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  1. The raw rectified DC requires as 2 x smoothing capacitor circuit to enable the rectified DC to besmoothed so that it can be used to power electronicscircuits without large levels of voltage variation so they smooth the switching voltage without it going too high and too low
  2. 1 x 22uF 25Volt Radial Lead capacitor 1 x 0.01uF (103) - 50v Ceramic Disc Capacitor 1x coil https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Radial-Ferrite-Choke-Inductor-Coil-4-7uH-to-100mH-1st-Class-UK-Post-/261504263106?var=&hash=item3ce2de63c2%3Am%3Am6qvxQQR6OL0UyPrXrgtQLA&_trkparms=pageci%3A414021cb-a0c6-11e7-93ab-74dbd1801373%7Cparentrq%3Ab176b9d415e0aa1301fdacd6ffe96d22%7Ciid%3A1 for duel display you need 4 capacitor and 2 coils across + and - between power pack and panels
  3. a car ecu computer this is from my fiat panda had a gnd added to the pcb on the outside of the casing from the 12 volt battery i wonder if the mcu of the stm32 needs the same as there is transisters or smd fueses on every pin of the car ecu outputs and inputs pins thanks paul
  4. put 1 gnd as it flickers if they all linked to gnd gnd between computer and stm32 discovery from power pack may need 2 female (one from pc the other to stm32 discovery board) usb sockets improve pcb i will ask sash to design but you can see how i wired it and what two socket to femail to femail standred dont matter what way they was wired would be bi directional the red green white stayeds the same only black hads a extra gnd added from the power pack
  5. will do oz sorry its my bi polor pal and i am using a mobile to type not a pc still cant get p4 and p5 to work with the new shield so sash giving me 2x rev 2.0 b it somehow shorting on 3.2 rev sheild needs to be bench tested to be ruled out or my power pack too high at 10 amp needs to be 6amp max i have a p3 set of panels with rev 2.0b and the same power pack and it works fine swap the panels over same shield on p4 and p5 it flicking i tried updating stm fimware i tried extra gnds btw p2.5 works when you put a gnd on the middle of the panels from the power pack pin 4 as there 3 grounds on the rgb pin 4 8 16 as i have been told by aliexpress suppliers only 1 gnd is needed so i am sort of stuck between a hard rock and a hard case so ill be going to a lcd type dmd with pindmd v2 and dr pinball raspberry pi extender as i am pulling out from the support i had it with pin2dmd thanks paul least i sorted the duel display cable and got helped uncal sash least he supporting me cant say much about the other 2 ive got a programmer so i dont need them either and read my profile i am a computer engineer by trade and also in electronics aswell next i will try a diffent buck converter as pinball sp uses 12volt in and ill test that and for the record if i use the gnds on the hub75 eg pin 4 and not the 2 gnd on each panel the bleeding does go away but they keep changing the capicators layouts eg 10 volt 220 uf on the panels the chinese suppliers from aliexpress which i have pointed out to them myself to investergate they told me to lower to value of the uf of the capictors to slow drain timing i am also using 1.37 firmware open source and tested the one with a payed activision key and its not a firmware issue just to let lucky1 know the last test plug pindmd v2 into the pin2dmd via the 14 lin input and see if i get a better result by testing 2 mcu side by side may get timing issues but ill soon find out example image
  6. STSW-LINK007 do we update

    hi do we upgrade our stm32 discovery with the flash software that flashes the pin2dmd bin with the STM32 Link Utility and flash the STSW-LINK007 after that my board is a mb997d as i have never updated it before and i wonder why i am getting stm32 issues with flicking panels thanks paul
  7. two + to panel one gnd to usb pc cable (gnd only) no green red or white n/a) one gnd on right only panel only
  8. i had a idear ages ago before pin2dmd was made to add pindmd and dr pinball extender together making an lcd driven dmd as the pindmd already drives a real dmd display for a real pinball and its quite funny that raspberry pi 1 models has gio pins like stm32 discovery and also pindmd uses the same mcu as pin2dmd i been speaking to the english designer of the hardware dr pinball on clock and sync speeds plus using a signal chip for timing issues also running he barebone code in a linux lite operating system to support usb and ethernet devices connection from the pie to pc eg like open view mèdia does like a sambra type share in windows prehape this could make a good project to be added as we dealing with hex data via gio pins and dll files for the hardware It would be possible, however the DMD Extender supports a few different machines, but it may not support the data and clock signals produced by this board. as spoken by doctor pinball Do you have a logic trace from it? I have a saleae analyser. I can understand about the USB to 14 pin adaptor you have. If you buy a DMD Extender I have an application that you can run to extract the data signals so that I can change the software to work with the adaptor. It may already work as I support PROC which may be very similar.
  9. Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    What about a wire converter 2 hub 75 one r g b in one g r b out Sash up for the challenge
  10. i think its signal overscan issue as p3 and p2.5 are more capatible i tested power packs shield same issue the p4 or p5 before mosfet no issues i as if you use the emulated vpinball mame dmd on the pc monitor there is extra scan data on some of the vpinball mame roms this give me issues in flintstones vpinmame and austin powers furture pinball but i am trying to get my supplier from aliexpress to change signal ic dp5020 used in p4 and p5 to my p3 and p2.5 for matching issues and have the same ic on all led rgb pcbs