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  1. 129 downloads

  2. This is a good recreation in my opinion: https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/nba-fastbreak-bally-1997-darthmarino-mod/ More people should try it but perhaps it is mostly of interest to US players and not so much in the rest of the world.
  3. official rev r4730 add Gilligan's Island L-8 SAMBuild_r4730.zip
  4. Cactus Canyon Extended Edition is not the same project. It’s from somebody who took the original project code, did some mods without permission, then started selling it. Not good. The project was meant to be non-commercial and used for fun, yes, but also as a learning tool. I requested and received permission from Epthegeek to maintain the changes necessary to port the code for use in VP and to make it available to the community. So, huge thanks to him. Also, thanks to Dozer, chepas and whoever else for doing the first port. I only picked it back up when it wasn’t being maintained or synced with development on the main project.
  5. There are two VPX files in the package. One invokes the VPM controller for running Cactus Canyon VPinMAME rom sets, specifically cc_13.zip. The other invokes the PROC controller (when you have the PROC framework installed correctly) and runs Eric Priepke's Cactus Canyon Continued project: https://soldmy.org/pin/ccc/index.php/Main_Page PS - and when you invoke the PROC controller the script also changes the texture of the pistol grips on the playfield toy. Enjoy! If you are talking about some other VPX cactus canyon table, I don't know. This is the same release as the latest available one at MBPC before they folded.
  6. For real DMD, I think you will need to mirror it with freezy's dmdextensions. To mirror the DMD you will need to move the virtual DMD to at least a relatively inconspicuous location on your desktop. I think I've read that some people put it on the corner of the backglass. You can use the in-game settings to move the DMD location.
  7. 185 downloads

  8. official rev 4729 new PFX sets Fix Champion Pub fast flip address [DJRobX] SAMBuild_r4729.zip
  9. I've notified the PincabPassion admin. They are good people there, so I think that this can get resolved pretty quickly.
  10. Different - https://pin2dmd.com/
  11. Not to play oneupmanship but because of cab downtime, I had not updated in nearly two years. I've been at it for weeks: different table versions, different backglasses, FastFlips, SSF, POV, different color DMD palettes to choose from, script updates, table tweaks in the support thread that did not make it to the official releases, etc. While that's happening the world rolls on and there are table updates, new backglasses, software updates, etc. and I go back and keep those tables current. And then there are new features behind that: ball shadow, ball air drop, PinSound, PuPPacks, and whatever SSFImpactor is After that generate front-end media and choose from a set of front-ends or stay with PinballX. And after that, I still have to configure FX3, the Zaccaria app, and so on. I've got a long, long way to go. Glad you got sounds back. P.S. I don't envy the two screen part though. I have three screens, so I always know where the DMD should go for every table.
  12. Try specifying the actual driver instead of "Primary Sound Device" in the VP Audio Preferences pulldown? I'm in the midst of doing a massive update of tables on my cabinet. I'm opening and closing tables, starting and restarting games, etc. F3 restarting VPinMAME from within a game. Sometimes I lose rom sounds, but it is fairly random and restarting VP usually sorts it for me. But you are saying that you don't get sound even after a fresh reboot?
  13. Be sure you have the updated bass.lib from this release: I'll start including the file and other cumulative updates with the next release since it is very possible people skip some releases and miss some required updates. If all else fails - restart VP. If that fails - reboot. Otherwise I can't reproduce. Works fine for me.
  14. If you are using a clone romset then perhaps you also need the parent set. Check you rom with Setup -> Test for missing sound roms. All supported sets are available here at VPU. The parent rom set tends to be the one with the largest file size.
  15. 151 downloads

  16. 148 downloads

  17. Because it's simply a duplication of effort. These are links to projects and to forum threads across different sites where discussions on ongoing projects are taking place. Many other artist submissions are already hosted in the downloads section here at VPUniverse. PincabPassion (the French site) also tracks the same list. I have no commercial interests and I believe in allowing the creative component of the hobby to work independently from the vendor component. I'm not the pinball police though! People can do what they want. So, good luck, I guess.
  18. Deleting? I'm not sure. There's an out of date version of the P-Roc installer at Vpinball. I believe it does have an uninstaller. Maybe it will work. There might be some components that can be uninstalled via Control Panel.
  19. The latest version of Evil Dead is no longer publicly available and the author left the scene (again). This required the Python 2.7 based P-Roc/VP bridge. I think that there is still an older version of Evil Dead at PincabPassion (French site) that works with the older Python 2.6 based P-Roc/VP bridge. Tutorial might still be there too. All this from the time before the Evil Dead author left the scene the first time! All materials are in French, of course. And being an older version there are some bugs both with the table and with the P-Roc framework (run-time errors to work through, etc.) Personally, my suggestion is to forget this for now and enjoy the hundreds of VP tables that are currently available. Skeleton table is a playable table on its own, but it mostly exists to demonstrate features of the P-Roc framework so it's not terribly exciting to play. Patience is a virtue. I'm pretty sure the 'easy to use' P-Roc Installer will return at some point, and who knows? Maybe the Evil Dead author will return to the scene. *shrugs
  20. As usual, just looks like one of those sites using other artists creative output to make money for themselves. Yeah, visitors can recognize the artist and donate. So, basically doing what already is available here. I’ll say I’m skeptical.
  21. If you modify the original game code then you need to change VPM game settings and enable Ignore ROM CRC errors.
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