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  1. I dissemblable the shield off the unclesash board, ans everythinks seem to be fine. I'm prety sure taht the brightness button was usable on the 2.55 firmware... It is possible to downgrade to it to make a test? and if so, where can I find the firmware since there is only the latest on github
  2. yes it always run at full brithness. What do you mean by OE signal. Can I do something?
  3. Hi I have a pin2dmd with the firmware 2.58. I'm no longer able to adjust the brightness in the pin2dmd app. Any idea? I use pin2dmd.exe latest rev 2.53 thanks
  4. Can I disconnect that cable from the old pcq, and use it for my 5v power? Yellow circle On the picture
  5. WoW... this is an easy setup guide!!! I look forward tonight... thank’s again
  6. Just to be sure to connect the right way since My pindmd3 look to be an upgrade version of roar picture thanks for you help
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