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  2. Latest SAMBuild for the version 2.9 cycle can be found in this post. The package includes the latest external DMD dlls if there has been a recent update. Or else find the external DMD dlls here: Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe again. There, press the install button (with each new build) and remember to setup the defaults again! In case you have an external DMD connected that you want to use with VPM, please move the dlls from the respective subdirectory (Pin2DMD or PinDMD1 or PinDMD2 or PinDMD3) directly into your VPM directory! official rev 4253 Fix AC/DC LE solenoid 47 [DJRobX] Fix SHA1 checksums for fg_700af and bdk_240
  3. If you don't want to define a path to your dmd ext install as in any one of the Google search results above then you simply have to include the drive and path to the dmd ext executable in the launch parameters (assuming you are using PinballX). If you are not using PinballlX then you would just launch from a command line as instructed in the readme for freezy's github repository where dmd ext is released. You can copy the contents of dmd extensions anywhere on your drive that you want. I place my files in a folder called C:\dmd-extensions
  4. official rev 4253 Fix AC/DC LE solenoid 47 [DJRobX] Fix SHA1 checksums for fg_700af and bdk_240 The playfield screen on my cab crapped out, so I can't test anything at the moment. If there are still issues with the hammer for MTL LE then leave a report.
  5. Hi, @DJRobX, you are maybe not getting my PM. Can you commit your fix for the left ramp diverter solenoid fix for AC/DC LE? I've got another very minor fix for sam.c waiting in the wings behind yours before I publish an update. Thanks, Everyone else: In the meantime, use the work build that ninuzzu provided with the AC/DC beta: As far as I know, the latest dmddevice.dll is here: or try freezy's unified alternative here:
  6. Hi, can you commit your fix for the AC/DC LE left ramp diverter solenoid to the code repository? Thanks.

  7. Hi, version 2.24 of the unofficial VPM SAM builds introduces some new colored ROM mods for Pin2DMD courtesy of lucky1. In adding listings for modified ROMs, there is no recognition of any sort of "official" mod. Lucky1 needed to add some listings because the Pinball Browser software can make use of the Stern game code's extended memory to store additional display data. The sets that pinball browser produces for a table will have larger file sizes than the original Stern release, so the new mod listings such as acd_168c, mtl_164c, had to be introduced to accommodate the larger files sizes. But otherwise that size will be the same for anyone's modification of the original Stern code. Just zip up the modified bin file, give it the correct name, check "Ignore CRC Errors" under the roms's game settings in the VPinMAME setup menu, and it should play. A similar process applies for mods that do not make use of extended memory. Then the modded file should be the same file size as the original Stern bin file. Zip up the file, give it the same name as the original Stern ROM that was modded. Rename the old zip and copy over the new zip to your roms path, check "Ignore CRC Errors" under the rom's game settings in the VPinMAME setup menu. Here, is the download section for several color mods: And this post has a centralized list of links to some mods for SAM tables including color mods, soundtrack remixes, bug fixes, etc. Some of these links go to modded bin files that can be used right away. Others are patches that need to be applied to the original Stern code. Usually it will require bsdiff or Pinball Browser. Please add any links that you know of to this thread, and I will keep the first post updated. That goes for SAM, but also any other systems too. Thanks! Batman, bdk_294, ninuzzu, soundtrack improvements patched Metallica, mtl_164, Paulo Carvalho, Led Zeppelin remix Metallica, mtl_164 and mtl_164h, reFly, bug fixes Metallica, mtl_164c, 17AI3x17, color DMD Mustang (Limited Edition), mt_145h, Jesperpark, soundtrack remix Star Trek (Stern), st_161, Paulo Carvalho?, soundtrack remix TRON, trn_17402r, retro_p, soundtrack remix TRON, trn_17402r, retro_p and Rus121, retro_p mix with Quorra multiball music restored The Walking Dead, twd_156 and twd_156h, Milhouse, soundtrack remix The Walking Dead, twd_156 and twd_156h, Cleland, soundtrack remix The Walking Dead, twd_156 and twd_156h, Cleland, soundtrack remix, R rated The Walking Dead, twd_153 and twd_153h, ezeltmann, Evil Dead remix The Walking Dead, twd_156h, ezeltmann, Evil Dead remix The Walking Dead, twd_156h, ezeltmann, soundtrack remix The Walking Dead, twd_156, gech, WIP color DMD The Walking Dead, twd_156 and twd_156h, ezeltmann, Tool remix The Walking Dead, twd_156, nate zebra, Scrillex DubStep Edition (link in the video description) The Walking Dead, twd_156, Jesperpark, MoonWalking Dead featuring Michael Jackson The Walking Dead, twd_156, kpg, soundtrack remix The Walking Dead, twd_156h, kpg, soundtrack remix The Walking Dead, twd_156, Rondogg and Cleland, Grateful Dead soundtrack remix World Poker Tour, wpt_140f, sharkky, color DMD The X Files, xfiles, comicalman, color DMD
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  10. Try setting grill to hidden in the settings? If that doesn't work, it would be easy to use the B2S Designer to set the grill height.
  11. Must have Restored Chris Granner DCS soundtrack for TZ TAF Remastered Original Voices
  12. @jukedock I assume since you are running colored roms through pindmd3 that you are using freezy's dmddevice.dll. Check out his project pages and make sure you are running the latest release. Report any bugs with it on the github project site. Thx.
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  14. Get Iron Man at Stern Ghost LED roms can't be distributed. Easy enough to patch your own. The patcher itself can't be distributed either. But it's not hard to find via Google. There's no such thing as an "official" Stern colored rom. These are just slots that allow patched game code to run. If a patch does exist you can download it here along with the bsdiff patcher and do it yourself. Everything else, if I have it, it is available to download here. I don't have those missing Stern roms from their back catalog. We just have their sizes and checksums at this point.
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