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About Me

Since May 2004 I worked in a warehouse for 'Hoo Hing Ltd' and was promoted to Senior Systems Administrator until 2010. I was heavily involved in my role working with networking, desktop support and basic webpage construction.
In addition to the above, I have and do offer my knowledge and assistance, providing my technical skills to the public. I am known for my social skills, and there are references available on request as evidence of this. I am also very well organised and strive to technically back up every kind of file ever created!
Over the years, I have become familiar with a very wide range of computers, servers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices. I am skilled in a wide range of different services, including, in no particular order, DNS, IP address and gateways. I understand the fundamental network issues around servers, including how to configure most to pass through a firewall or not as may be desired.
In the past, I have also worked for small companies delivering custom IT Solutions to small business like twin technologies, and during the course of this, this wealth of experience has advanced me from desktop user support to Servers in Windows 2003,  Kerio Mail servers and Linux. I have experience in BT fibre optic networks. I also set up routers for home users and wireless internet security including WEP or WPA one and two.
 I have worked for 'Stadium Electronic Windings' that was located in Brant Avenue at Gallows Corner but has since ceased operating.
I have knowledge of transformers, primary 240 AC voltage and secondary 12 DC voltage. I can also work with other types of electronics, including house wire, red + black - yellow and green earth.  In the past I have wired CCTV for the former company that I used to work for, 'Hoo Hing Ltd' and installed and wired cables from their fuse box. I also repaired audio amps when their IC chips malfunctioned and blew on the PCB boards. I have repaired televisions that use the out of date high tension transformers and the little IC controller called the driver.
I can network computers and CCTV digital video recorders from 'Fine Plan' video services. I have  installed compact flash disks as a bootable solid state hard disk in 'Windows 7.' I have a little experience in using Linux and have used the programs, 'Backtrack' 3 and 4 to format disks in EX3 format. I can change IDE and SATA hard disks. I can use Domain Name Servers from Chadwell Heath to Park Royal Mitcham and Enfield, so they can exchange files and antivirus updates and use external email Kerio mailservers. I know virtual private networks and VOIP. I have experience using ACTINIC catalogue software for online stores.
I have used Linux 'Backtrack 3' to test WEP and WPA security. I know how to remove trojans using Windows Safe Mode with 'Sophos Antivirus.' I have knowledge of reinstalling all versions of Windows from 95 to 'Windows 7. I can preserve data when Windows fails to load using 'Winternals ERD Commander' and can access files, and change user passwords if lost in Windows XP using 'Locksmith' and use System Restore when Windows fails to let you in it's Administrative environment. I can use Active Directory in the server of 'Windows 2003.' I have knowledge and experience of using Remote Desktop to repair computer issues remotely. I can help users with Desktop. I can program Dumb Terms and thermal printers. These are called I/O LANS. I can wire RJ 45 plugs. I can install RJ 45 cables and run them into various buildings. I have experience in Lacie network storage and network drives. I can clone main hard disks with 'Norton Ghost' using external USB hard disks. I have developed a server using SCSI to SATA converters.
 I can use fax machines  filling copy types. I can use 'Word', 'Power Point, 'Excel' and 'Outlook.' I can also use Visio to map out network infrastructures. I can do stocktakes, use soldiering guns, design EAN 13 barcodes with 'Microsoft 'Word' and software called 'Barcode maker 6.30.' I  have knowledge of various MS DOS commands such as 'Tracert' and ping IP addresses to check network statuses. I can use MSCONFIG to prevent certain programs booting on start-up, setup digital video recorders, including CCTV via LAN, and access live images from any network computer through  IP addresses in Internet Explorer using 4 500 gigabyte SATA disk drives.    
Finally, I can set up routers including 'BT Netgear' and all others through wired or wireless using IP addresses

Enjoys practical work and has two and a half year warehouse experience and five as a junior IT assistant. I can also work at part of a team or as an individual. I would be a good asset to your company and very reliable. I will do the task set upon me to the best of my abilities.
 Key Skills
         Use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Fount Page, Access
         Experienced in doing stock checks and stock allocation
         Ability to update online catalogue and process orders
         Able to input data to ERP System and importing data from odbc in to excel
         Good customer facing skills and a good team player
         Fast typing skills at 45 wpm and Good at juggling tasks and prioritising 
         Methodical and organised
         Flash firmware on windows 8 and Android aka linux phone when the update fails via Nokia care suite and embedded technology 

Hoo Hing Ltd 
        having knowledge of ean 13 barcodes and epos systems  
         Programming I/O lan via serial port and Epson thermal printer on tills, dumb terms
         CCTV operator installing and networking digital video recorders, cameras
         Remote desktop support and able to work with network hardware & cabling
         Typing letters and reports, 3 years web design and wireless security and router 
         Filing and emailing documents 
         Experience in configuring and installing APC UPS devices
         Knowledge of Server virtualisation and expanding them using SCSI to SATA converters
         Desk support to end users windows xp / 7 and VM Ware / Backtrack 5 / Red hat linux
         Trouble shooting desktop and laptop hardware i.e. printers and scanners
         Administration experience working with core Microsoft technologies
         Active Directory knowledge read write denied access to shares
         Memory plus operation systems upgrades and hardware upgrades   

         Basic understanding of network technologies i.e. TCP/IP, DNS and DHCP
         Basic troubleshooting network & internet connectivity issues
         Clone computer systems software and operating system using an external hard drives with northern ghost 


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