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  1. CarnyPriest

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    official rev 4700 SAMBuild_r4700.zip
  2. Version


  3. CarnyPriest

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    official rev r4696 Update DMD scaler lib to new version Barni Champion added SAMBuild_r4696.zip
  4. CarnyPriest




  5. CarnyPriest

    Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    Chepas would have you enable db2s using the in-game service menu. I believe it is 7 - Exit 8 - down 9 - up 0 - Enter Not sure which yaml file gets modified for b2s. Could be game_user_settings. Could be something else. Use the service menu then you can be sure that you are enabling backglass as intended. It is disabled by default.
  6. CarnyPriest

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    official rev r4689 update BASS library to 2.4.14 Wheel of Fortune (V6.02 Home Rom) From the source: /* As someone stated, the main gameplay change that is noticeable is that there are “mode goals.” The goal is simply to score x points before time runs out. If you get the goal, you won, great. The next mode, the goal would be higher. If you didn’t win, oh well, the next mode, the goal would be lower. Also, you could replay the mode you failed, at 2x points. If you failed the same mode twice, you could play it a 3rd time for 3x points. If you failed 3 times, the game gave up. Oh, also for each mode you won, you got a “winnings x” for that ball’s bonus. IIRC there’s no logic for completing the wheel yet, but the reward was going to be something like 10M for each mode won on try #1, 5M for each on try #2, 2.5M for each on try #3, and 1M for failed modes. If by some unfathomable stroke of luck you completed every mode on the first try, you’d get a bonus to round up the total to 100M. */ /* The mode stuff is basically there’s a common goal of points (starts at 5M). If you finish a mode, the goal goes up, if you lose a mode, the goal goes down. If you don’t finish a mode, it stays in the rotation, and if you play it again it scores 2x, and if you fail and play again it’s 3x. If you don’t hit the goal after 3x, it stops trying. Winning a mode also gives you a winnings x for that ball. This was all meant to lead up to a payout for hitting the goal in every mode: 10M/5M/2.5M/1M for finishing in 1 try / 2 tries / 3 tries / DNF. If you finished every goal on the first try (somehow), the bonus would get augmented to 100M. */ /* Lamp test was extended so the wheel LEDs are now tested in lamps test, in six additional columns! Included in the lamp test are also two formerly undocumented LEDs: GI upper left and right. */ SAMBuild_r4689.zip
  7. CarnyPriest

    Wheel of Fortune (V6.02 Home Rom)



  8. CarnyPriest

    Commercial Use Of Pin2Dmd

    I read this and it just sounds like a long, roundabout way to say that you can't find a plug and play pin2dmd solution. Have you contacted this guy? Not speaking for lucky1, but I can think of a number of reasons why someone would not want to deal with the headache of licensing, chasing down suppliers/vendors to make sure they are doing the right thing, providing end user support, dealing with business reputation and all of that. Especially, if they were just looking at this as a nice hobby and not trying to make a living from it. Where I live, I could buy some properties and lease them out for good money. But I don't want to be a landlord and have to take calls in the middle of the night to fix the pipes or whatever. I've got a career, and it's not worth the trouble. Thanks to the efforts of lucky1 and freezy and others, you can buy the plug-and-play solution at virtuapin (assuming they are in stock) and it will support the projects that are available even though it is not a native pin2dmd. So, I'm not sure what the problem is.
  9. CarnyPriest

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    official rev r4683 SAMBuild_r4683.zip
  10. CarnyPriest

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Read. If you don't need either feature then you can stick with the official build.
  11. CarnyPriest

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    official rev r4682 SAMBuild_r4682.zip
  12. CarnyPriest

    Some VPX tables have no music or speech

    The PinMAME project is a derivative of MAME. If you are familiar with MAME then you may recall how rom sets are often distributed on sites as "split roms" with parent sets and clone sets. The parent set usually is the latest production version from the country of manufacture or a global localization. Clone sets only have the binary files that are different from the parent set. You may only have the clone set with working game code but missing the sound files. Be sure you have downloaded all the code that you need, both the parent and the clone. The parent set tends to be the one of the table with the largest zip file size. Check in the table script for the required set, and if it is a clone set then fetch the parent set also. You can check your rom collection with a rom auditor like clrmamepro.
  13. CarnyPriest

    Some VPX tables have no music or speech

    Ok. Well ..., did you resolve your issue? Gameex is an arcade front-end. PinballX is a front-end for pinball by the same author. It costs nothing to use. You can give him $50 if you want. He won't mind.
  14. CarnyPriest

    Some VPX tables have no music or speech

    https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&cat=9 Start table, F1, make sure Use Sound is checked If all else fails, exit and restart VPX. If that fails reboot. If that fails reinstall Windows If that fails buy another PC If that fails, chuck everything and buy a real pinball table. Nothing beats the real thing.
  15. CarnyPriest

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    There is a test routine that @DJRobX uses to discover the hex address for the flipper solenoids on SAM system. I'm not aware of how that works. I don't think that Rob has much time or incentive to find the right addresses for the updated game code for mtl or st because the full color DMD patches have not been updated for the latest code yet. I don't know on acd. I haven't tested it myself. I'm not aware of any other reports.