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  1. Thanks outhere... I have it working great now. I appreciate the assist... I have another question if you don't mind... I have a few other tables now that act a little odd, not terrible but glitchy, now that I switched over to this physmod5.exe... should I now look for tables that are made for physmod5?... or should I use my old EXE files for those? The reason I ask is because I use everything through Hyperpin and I'm not sure if I can tell HP to select which EXE file to use for a specific table. I don't have a lot of tables so I don't mind having to upgrade where I need to. I have about 20 tables and I really don't want any more.
  2. Thanks for helping me out... adamstillman... it's actually quite the opposite. My description was terrible so I recorded short clips with my cell phone. They are not the greatest quality but it will give you an idea of what I get. In video #1, you'll see the slow action of the ball. Sometimes it even appears like it hugs the sides. Video #1: In video #2, I get this weird bug sometimes where the plunger gets stuck and the ball just attempts to launch itself but not at full strength not even being able to exit the launch area. Video #2: As mentioned in my original post, I downloaded the file: The Walking Dead Physmod5 1.1 and I am using the rom from the Stern site: twd_156.bin (inside of: twd_156.zip). To be honest, I am not sure what "mods" mean if that's something I need to activate somehow. I simply download the file (mentioned above), the B2S file, & the rom and run them. I am not new to Visual Pinball although I am more of a casual fan. I've built my own table and have built another 9 tables that have gone to friends and family. I wouldn't mind sharing a few pics with people in another Post if that's something people do here. I actually also not new to VPUniverse. I couldn't remember my User ID or password so I had to re-register. (The password reset didn't work for me). Again, thanks everyone for assisting.
  3. I went with HyperPin since I had some experience with HyperSpin... I figured it would be similar. It's working great for me. I haven't had any issues with it.
  4. Hello All I installed the: The Walking Dead Physmod5 1.1 table and it's running, although a bit slow. It seems the physics are as if gravity is too strong (Sorry, that's my best explanation). Does anyone have any tips or adjustments I need to make or an area I should check? Thank you.
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