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  1. official rev r4946 Added cv_d52 main CPU ROM - missing sound roms [volkenborn] Improve DMD timings for the Sega 192x64 one, matching the real one more closely [toxie] Added strxt100 [volkenborn] SAMBuild_r4946.zip
  2. 16 downloads

  3. Nope. The set does not include the prototype sound roms. I guess they haven't been dumped yet. Someday maybe? Sort of more important to have the sound roms than to have the game code (different ringmaster voice), but it is what it is. Those prototypes are extremely rare machines. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cirqus-voltaire-prototype-story-and-design-changes
  4. Copy the files into your VPM directory, and run setup.exe. Then, press the install button. Use this one. It is stable.
  5. official rev r4938 Added Spider-Man (V1.02 English, French) [volkenborn] SAMBuild_r4938.zip
  6. I'm just answering a question specifically about two ball multiball. No idea how accurate any of that site is. It's owned by the project author. He did mention that he lost the site last year and had to restore from archive.org., so I don't know that it is entirely up to date with the project code. The port itself is synced to the latest commits in the main project code. The ruleset should be the same as the current project code. I'm not aware of missing features with ninuzzu's table.
  7. Marshall multiball - https://soldmy.org/pin/ccc/index.php/New_Things_in_..._Continued#Marshall_Multiball
  8. You can dial in by changing your display resolution. You might even have to define a custom resolution using your graphic card's configuration utility.
  9. 91 downloads

  10. official rev r4936 Correct AlvinG smoothing algorithm and re-instate some solenoid smoothing [DJRobX] SAMBuild_r4936.zip
  11. Yes, but self.game.fakePinProc is True in game.py. Fact is, people can get the current game code by running Install CCC.bat. No need to have any bits of Python source code in the VBS script repo IMO.
  12. Thanks for pointing the way. Brings up topics that I had completely forgotten in my old age. I went back and re-read my PM with ninuzzu. Setting to self.game.fakePinProc to False does fix MB but at least for ninuzzu he was having issues with the drop targets not registering hit events. The drop targets work correctly if self.game.fakePinProc is True. He had patched trough.py to comment out code that pauses auto-launching balls if in test mode. This was years ago. Since then, the port got off sync with the main project for over a year because we did not have all of the sounds assets that the main project code called for. It had been so long and so many commits had been made that I simply re-ported the game code from the main project repo once we had the current assets. Thought I had all of the VP specific changes in, but I had missed nizuzzu's patch. Code is now updated and the commit has been pushed into the pin2dmd branch. Let's see how it goes.
  13. official rev r4934 Make color/brightness mappings of Data East 128x16 DMDs match the real hardware, and fix RAW dumps of GTS3 DMDs [lucky1] Fixed formula1 displays [volkenborn] Fix AlvinG solenoids not firing consistently (most notably breaking Mystery Castle) [DJRobX] SAMBuild_r4934.zip
  14. By the way, I patched my Win 7 laptop to be able to manually install the extended service security updates for February. This was done before compiling the 4906 build. VirusTotal reports that VPinMAME.dll is clean including the MS engine. So, don't worry about it, @YoHelmo2.
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