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  1. What firmware version you using as i was using a old version and it could be a issue that it is out of date and i using the free one beta firmware that was released before for u needed to buy a activsion key to use the firmware that uncal sash gave me Regards Paul
  2. Is there anyone who could make a special one off firmware for theses sizes i got 4 mcu stm all flashed and it not them causing it either
  3. Ok it can also be a driver chip timing issus on the panels them self i also tried duel display option same result p3 and p2.5 works together p3 with p4 p5 same issues both has a power patch each set
  4. Hi i got 1 p2.5 and 1 p3 set of rgb panels and pin2dmd works great But when i using p4 and p5 sets im getting flicking issues on some games flintstones austin powers i tried shooter idc rgb 16 pin ribbon cable between controller and panals and had no luck power packs as well no change or could this be a issue with the pin2dmd firmware as it was only meant to be written for 2.5 and 3 p panels and it cant seem to handle p4 and p5 at higher resolution as the scan setting may be different Regards Paul
  5. Rpi3 is the raspberry pi 3 so u using some i/o control from the Mini computer
  6. hi i had a break tought i used 2 separate power packs and all flickering has now gone i also used this power regulator from uncal sash on a p2.5 with a single 5volt 10 amp switching and it works 100% stable may need 1 for all my 4 sets of panels regards paul pin2dmd beta and idea tester Ps put black tape around uncal sash board to stop shorts on pin underneith
  7. Hi AC/DC stern on future pinball shows green lines going across the the score box top and bottom and extra leds are dim on while ball in play where the flames flicker i wondered if anyone else noticed this it does it on all panels more bad on p4 and p5 p3 and p2.5 you wont notice it regards paul
  8. your missing a smother circuit after the power pack but i dont kmow what the hell i am talking about
  9. hi guys i asked the designer of pindmd v2 maker if we could flash he code on to the stm32 discovey and io pins from the hex data to be feed in to a raspberry pi zero pins as dr pinball said it may be too slow and needs to be 100mhz to improve timing issues i can only get 80 frame rate a second on pindmd itself i know pin2dmd uses a bin but the pindmd uses a dfu type firmware regards paul
  10. no probems here my link on solution hope it helps may be for research for vpinmame
  11. hi was was looking at a raspberry pi gio pins with a single led on the gnd and gio + pin and was thinking we get red leds light up only when we dont use any 5volt power pack plus the led that flashes when you flash the firmware also makes the leds on the panels blink slighty dim wondering i resistors could of been used to take down the red pwm only Resistor for Red: (3.3v – 2.0v) / .02A = 65Ω Resistor for Blue: (3.3v – 3.2v) / .02A = 5Ω Resistor for Green: (3.3v – 3.2v) / .02A = 5Ω https://www.electronics-notes.com/articles/electronic_components/resistors/variable-resistors-potentiometers.php
  12. a car ecu computer this is from my fiat panda had a gnd added to the pcb on the outside of the casing from the 12 volt battery i wonder if the mcu of the stm32 needs the same as there is transisters or smd fueses on every pin of the car ecu outputs and inputs pins thanks paul
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