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  1. I finally got my tax refund gift: a new gaming rig. It's an older rig but designed to handle VPX and beyond. TRON Legacy is one of my favorite tables of all-time...like Top 5. I was overjoyed that both my rig and this table arrived on the same day. AWESOME WORK. LOVE the lighting -- especially in the darkest Night setting there is. Plays beautifully, too. Thanks!
  2. TRON Legacy Night/Dark Mod

    I run it on a 2011 Mac Mini running Windows 7 Bootcamp. VP9 is perfect...but thanks for your recommendation on turning down the detail! As for the neon ramps on VP9, let me rephrase and say they don't look horrible. I'd just love to find a way to shut off all lights on ball drain except for the ramp. I'm guessing that has something to do with the playfield switch-out upon triggering the drain and then somehow turning the playfield back to lit up. The other thing I'm noticing on a lot of "Night videos" involving the TL table is that there really aren't any big, bright lights. They're all blue, blanketing the table in a blue hue. But, then, I'm a total novice, sir. I actually really like the VPX version because the lighting and sequencing is a whole lot better than VP9.
  3. TRON Legacy Night/Dark Mod

    @DJRobX- I dunno...the ramps in TL VP9 look just fine now. I wouldn't mind doing multiple playfields to emulate it. I can do the VPX table. It's just that VP9 runs a little smoother than VPX does for me right now. The TRON Legacy table on VPX runs well enough but has some frame skipping and the flippers feel delayed. Nonetheless, I'm more than willing to try to help supe up the TRON Legacy VPX table. I just thought it already looked great and was emulated well enough. Even the lost ball sequence mimics the actual table perfectly.
  4. TRON Legacy Night/Dark Mod

    Hey, @jesperpark. Actually, that's what I'm using as my reference point. The issue I think I'm coming across is that the scripting scheme isn't the same as VP 9.X doesn't fully understand VPX commands and vice versa. That and there are several parts of the VPX table that have different names. I'm actually coding this for VP9 rather than VPX.
  5. TRON Legacy Night/Dark Mod

    @DJRobX - I'm having an issue putting your code in the overall script. I don't think the script in question has anything related to GI Lighting so there isn't anything to replace. The only thing I'm seeing is mention of lamps and SetLamps but I don't have the first clue as to what controls what. The neon ramps, in particular, are tough to find on the table blueprint. I've attached the script in question. Any ideas? TRON script.txt
  6. TRON Legacy Night/Dark Mod

    Update: So, I'm screwing around with 3D models and I've done some things. A lot of things. I copied models from the VPX Tron table here. I've started contacting people for credit. Don't worry. I got this. Kinda. Sorta. It's all good! As you can see, I've gone Toy Mod on this sucker: Added the "Flynn's Arcade" neon sign on the right side. Added the TRON Legacy versions of the light cycle versions. Might shrink them down since OMG they're huge. Playfield darkened a bit more. Still messing around a bit. This, by the way, is based on Vett85's table. I'm trying to see if he's good with allowing me to release it here. That's it from home base. All right...I'm going out and seeing what I can get done in the next couple of hours. Hold the fort and keep the home fires burnin' and I'm not back by dawn...call the President...
  7. TRON Legacy Night/Dark Mod

    Hi all, First and foremost: I suck at this. Meaning I don't code and and I don't really do Photoshop. Also, I have zero idea what I'm doing with table layers or how to apply them to VisualPinball. That said, LOOK, MA! I'M TRYING TO MOD A TABLE! Doing Fett's TRON Legacy Dark/Night Mode. This is a WIP. Lighting's not perfect yet but I'm getting there. Most of the table is dark. My Recognizer is lit up just slightly (the orange light on his little head looks pretty sweet -- though I need to get a "glow" going on that)Any kind of illumination or dark lighting help or tutorials would help big-time. The background is one of my own design based on Flynn's Arcade from the film. The lighting effects in the arcade are all me. Hopefully that looks good enough. If not, I'll just walk away and burn it all in the driveway, I guess... So, this is my list of stuff I need help with or need to complete: I'm trying to get the scripting down as I'd really like to see if I can reprogram the "lost ball sequence" so that the entire table goes dark except for the light cycle ramps. Trying to get more of an ethereal glow to the ramps. Would love to have the color refracting off the board like in real life. Need to know how to get the LED's on the table to go brighter with that soft glow look with them. Again...any help anybody could offer would be appreciated. And thank you in advance. Criticism welcome. Be gentle.
  8. Hi guys... It's probably just me but I can't get the ball to launch all the way up the chute on Spider-Man 2007 (VP9 DT Table). I've tried adjusting settings but that doesn't work. This is the only Visual Pinball game that has this issue for me. Every other game plays perfectly. Am I missing something? And thanks for all your hard work on these tables. Amazing stuff.