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  1. Pinballace

    Flipper problems?

    I find that the Avengers table has flipper issues.The flippers stick at the upright position momentarily,and then only fall back into position,thus making seemless play impossible.Changing the flipper settings hasnt helped.Does anyone know how this can be resolved?
  2. Hi, Its obvious that the lads who are clued up on writing the code for the various tables know their stuff,but I'm amazed that more and more tables are being written whereby the tables backglass has been altered, when compared to the original manufacturers table.Why so? I say keep it simply,and original.All these tables with a changed backglass,flipper colouring or changed 'toy'design etc makes no sense to me,but perhaps theres a reason for this logic..,can one of the programmers explain the rationale behind this?
  3. Pinballace

    Oversized Backglass-Help needed

    Thanks.The problems sorted.
  4. Hi there, I am recently encountering a problem.I have been playing tables,with direct B2S initializing without a problem,but now the backglass is loading,and taking up literally the whole screen.The table then loads over the oversized backglass.Please,is there someone clued up who can help. Thanks and cheers.