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  1. Wait, so we could have a smooth looking black hole? It's weird we are talking about this right now because I loaded Spirit and it's backglass yesterday and I'm looking at the backglass and it seems at times to be buttery smooth! Maybe that's how they did it or just uses more repeated part of the disc?
  2. I cannot comment on the technical limitations but I know this issue came up years ago when some were trying to make a smooth Black Hole spinning back glass. In hoping the increase in steps could lead to an improvement in this area, i therefore approve this suggestion. Lol
  3. Hi Groni. I'm also kind of back (everyone together now "who cares???" LOL). It's nice to see other familiar faces. Personally I'm BLOWN AWAY at the difference in graphic quality with the latest versions of VP. just amazed at the beautiful tables, the way the ball looks, everything. Never thought a program that was started 16 years ago would ever get to the level it is now so thanks to the devs but also authors like you Groni that keep pushing the envelope.
  4. Hi anders I wish I could offer you better advice but I like a lot of other people moved to nvidia for vp stuff a while back. When I last tried it on one of my desktop that has a R9 280X, it seemed to work alright but really was just checking out a couple of tables, nvidia GPUs have performed better for VP and fp historically. IMHO their hardware is fine, their drivers is the issue and outside of vp it's the same thing. I am big on VR and a few people have problems with AMD GPUS.
  5. Lol looks like you guys had a blast!
  6. I haven't tried the pinball stuff outside of pinball fx VR but I am all-in on VR, it is so amazing I even set up a room in my house just for VR lol
  7. Wildman supporting virtuapin which is owned by Paul, wildman and icpjuggla hugging it out. What the f is this world coming to???
  8. I don't think Vpm 2.27a is still available in the download area here? Is it possible to repost it. Some of the sound levels in games like Apollo 13 just can't be tuned high enough unfortunately Thanks again all for the great work done on this.
  9. Sorry to hear about this Dazz, I am certain something will come up soon! Layoffs suck!
  10. Dang that's a nice start to KISS! Can't wait to play a recreation of this. I got to play it at the Ottawa pinball show a couple of months ago and IMHO, for a first impression, it's the best new stern I've played in a while. Note that my comment doesn't take into account longevity, no idea how that pans out. I am sure it will be quite a while but whatever, I think this should turn out great. Thanks for working on it.
  11. Hi guys, First time I log into this site for months (nothing personal, haven't done anything pinball wise in months). Anyway, first time I get Security Essentials freaking out over this site with the following warning about pythogentic-quintiped.dowhat.club.
  12. Wow, that's the first time I hear of that. In saying that, there is lots of stuff happening in the VP world I've never heard of! Lol
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