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    You're the man... thanks!
  1. I like the mirror effect you did on this. I wanted to do something just like this for the Fireball II backglass and never got around to figuring out the best way to do it.
  2. Thanks, Thalamus... that actually failed too so it's gotta be my antivirus or something. Gonna disable it and try again. *edit* Yeah, it was my antivirus. Oddly, this is the first time I can ever remember it's "web" protection rejecting a file. Obviously, a false alert. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I just messed around with a quick ass edit if you want to include an authentic drop down version... lol.
  4. Still getting failed network error when I try to DL this after about 2 weeks.
  5. Thanks! Looks great! Is that Steve Ritchie's autograph on the girl's ass?
  6. Just wanted to give a big thanks to Wildman for all the great backglasses. I probably have your backglasses for 90% of the tables I've got. They are always top quality. Just wanted to say it is appreciated.
  7. Getting failed network error messages when I try to download.
  8. I was just looking at the lighting on some of the recently updated tables that are taking advantage of the modulated lighting... just wanted to stop by and say, again, thanks for all the work that's going on here... all the improvements are appreciated.
  9. That was it... good call, Jesper. Thanks. I guess it went unchecked after I installed the new version.
  10. Guys, I'm sorry if I missed this info, but with the new SAM VPM, above, I am getting the "powered by pinmame" popup screen (haven't seen it for a long time) and am having to re-position the DMD every time I start. Were these settings that I changed at some point, or is this stuff that would need to be changed in VPM?
  11. Sneaky. I am having trouble finding the rom on this site, but as soon as I do I will test. *edit* Actually, I can't find the 170h rom at all. *edit* Got it off the Stern site. Seems to play smooth as butter for me, Mike. I didn't play for a real long time, but didn't see any crashes.
  12. Hey guys... are you setting the default for resampling quality to "0"? If so, I'm wondering if this might cause some users who don't know about the new settings to think they are having sound problems?
  13. I don't have the pistol poker table, but I can go get it if you still need testers.
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