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  1. Dazz -- Thanks for bringing your pin to TPF. Got a few games in on it over the weekend. Met another VPU member while I was there. His game was near VPCabs area. All I remember from his Username was "97". Would like to thank him for spending time with me answering questions, and bringing his cab to the show. Had an epic game of Diner on his cab. Cheers,
  2. Anybody else having issue downloading FP from the FuturePinball website? It is not working for me. Is there another reliable source to download from?
  3. I will not be using the 3D or tracking, so I wanted to know if I could/should install BAM. I'm guessing your answer to that is YES. I'm new to VP in general, and do not have FP installed yet on my cab. There are some tables I would really like to see, so I am thinking it is time to try my hand at installing FP. Some of the tutorials people are posting here, and on other VP sites really do a lot to help newbies like myself. Thank you for your efforts and feedback.
  4. Terry, thank you for taking time to create and share this guide. Can I use this guide for install on a cab without Kinect for BAM and without DOF?
  5. Is anyone else having problems running the following tables with these new VPinMame releases? : Iron Man, Avengers and X-Men. I get the following "cGameName" error when trying to run these games in VP or VPX: "Game Name Not Found". During testing today, I tracked the issue down to VPinMame.DLL. The tables run fine using anything at 5/19/2016 release date or older. The next latest build I have handy is dated 10/26/2016 and that one exhibits the same error. NOTE" These DLL dates could be the date I downloaded them as until recently I was not tagging the builds by release date. DJRobX - Thank you for your many hours of work on these releases. Your task looks daunting. The first time I saw and played Star Trek LE and Tron LE, I was giddy. So many great tables being released in VPX. Love it! ATTACHED: Latest copy of DLL on my system that runs correctly. Cheers, MnHotRod VPinMAME-05192016-bad-sound-sega.dll