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  1. hi guys i ready sorted the issues chexck my forum entry and give me some rep thanks paul
  2. lords of the pinball rings lol
  3. i would hold out for sash shield to be modified on the gnd pins on the stm may be causing the issues need more testng but ya try the soft ferrite rings rods around the power pack cables metal tape see if it works post me your results a example of pwm dimming circuit notice 1 gnd bottom left black wire was used for this test from the stm32 discovery board to the breadboard the usb up the top should by 5volt and the bottom the mini B usb is 3volts
  4. what do u mean flicking on the left panel only after the dasiy chain like i got now thanks paul
  5. so its a dll file making flickering issues so where a link for a updated dll which i got what location on c: drive i got windows 7 64 bit running on my setup i get flicking on flintstones visal pinball and metallia future pinball i though this was a hardware. electrinic issue rather then a panel or controller one paul
  6. new.gnd point direct to stm 32 discovery bottom right gnd pin soildered both and bent them down carefully my paypal i had added wires to the gnd i solidered on top gnd of the stm and stuck the wires in the gnd pins into the shield use 110 volt us or 240 volt as if the power pack too close can make noise issues In digital and radio frequency PCBs, the major reason for using large ground planes is to reduce electrical noise and interference through ground loops and to prevent crosstalk between adjacent circuit traces. When digital circuits switch state, large current pulses flow from the active devices (transistors or integrated circuits) through the ground circuit. If the power supply and ground traces have significant impedance, the voltage drop across them may create noise voltage pulses that disturb other parts of the circuit (ground bounce). The large conducting area of the ground plane has much lower impedance than a circuit trace, so the current pulses cause less disturbance. mount with earths rev3.2 shield need these added x2 on top of shield 1 x one from power pack to shield and 1x from shield to panals gnd earth with screw from power pack need some tags around with nut and bolt gnd to shield p2.5 earth on pinball output side black tape covering mounted hole on sash shield i used the may able to tag panels grounds to there aswell made a earth tag and screwed it under shield may need i a earth tag p5 marked cap c16 good gnd seems ok to use that as a gounding point rev 3.1 used some.old pins from a old tv to make a.rgb pin for 4 pin to power pack gnd nice caps lol if anyone wants to help me on this idea or can explain why this works as i have biplor a mental heath condition and unemployed and worked hard with this project my paypal address thanks for your suppprt and kindness as this project has cost me a lot of money over 400$ in panels and 90$ in stm32 discovery boards alone and 6 of sash shield at 50$ This delvolopment has i/o loop some of the data coming from the pc usb is also being feed back into the i/o inputs from the real pinball input hub 14 and trying to process data twice this can make the panels also double scan and bleed at the same time so leave that side unplug but keep the hub 75 outputs in where the hand logo said no touching pins with hand earth pin added to pin 4 can also be added to any gnd from shield to power pack as pins have been removed leave the hun 75 gnds on the pinball panel output do not touch them soft ferrite ring wrap around + 5 volt tooken from a led old tv add me to facebook click link below i had the idear while reparing a laptop display ribbon as it has some type of metal shielding and wondered if the panels was flicking or interference would it be too near power pack or if the hub 75 aka idc was picking up radio waves as theses cable carry pwm signals and are thin i also asked aliexpress selllers to make the cable 3 foot longer as power packs can cause issues and some type of this soft ferrite rings around the power pack cables may be good to add to hub 74 cable aswell Cln Soft Ferrite Ringould also helpip On Soft Ferrite Rings ip On Soft Ferrite Rings see this picture the black is comming from the gnd power pack then put a hub 75 cable to the duel shield and linked them and that also help flicking and may be bleeding so in term 3 gnd pins to rgb panels in from gnd direct from powerpack gnd = solid gnd The 4 pin LED is controlled by stepping the PWM voltage to ground. The discovery 32 board itself becomes the path to ground. So you apply power to the Cathode and ground out (or not) the Anodes in order to get a certain amount of colored light, that's why the higher the number the dimmer the LED element. removed the i/o input for real pinball and put output only below seem to also help bleeding it could also be that using all i/o pin all at the same time.on the stm discovery could be a issue as there is 9 gnd points on each end of the stm i/o pins pin disconnected. off real pinball side only 1 gnd pin used for pwm on stm discovery but bridged together to the rgb panel input remove gnd from panels both side only postive 5+ stays from power pack rev. 1.4 shield p2.5 panels below pin 4 /8 /16 gnd from panel wired into 1 thick cable gnd to gio gnd on stm 32 discovery
  7. sibi i like your sheld design any way of making me one whats your buck converter voltage out i know its 12volt in
  8. I was trinkering with the voltages Of the panels and if the American have no issues It is bacause the panels scan at 60 HZ at 110 volts and Use in the UK are 50 HZ at 240 volts I don't know if it is best to get a step down from volts 24o to 110 volts Also added metel tap around cables of 5volt and hub75 To stop electronic interferences Idea from a laptop data cable Display ribbon Thanks Paul I
  9. OSee near the led I had to tweak this with a screw driver and no more flickering Thanks paul I also recommend. To put power supply. On the left and the stm discovery on the right to stop power interference. There should be a Farrow rod around the hub 75 cable to shield noise down