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  1. Fixed date for 3.2 release [volkenborn] for whatsnew files only No change to dll or exe. No need to re-download unless you just want to have the release date documented in the whatsnew files
  2. im currently looking for chicago cubs triple play german rom (not freeplay) is that available?


    rom name (triplayg)

    1. ramon


      Looking for that one too, and the free play version.

    2. rwood2477


      It's suppose to be here but was removed for some reason.

      All the roms for Chicago Cubs Triple Play are gone.

      I suspect it's copyright issues with the new owners of Gottlieb.

  3. New beta cycle. Until that happens feel free to post any reports to this thread.
  4. Beta cycle is complete - pick up SamBuild32 here:
  5. official rev r4845 SAMBuild_r4845.zip
  6. 56 downloads

  7. official rev r4841 SAMBuild_r4841.zip
  8. No, not always true. If you want to know the name of the bin file, use Setup.exe and Test feature.
  9. Makes sense that you'd want to use the correct file name in the zip. If you disable CRC check (as you must do with a patched file), how else would VPinMAME identify which file to load unless the file name was spelled correctly? By the way, I can't confirm the behavior for mtl180h. I haven't tested on my cab, yet. For those not getting color with the patch, have you copied over the pal file to mtl180hc folder within the altcolor folder? Gotta use both the patch file and the palette. I was not even aware of the patch until yesterday. Should have known something was up when DJRobX added fastflips. Wouldn't it be great if we get a patch for st162h?
  10. 4 downloads

    Pack contains some improvements on the original factory cards. Replaced logo on the promo card with a vector-based version. Replaced the football graphic in the instruction cards with a high res era appropriate Commissioner Paul Tagliabue ball. There is a second series of cards that are updated and use the current NFL logo and the football graphic is a Commissioner Roger Goodell ball. Some graphics work used GIMP. Assembly and coloring used Illustrator. Appropriate coinage card also included (US currency only). Logos from Wikipedia and seek-logo.com. Used to create ultra hi-res wheel images. Football graphics from wilson.com Flyer courtesy of Hansjoerg Reiter and IPDB. Special thanks once again to Inkochnito for hosting the original factory cards. This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
  11. official rev r4838 Fast flips for Metallica 1.80LE - thanks, @DJRobX SAMBuild_r4838.zip
  12. Sorry, one more commit - search and eliminate all remaining patter calls. Found a couple but they do not impact the main game. Should be done now.
  13. CCCforVP port updated to self.revision = "2019.09.07"; reinstate FastFlips (I had inadvertently overwrote the code when I updated last month); enable in-game menu tests for drop targets The project author completed his work on "smart" drop targets. Turns out this means lighted bad guy drop targets. We don't need them because Ninuzzu's table already has an option for flashing bad guy drop targets (F6). The author accomplished this for his real table by completely replacing the existing drop targets with new hardware/added knockdown coils for each of the four targets. This is adding something extra to the table that isn't there with the stock table. As a result, with Ninuzzu's table the code throws out missing keyerrors on init. I've commented out where the new coils are defined in the game code, and the table tests Ok to me. Using Ninuzzu's table you can get to something like 'smart' drop targets by setting "Bad Guy Flashing lights" to Yes in the table's option menu (F6). In the in-game menu, the setting for DROP TARGET TYPE must be set to 'ORIGINAL' which is the default. The game code is now up to date with the main project. The main project author is using yellow LEDs for lighting the drop targets. Ninuzzu's table uses red lights. If you want the table to better match the source machine then you will need to get into the editor and change the lamp colors. Layer 7 - Select any of the drop targets lights to highlight BadGuysLights Light(8) collection. Color - click the button and change the value of Green from 0 to 255. Full Color - click the button and change the value of Green from 113 to 255. Save the table and Play. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cactus-canyon-p-roc-project/page/29#post-5191211 I don't know if the lights added are flashing or not. Same Install CCC.bat from the V3.4 installer above should work to update the game code. The bat file requires wget.exe from the installer.
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