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  1. [New VP10 Alert] Beach Bums 1.0 (2018)

    yes bubba works but no dof effects hollywood heat has dof effect, both have a blank display for pin2dmd, and yes im on freezy's. But i'm not getting anything on the backglass either.
  2. [New VP10 Alert] Beach Bums 1.0 (2018)

    still no bueno, beachbms rom or hlywoodh rom, dmd does not work after upgrading to 3.2 beta
  3. [New VP10 Alert] Beach Bums 1.0 (2018)

    yep no dmd for me either, this rom doesnt show up in the SAM builds rom list
  4. Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    The issue i had was that the 3.1 did not like the patched color rom, these 2 games can only be colorized with pin2dmd hardware. It would crash the vpinmame test or just load the tables and then freeze, with an error.
  5. Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    no i did all of that. is that pin2dmd? are you using freezy's dmddevice.dll? did you check the other colorization tables.....metllica, acdc, mustang, avengers, start trek etc
  6. Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    Yeah i tried a few versions and narrowed it down to 3.1 being the culprit. in testing the vpinmame.dlls would either work with those 2 tables and break others or viceversa. Latest Freezy and latest 3.0 works fine. I took Carny's advice and tested 3.1 but rolled back to 3.0.
  7. Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work

    Figured it out, shrek and and POTC don't work with the 3.1 beta, I went back to the lastest 3.0 Sam and all color roms work as expected now.
  8. Shrek and POTC colorized patches no longer work, updated to Freezy's 1. 71. I am on latest Sam build and using djrobs, sam.vbs. Anybody else experiencing this, crashed the table in vpx and in vpinmame
  9. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    yes i copied over everything, its working now, it took about 3 tries before the key registered, i had to hit the reset button and then click pin2dmd.exe. Thanks Lucky....
  10. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hello Lucky updgraded to 2 .55 and the key doesnt work anymore, i keep getting an error say firmware not supported please upgrade.
  11. Feature request for the tool

    any update on getting the FP tables entered into the database?
  12. Feature request for the tool

    The DOF works, but it doesn't pick up the attract effect unless the rom matches up, Maybe it has something to do with the $pinballx area, trn by itself doesn't work, but when i change to trn_174h in the file it works.
  13. Feature request for the tool

    Yes the format of the rom name does not matter, as this is just the link to the table name. For the attract effect it seems that the table name from the PBX is what is used to match the table name in the INI. I tested the Gremlins line, and it does work, I have Gremlins as the table name in PBX, and it still recognized FP Gremlins as the correct table. As long as there is a specific word match in the title seems to work, if it needs to be specific, I can just add FP to the title in the PBX game manager. Tron also needs an alternate rom trn_174h trn is not working unless i update the file to say trn_174h
  14. Feature request for the tool

    Thank you for your consideration Arngrim Ok for future pinball, the table names have to matchup up in the tablemappings.xml and the future pinball.xml in Pinball X. For example, I think Gremlins is only on Future pinball, so to get the addressable led attract effect to work, I added the table to the tablemappings.xml <Mapping> <TableName>Gremlins</TableName> <RomName>disco</RomName> </Mapping> Tablename matches description in PBX FP xml <game name="GREMLINS PHYS 2_5(DOFlinx)"> <description>Gremlins</description> <rom></rom> <manufacturer></manufacturer> <year></year> <type></type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>True</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>0</rating> I then just picked a VP table that had the effects already in place and put that as the rom name for Gremlins $disco Yellow AL0 AW34 FU200 FD150 SHPDiamondPulse L3 The nice thing about this you could makeup your rom naming conventions such as FP-GREM. The key is the user would have to match their description in PBX with your table name. Would look something like this Here is a short list to start with, these games are not in your current list, which im assuming means they weren't ported over to VP. Aliens Legacy Batman Joker Edition Blue Vs Pink Bubble Bobble Gremlins Jaws Knight Rider Masters of the Universe RetroFlair Sonic the HedgeHog The Goonies
  15. Feature request for the tool

    Hello Arngrim, Sorry I meant to say mtl_164, 168 doesnt exist. There is nothing wrong with the rom. Some users have better luck using prior roms rather than the most recent. In this case the 170 rom causes metallica to freeze up and it doesnt play well. mtl_164 plays perfectly for me. So if you are able to create custom table configs in our profiles, there should be an option, possibly a free text field, where you can add the name of the specific rom that you are using so the tool uses that name in the ini files. Another request would be a section for future pinball addressable led support for pinballX, This would allow users to insert the attract effects for each table. Today users can't use the up to date table mapping without manual manipulation. The tool also wiped out custom future pinball entries for the attract effects in the config30 file. I would think, all that would be needed is table name, table short name (equivalent to rom name as FP does not use roms) and the PF back PBX MX. Thanks for any consideration to these suggestions.