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  1. Development thread here - I have the beginning of a port to make the game code more VP friendly - I've cloned Scott Danesi's project repository and made a new branch called ESASforVP This is not yet a working project. We don't have sound or music assets and there is no timeline for completion. At this point, I'm simply facilitating development and building interest. I'm not aware of any release versions of Earthshaker for VPX. I know @32assassin has put out some working betas. So far, disabled logging. Still to do - Incorporate fakePinProc simulator The project makes use of the original alphanumeric display hardware where CCC had its own virtual DMD renderer. So, display information must be communicated via dB2S or PuPDMD or whatever. Remaining patter calls seem to be dealing with the scoring display. Don't think that dB2S supports alphanumeric display dimming. FastFlips support The original project was designed for use on a prototype machine. I haven't delved into the code very deeply to see if the code supports 'collapsing' the building into the playfield as the early production units could do. More into on the Earthshaker prototypes here: http://www.billyseven.net/es/Earthshaker.html Modified game code is here: https://github.com/CarnyPriest/earthshaker-aftershock/tree/ESASforVP THIS IS A MODIFICATION OF THE ORIGINAL CODE DO NOT CONTACT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THE P-ROC PROJECT ABOUT THIS GAME CODE - THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE PROJECTS.
  2. 22 downloads

  3. That complaint sounds familiar. But I haven't played it enough to confirm. Try 3.03. It's latest available from Stern: https://sternpinball.com/game/monopoly/ I know that there is V3.20 code supported by PinMAME but some quick googling brings up Pinside posts that say Stern had recalled this version because of glitchy code. Looks like the EPROM resellers just have v3.03.
  4. 26 downloads

  5. 84 downloads

  6. Fixed date for 3.2 release [volkenborn] for whatsnew files only No change to dll or exe. No need to re-download unless you just want to have the release date documented in the whatsnew files
  7. im currently looking for chicago cubs triple play german rom (not freeplay) is that available?


    rom name (triplayg)

    1. ramon


      Looking for that one too, and the free play version.

    2. rwood2477


      It's suppose to be here but was removed for some reason.

      All the roms for Chicago Cubs Triple Play are gone.

      I suspect it's copyright issues with the new owners of Gottlieb.

  8. New beta cycle. Until that happens feel free to post any reports to this thread.
  9. Beta cycle is complete - pick up SamBuild32 here:
  10. official rev r4845 SAMBuild_r4845.zip
  11. 69 downloads

  12. 50 downloads

  13. official rev r4841 SAMBuild_r4841.zip
  14. No, not always true. If you want to know the name of the bin file, use Setup.exe and Test feature.
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