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  1. OSee near the led I had to tweak this with a screw driver and no more flickering Thanks paul I also recommend. To put power supply. On the left and the stm discovery on the right to stop power interference. There should be a Farrow rod around the hub 75 cable to shield noise down
  2. Keep ce1 and ce2 remove and replace ce3/ 4/5/6 on both panels To cure flicking bleeding use a buck converter set to 4.8 volts to 5.3. Volts minimum Thanks Paul
  3. Here a way of powering buck converter using a PC power supply Using A tester to switch the atx supply and taking 12 volts from the s ata supply sorry for the mess but it my lab pad Thanks paul Video on how its waired VID_20170410_132054.3gp
  4. So u made a 12 volt to 5 volt converter nice we need also all panels to be sm5166p and smd 2121 As all the controllers seem to like these panels and bleeding no existent Could u make that circuit a stand alone Txs paul
  5. Would there be a converter add-on so we can use the current. 32/1 hub 75 E scan on our current 16/1 hub 75 Thanks paul
  6. ICN2038 LED display driver IC ICN2038 Functional characteristics 1,16 channel current output channel 2, the output current setting range: 0.5 ~ 45mA × 16@VDD=5V constant current output 3, the current accuracy Current accuracy between channels: <± 1.5% Current accuracy between chips: <± 2.5% 4, fast output current response (minimum): 40ns @ VDD = 5V 5, I / O Schmitt Trigger Trigger input 6, double latch, 1.5 times the refresh rate 7, with blanking, remove the cross 8, excellent low ash effect, no pitting, no odd even vertical stripes 9, excellent anti-interference ability Friendship link: Hi you lovely people got some news Don't mix panels make sure they have 2012 in one set Or 7268 or sm5166p image above and all led lamps are smd2121 The reason the bleeding on the p4 is stm32 discovery Don't like certain panel chips and need sm5166p I got a seller giving me a set for a sample testing this manufacturer will make these panels if You want them to be made he said 1,000 PCs New p2.5 and p3 are now been remade and capacitors have been removed as not needed P3 47.00 £ + shipping P 2.5 62.00 £ + shipping and below p4 42.69 £ + shipping With the required sm5166p As I forgot my very first p3 set are sm5166p and they have no problems what so ever so u need p3 p4 p5 just the same So I'm going to try p2.5/p3 /p4 with the same ic from the same suppliers Len LI a old Chinese friend of mine said that different chips on The panels can cause conflict making ghosting worse and Damaging the panel all together if not paired the same to help The stm output protection Use diode a cross r1 r2 g1 g2 b1 b2 outputs to inputs of panels only but need a PDF circuit designed as add on to current shield Diodes are use for sending current one way and also converting AC current to DC Some sellers on Ali express are putting panel in images that Look like the top dog b@lllocks but are deceiving customer s To make the sales and should never bs a Englishmen as I worked with them for 7 years And know how they tick Thanks paul \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The new P 2.5 testing seems fine and looks good so far
  7. P3 and p5 smd 2121 16/1 non mosfets just icn 2012 chip one and sm5166p driver ICS from ali express p4 still got some issues with bleeding could be due to different led lamps used in p4 panels Thanks paul
  8. Well when i wire my panels like this i get flicking signals But make me wonder if gnds need to each inputs of both panels one from the stm and Stm to dasiy direct the other inputs stay like oe r1 r1 g1 g2 b1 b2 clock all stay the as wired Only the earths gnd goe 3 from the stm and 6 out to panels 3 to left panel and 3 to right Thanks Paul
  9. I was getting flicking signal in my p3 9n the left panel Do i did some gnd testing and found a solution that the earth on the back of the rgb May not be used i still powering my stm via pc power usb but looping the earth stright on the stm32 discovery frount jumper from the power pack Keepiing the 5volt + as normal from the back of the rgb panels as the iec cable aka hub75 has 3 earths gnds And it seems to cure my issue Thanks paul
  10. Just only used 1 earth on the lift panel only and non on the right Thanks paul
  11. Tryit dont work but what if we powered the usb 5volts and - from the power pack form the mini usb port and have a data + and - go to the pc usb only Dont know if that would help with interference Thanks Paul
  12. Has anyone thought of a usb that only send data The reasons why the stm32 discovery gobe nosie is because If the pc gnd is connected to the stm discovery and the power pack Interference issue can happen as the gnd os feed back to the computer I would rewire the usb or bry a cable with no gnd or 5volts just pure Pc data only one white and green no gnd - black or 5volt + red Thanks paul
  13. Here my pin2dmd finaly finished use a usb powered laptop light to light up panel during the dark pretty cool hay I notice i dont see bleeding during the day its when its dark Thanks paul