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    awesome thanks requested awhile back you do incredible work
  1. Its awesome looking great update ringmaster goes in hole and the playsurface had a hole then head pops up and lays on its side tried redownloadong get the same issues ring master acts like he had one too many just joking awesome table and detail
  2. Hes taking a nap while getting balls banging his tired head
  3. ringmasters head is not working right in new version its laying sideways on playfield
  4. carney thanks
  5. carney thanks couldnt figure them out trying over and over again
  6. that would be great does pirates have same issue too
  7. I think the pal file is not working right display is only green and black also tried pirates i think the same i ssue is there a download for one like family guy thanks for all your help
  8. does shrek need a different pin2dmd also having same problem as i was having with family guy
  9. that fixed my issues thanks a ton you are awesome looks great i was using a black and white scenario but color looks incredible
  10. same issue to is there a download of rom and pal file anywhere where its ready to go without patching
  11. thalamus once again thanks tried volume i re downloaded rom now it works and neofr45 awesome work
  12. i dont have audio music etc just ball noises any way to fix awesome looking table
  13. hammer issue also thanks for all hard work you guys do to try to fix issues