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  1. Found this post from a couple of people discussing a similar situation as yours. There are some reference photos that (with a lot of work... a whole lot of work) could be stitched together to form a hi-rez image. You'd still have to find a printer. I don't know if the original machine has a paint on glass sort of situation where using your local printer may wind up being a plastic translite (not looking authentically original if you are going for an authentic restoration). I'd say it's only worth it if you are able to clean up those images yourself in Photoshop, GIMP, or Illustrator, etc. Looks like it would take quite a few hours for a professional to do for you. If it were me, I'd just go to the used market. That said, if you do have the skills to redraw from those source pictures then I imagine that @Wildman would be very interested in the results. Good luck.
  2. Well, the fact that it seems to work outside of PinballX is good news. I have not had any reports of problems with LE and PinballX. One big change with PinballX within the past month is the addition of support for Topper videos/images. If you updated and are using this feature then that would be another tap on system resources. You will need to do the usual checks: Using current version of PinballX? All pinball related exe and dll unblocked and running as admin? Updated to current LAV filters? Tried configuring PinballX as windowed-full screen instead of exclusive full-screen. If you can live without PinballX launching the table then you can always just set up a shortcut to launch just TWD LE. If you know AutoHotkey or batch language you can also script something that PinballX launches, shuts itself down, and then when you exit the table, relaunches PinballX. PITA for one table, but seems like that would be a workaround for your situation.
  3. Thanks for the reports. The vpinmame.dll and pinmame.exe in this package are identical to r4284. If you just use these two files and you have already installed r4284 then there is no reason to download this package. This includes the latest dmddevice.dll for Pin2DMD and the 64bit build. The 64bit build is purely experimental. I'm not even sure it works. No way for me to test it. official rev 4285
  4. That said, these 64bit builds might be used by developers for non-VP projects, such as the defunct Unity or Unreal based editors or dumping frames or sound from rom sets. I will get a 64bit build out one of these days just in case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. The 64bit VPM would be for the 64bit VPX. I haven't seen a build for 64bit VPX in many months. As I understand it, no performance benefit was observed with 64bit as things stand. I'd recommend sticking with x86 build until some new development news comes out about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. freezy's asked that bug reports be posted here:
  7. Latest update should fix issues with TWD LE. Please report your S.A.M.-related findings in this thread. Huge thanks to @Ginsonic for all of the testing. official rev 4284
  8. There is a screenshot in the link on the first post. If you mean looking at something more, then you can open the file using the B2S Designer software. The software can be found in the Downloads section. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Yes, that is what will happen if you double click the bspatch.exe file. That would be the same as executing the program without telling it what the input and output file names are as documented in the ReadMe for the patch. The program will stop executing and immediately close. You will need to copy the unmodified game code to the same folder where you have bspatch.exe (Ex. C:\bspatch) You will need to open a Command Prompt. On the command line, type cd followed by the path and folder name where you have bspatch.exe (Ex. cd C\bspatch) then click Enter From there, follow the instructions in the ReadMe
  10. Do you recall that bspatch is a program that requires you to open a Command Prompt and type in the command from the ReadMe included with the patch?
  11. This does not work for you?
  12. Wow! Thank you! But I don't mind donating for a good cause: I've had my device in a storage box since before all this came about. Just need to dig it out at some point and fetch the machine ID.
  13. Version

  14. Memory issue, I think. Maybe requires an explicit shutdown instruction for B2S Server or VPM controller at the end of the table script? In any case, if you exit and restart VPX in between switching among these LE tables then there are no (or fewer) issues. That said, I don't know how the authors were handling this. Sounds like a PITA.
  15. I'm in TX. I appreciate the offer, but I'll be OK. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk