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  1. Hey guys, at the moment I'm playing the Austin Powers VPin. Like the last times, I wanna share my work with you. I can't say how well thise files work with a real pin, but for me it's well enought for a Vpin. At the moment I'm still searching for bugs, maybe one of you wanna assist. I wish you all peacful days an a good start in the new year. U're X3r2A6 Vpin.zip Austin Power.zip real Pin.zip
  2. Hi, Since my last test games went without a mistake, I thought to myself, that I hand over the files for the pinball "Stern RollerCoaster Tycoon" to community. Display Version A7.01 CPU 7.02 english credit and free game. I share the project files, also. If you find errors or missing frames, please integrade them and give it back to the community. You will find in the Download section: 1x export for real pinball machines and 1x whole project. 1x export for Vpins and 1x whole project. Have fun. Your X3r2A6
  3. Hey there Thanks for your DUMP. I inclouded it into the project, but unfortunately I can not test it, please try it out. Since a lot of frames were different, I assume that there will be more deviations in the game as well. If you can provide me the frames in an dump, I can also incloude them. Greetings VPin rab_320 2019 10 31.zip Real rab_320 2019 10 31.zip
  4. Hey there, sorry if I ask again, are there non-colored zenes while playing too? I do not know if that's the version difference, because I can only play with a virtual pinball machine. I haven't these uncolored frames. If you can send me a DUMP file, I could include these zenen. Or you can update your ROM and we will check if these are the version difference. Just as U like.
  5. moin, I'm afraid that I was wrong and the 1.3 ROM is not compatible, because the attraction mode zenen should all be colorised. Could you possibly send me one or two pictures, just to be sure? Unfortunately, I do not know that well, but I guess that an update of the Rome to 3.2 could help, maybe. On the other hand, you could adjust the project for the 1.3 ROM. By the way, it's possible that the editor crashed, because the project neet very long time to load, just give it time. Did you downloaded the files in the Download section? Just to be shure I updated the files in the first treat. I wish you all the best
  6. Moin together, thanks for the kind replys. At the moment, beef279 is testing the project, ever thank you for the already found bugs. Maybe next week I gonna start to eliminate them. @DJRobX: Thanks 4 the info, of the ball control. So far, I used the ball rolling script, but unfortunately it always crash down, when the ball is destroyed. @Pinballuser: Jap, after this page, I have all the scenes. As I said, there are still missed a few Puzzel possibilities, as they are unfortunately selected randomly. Tanks to you all. We hear from each other and have a nice weekend.
  7. Hi everybody. As an inexperienced beginner I thought it would be an easy start and started some time ago with the Pin2DMD project "Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends". I have used the ROM "rab_320", I think that the ROM "rab_130" is nearly the same, maybe it gonna work to. At the moment I'm desperately looking for the last bugs, maybe one of you likes to help me out. To my knowledge, I have captured all animations, but unfortunately I am not a good pinball player and therefore I have a little chance to confirm this. Although there are still about 80 missing puzzle options, but ... well ... as I said, I'm not a good pinball player and it seams for me this progress is enough for me 😉 Because I transfer the project now to the community, I remain with: 1x export for real pinball machines. 1x export for Vpins. 1x whole project. Permission to process the project: confirmed. Permission to modify the project: confirmed. Permission to do whatever U wanna with the project: confirmed. Have fun and peach out. Your X3r2A6 Projekt AoRaBaF.zip Real Pin Export.zip VPin Export.zip
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