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  1. Sam.vbs File

    I found the fix for Teed off on the vpforums thanks Lizard. For anyone else it is: To manually set up the nvram to accept coins, do the following: After the self test and when it says Game Over, Press 7, Wait for it to show you the menu with bookkeeping, adjustments, selftest, etc - press left flipper 3 times to move the highlight to adjustments, press right flipper to select that option, press 1, press 1, then quit and replay the table and you have your nvram set to accept coins, etc. Still working on the flipper problem, I am definitely running VP_physmod5.exe as administrator and loading the table.
  2. Sam.vbs File

    Thanks for that.. cheers
  3. Sam.vbs File

    I got Tron to work by DT patching it. I can load Avengers & Ironman2 but in both tables the flippers are slow and the ball seems to brake them, as in not enough power to stop the ball from going through.
  4. Sam.vbs File

    Yes, I made sure I did both, I have had some luck on other tables but not Tron. I have got working: Star Trek Pro Mod PM5 012216 Transformers (Stern 2011)(VP9.9 1.2) gtxjoe freneticamnesic Patched to Desktop patch Transformers_v1.2_VP9.9_DT I have these tables loading error free but no ball will appear even when I manually add ball to trough: AC-DC_PhysMod5_Helen_rev.1.1c Teed-Off_VP9_v1.01 I get the errors listed in my 1st post with these: Tron FS 1-4 Big Buck Hunter FS (VP9-9 Version 2) I'm just trying them one at a time but I wish I knew what my problem with the errors and also the missing ball was so i know how to fix others. I would be grateful for any help. Snoz
  5. Sam.vbs File

    Sorry for late response, I was working. I am following a youtube video tutorial ( ) step by step, he is setting up the rom: Tron LE 174h (which I downloaded from Stern/renamed/tested ok) and using the Visual pinball table "Tron LE (Stern) (2011)(85Vett)" Tron FS 1-4.zip ( http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/getdownload/14203-tron-le-stern-201185vett/ ) I uninstalled and deleted everything before following the guide, so not to have any bad versions. I thought if I can get this going then I would know how to do other Sam tables. All of the files I have got from vpuniverse except the stern rom. the two controller errors are: Line 48: With Controller .GameName = cGameName If Err Then MsgBox "Can't start Game " & cGameName & vbNewLine & Err.Description:Exit Sub .SplashInfoLine = "Tron (Stern 2011)" .HandleKeyboard = 0 .ShowTitle = 0 .ShowDMDOnly = 1 .ShowFrame = 0 .HandleMechanics = 1 .Hidden = 0 Line 1322: Sub Table_exit() Controller.Pause = False Controller.Stop End Sub
  6. Sam.vbs File

    Thanks CarnyPriest, I just tried all of you steps listed, still same errors, but at least I know it is not the sam.vbs. I am using Windows 10, is the any packages that is needed, like .net etc? I just tried a non Sam table to check installation and that worked.
  7. Sam.vbs File

    Hi, I have not touched PinMame for many years now and I am trying to get back into it but I am struggling to get any of the Stern tables to load, I tried a lot of ways, and I ended up deleting all my installs, and went back from scratch and added just one table and rom Tron LE 174h, downloaded the rom from Stern, renamed and re-zipped in correct file name and the rom tested out OK in setup so I know I have the right rom and it is named OK. Now my stumbling point is the SAM.vbs file it is in any of the 2.28 (VPinMAME_SAM_NON_PINDMD__PINDMD2__PIN2DMD_2.28) or any of the 2.28 packages, there is one in the 2.27a file but one of the script errors is Sam version 3.1 or higher is required and I made sure it was unblocked. The list of errors are: - Can not load VpinMame -ActiveX component can't create object. - VpinMame version 01560000 required - Sam version 3.1 or higher is required - Line 48: object required 'controller' - Line 1322: object required 'controller' Is the 2.27a sam.vbs file the correct one to use? or where can i get the correct version from? I have spent a lot of time reading other posts and trying fixes suggested but I can't seem to work it out, any help would be great. Cheers, Snoz.