answer is: yes, I can Edit 2: no it does not work (shouldn't it from the desription above?) <gamename>VPX - Demolition Man 1.2 (Williams1994)</gamename> also does not work and a third question: how can it parse the xml, when it doesn't know the tablename, which is the main problem? From comments over at vpforum I have the impression, that you consider the description from the xml as the correct name for the dirctB2s file? This is not true. the correct name is only in the name="bla bla bla". The desription can be something like "Demolition Man VPX version from person XY and I got it in 2016" whereas the directB2s is VPX - Demolition Man 1.2 (Williams1994).directB2s.
  3. fist wow: I totally appreciate your efforts, it is really working by renaming the dB2S files with the ROM names using your derivate. But, second wow: now things get really complicated and this means really a lot of work for those having the problem. It is not only renaming the files, but before we have to check, which ones make problems, then go into the script of each table to find the ROM used here (I like others sometimes have different ROMs for each table). This is like setting up your cab from scretch. so, wouldn't it be better to contact Tom Spiers (the maker of PinballX) to address this problem? As far as I understood (yes, I understood only half of what was written here) and from what I experience it is a problem of PinballX... Please don't get my comment as ranting, what you do here is great. Thanks!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Made some Grill Mods from Wildman's Star Trek dB2s's (thanks Wildman for permission to upload). Tried to remake the LE grill as close to reality from pics from the web and include the typical lighting with PS. Though it is only authentic for the Enterprise translite, I made one for all of them. You never know, what it's good for. IMPORTANT: To use these only makes sense for 2 display setups, where the grill is shown within the backglass. All others use the originals from Wildman.
  5. Tried it yesterday, look and sounds and music are very good. But is this a desktop-only version? In my cab I only get the rotated desktop view. Edit: and I'm pretty sure, you won't get authorization over at vpforums