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  1. Looks awesome on my real pin , great work as usual Martin, Thanks!
  2. @NetzZWerg, tried to message but says you can’t accept messages 🤔 I’m looking for Fish Tales for real pin, do you have it available? If yes please PM me with donation amount thanks! Kevin
  3. Looks awesome on my real pin! Thanks! One note , the balls don’t appear (duranium spheres) on the screen when you add balls in Ferengi multiball. 6498668D-4D25-48FA-963A-010539485548.MOV
  4. Awesome work so far, can't wait for this for my real pin, this title really needs this !!
  5. Total annihilation looks great! One thing on real pin is the DCS Sound banner is grey but no big deal. Martians during Martian Attack are only green and white but that may be purposeful. I do notice the gradient on “GAME OVER” and some others the bottom 2 lines are so dark it looks clipped . But overall great job!
  6. Will TAF be completed or if not can the work to this point be released ?
  7. Ok thanks Lucky, I have ordered some V3 shields I’ll try on them when they come in. I have also ordered some new panels from another seller. I will PM you for 3 more activations I tried a new discovery board to get activation number and the panels work with this board at 4.5v !! EDIT: it gets stranger ! 2 STM32F407G discovery board with serial # that starts with D2 work and 2 that start with D4 and D5 do not the serials # that start D2 also work perfectly with V2,60 firmware serials that start with D4 and D5 with OE shorted to ground work with v2.58 but have overlapping display on v2.60 I don't want you to waste any more time on this, but maybe this info is useful..... Thanks and Happy Christmas !
  8. Hopefully these are readable, chips Near power connection are hard to read
  9. Thanks Lucky but you’re right it would cost too much to ship. Thanks for all your help I’ll maybe put a scope on the oe and see what I can find out cheers Kevin
  10. Can I access the OSD with old v1.4 shield?
  11. In picture a few posts above the HUB75 area is pretty clear. I have also tried to put 220 mf electrolytic capacitors in missing cx4 and cx5 but no difference seen. Thanks Kevn
  12. Yes so it is completely noisy at 5v and works best at ~4.5v , still very noisy at 4.8v. The biggest issue after that is the OE signal. If I jumper OE to the power supply frame it stabilizes it almost perfectly, otherwise it is scrambled. Some value r/c filter needed maybe ? Have any suggestions ? assuming it is AC interference (all other panels I have work fine) I made a crossover cable for the G and B signals and that corrects the colour issue. thanks for your time Lucky
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