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  1. @lucky1: Do you know where there is some documentation on the "replace sequence", "replace mask", "color mask sequence" and "color mask layered" options? Although I am now quite familiar with the "color mask" and "replace" options, as well as masking, triggering, delays, and palettes - those others I would still like to learn a bit about. my ultimate goal is to color the video mode of getaway and I 'think' i might need some of that to be successful with it. Also (please don't feel obliged) - what do you think about making the width of the "recordings", "scenes" and "keyframes" lists (screenshot attached) adjustable? In case it is easy to do, it would be quite useful to keep a better overview. if, however, it is already part of what will be done for the folders-feature request on github, never mind Getting in to this editor bit by bit, I also really have to say it is quite incredible, what you have created here. Not just figuring out what the device itself needs to do to turn monochrome into color, but also tackling the challenge of an editor that "normal" people can actually use. that is quite an achievement!!
  2. That is not the case. I open it, it takes its time loading due to the many dumps and scenes it contains and then it is ready to be worked on, just like with the old editor. No prompt for conversion Can I force the conversion manually?
  3. In that case I must be doing something wrong. When I open my project, only the top row of colors can be used. the other are greyed out and I cant do anythng with them. The prooject is an *.xml created for williams getaway with the old version of the editor in 2019 (by Malenko, revised by Slippifishi)), attached for reference. when i open that it shows me the color section like in the videos above: 16 colors. just now with the new version from 20210114 it has the additional ppainting and gradient tools. the gradient tool also works, but it only will apply the gradient to the top row. Under "editor Configuration" I have "Colors" set to 64, screenshot attached. Where am I making the mistake? HS2TG.zip
  4. btw will the 64 colors also be available for WPC?
  5. OK thank you. In case you need something else tested, let me know.
  6. The java thing fixed the scaling. thank you! for the other thing i made another video with the full screen. it shows the issue. Medien2.mp4
  7. this mask sleects a smal fraction in the lower section of the dmd, which is not in the video. definitely something there.
  8. with the editor x64 from the gdrive the numpad works. the Mx hashin is strange now. see video below. not sure what is going on. Medien1 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  9. Wow, thank you for fixing this so fast. HEre is a video showing what i mean. the "M0..." is only displayed after unchecking and re-checking the d-mask box. Hope this helps Thanks once again! Medien1 (online-video-cutter.com) (1).mp4
  10. I did but removed one. The prvious editor version still opens the project. this one doesn't. Obviously I SHOULD have them all there, but unfortunately i lost one, it seems. After I replaced it both version open the project fine. Howver im not sure if a missing file should stall loading altogether. further bug, probably known: in order to change delay times of frames the number must be committed by RETURN key only. the one on the number-block doesnt work for the commit. and: needing to activate and deactivate the D-mask setting for the hash to recognize the mask. anyway. its awesome you are advancing it
  11. Heres another bug? In my pproject (created and saved with < there are about 30 dump files. one i deleted. v will still open the project. v3.0.0.0 will give an error message that the file is missing i confirm with ok, get the same message three more times. it then continues loading the recordings until the next error message confirmation of this error terminates loading process. scenes are not loaded. in the earlier version this works.
  12. awesome! this is perfect timing, i just got into doing something on my getaway!! btw there is a display bug in theeditor. all dialog boxes, dialog windows shift the buttons below the lowerend of the window. that was also the case in the previous version. see attached screenshot
  13. any way i can support this? i tried getting into the colorizations but it seems really complicated. if there are any support tasks i can tdo without needing to be a wizard ill be glad to
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