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  1. Once I figure out how to create dump files on a real pinball, I will also make that for you (since I am a bad player, I often have the credit dot appear in my games ;-).
  2. Hm, I just put another PIN2DMD (that was lying around) in my Scared Stiff, updated it to FW 3.05 and I see the same "problem" with a normal 3 colored palette. Seems its not related to the advanced coloring. Well, let's not get off topic here 🙂
  3. It is done, I think both his wife and daughter will be happy, as am I! It was required to update the DMD to firmware 3.05, but now it works perfectly. @lucky1 the animations now seem a bit more jiggering/stuttering than before, is that due to the size of the pal/fsq files? Or is it a firmware bug?
  4. Excuse me, I am a Vpin-newb, I just learned that even though the displays are the same, different files are needed 🙂 @NetzZwerg, could you generate the files needed to make the colorization work in my real pin?
  5. Hi, I downloaded the file this morning, to try it out in my real machine. I uploaded the two files to the root of my SD card and renamed them to pin2dmd.pal and .vni. Unfortunately I only get a light blue colored display. Are the files supposed to work on a real machine? P.S. I am using a 2016 PinballSP display in this machine (from the time Luis still made PIN2DMD hardware).
  6. Looks amazing! I have had a PIN2DMD in my TOM for ages in anticipation for this 🥰
  7. I have just received two new displays to be set up in my Capcom Airborne and Pinball Magic. The versions with the integrated power supply fit nicely under the metal shield. So far, I have not been able to locate a suitable power cable I can tap the power from. Any suggestions? (I want to avoid running a longer lead all the way to the power supply).
  8. Feature request: It would be very great if pin2dmd.exe could Accept multiple command line parameters, and/or Accept a pin2dmd.pal file next to DMC file
  9. But I already have so many predefined palettes in pin2dmd-format. I guess there is no easy way to convert those to DMC? And when I send a palette in DMC format, and Save Config, does it actually store it on SD, so the next time I power it on, it remembers the colors?
  10. I have been able to connect to the display via wifi using pin2dmd.exe /ip This presents me with a GUI, in which I can select device mode, color mode (VGA or monochrome), save the config as pin2dmd.dat and reboot the display. This is already great, but now, I want to send a palette file to the SD that is mounted in the display. Unfortunately, I am not able to do so. This is what I tried: pin2dmd.exe /ip /u palettes_option_b.dat After a few seconds, it presents me with the GUI (connected), but the file was never uploaded to the SD in the display. I don't think it is supposed to show the GUI in this case, is it? (I know the palette file should be called pin2dmd.pal, but in theory it should be possible to upload any file, right?)
  11. I notice problems mostly when images are scrolling (happens frequently in Who Dunnit). What exactly do you see?
  12. You have hidden this feature very well ;). But with this tool it must be possible to do what I want, I will dive into that. Nevertheless it would be very cool if the wifi interface would just feature a color picker (and maybe a few of the standard color schemes to choose from (Luis has a nice set to get us started).
  13. I could not find that on http://pin2dmd.com/tool/ ;). Does it actually store it on SD, so the next time I power it on, it remembers the colors? Addition: I just found SetDMD.exe, unfortunately it does not let me select 4 colors (just 1, and 3 shades). Now if only there would be a simple way to create a 4 color palette using color pickers
  14. Luis has also been very patient in helping me :). The interesting thing is that most people (well, at least I do) consider pin2dmd.com the main source of all instructions. It used to be so simple when there was just your firmware and Rappelbox' hardware, and it's becoming more difficult with all the difference in boards (most of which you choose to support anyway, because you were kind enough to provide firmware in .dfu format, and master.zip comes with the ESP programmer too). Anyway, keep up the good work, and I keep on supporting pin2dmd ;).
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