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  1. smartinec

    [Vp10] Stones_10_Rtm_1.5_Final.rar

    Unfortunately, I'm pretty familiar with that procedure and have done it multiple times with no success.
  2. smartinec

    [Vp10] Stones_10_Rtm_1.5_Final.rar

    I got the table to play a few times, but then the same issues started occurring. There is a buzzing sound sometimes, or there is a ball on the left side of the apron or the backglass crashes. I have hundreds of other tables installed and never had any issues like this. I am on a 3 screen cab with VPinmame SAM 3.1 with colorization support and freezy dmdext. I tried disabling dmdext and use normal VPinmame SAM 3.1, but still got the same issues. I tried outhere's download and installing new VBS script but am still seeing the same issue. Says "locating pinballs" when I try to start a game. I can actually hear the pinballs roll around when the table loads.
  3. smartinec

    [Vp10] Stones_10_Rtm_1.5_Final.rar

    I know this is a long shot on an old thread, but I would really like to get this table running on my cab. It doesn't seem to work on VPX 10.5. I tried it on 10.0, but I suspect it doesn't like the new versions of the scripts files. When I start the table, one of the pinballs is actually sitting on the left apron of the table. I tried adjusting the z-scale, but wasn't able to fix. Any help appreciated.
  4. smartinec


    @vbobrusev Link is down. Any chance of re-posting?
  5. smartinec

    ACDC Premium 1.70

    I figured it out. I needed SAM build of VPinMame 3.1 that adds support for color roms.
  6. smartinec

    ACDC Premium 1.70

    When using this patch with Virtual DMD (3rd Monitor, dmdext), I'm seeing content overlayed when it shouldn't be. For example, the song selection screen is unreadable because the score is overlayed. It's like the screen didn't clear before moving to the next screen. Any ideas on how I can resolve. I've used a few other color patches and haven't run into this issue.
  7. smartinec

    Avengers (Stern 2012) Physmod2 V1.0

    I'm getting "bspatch: Corrupt patch" when attempting to apply. Any insight?