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  1. [New VP10 Alert] CSI (Stern 2008)

    thanks again
  2. Tag Team Pinball Premier 1985

  3. thanks for the hard work making this and another tables
  4. ROM audio doubling up

    thanks, i have the same problem and this works in any tables
  5. ROM audio doubling up

    i prove change the sample rate and put in video options fps limiter put "1" and no chance in the sound in this forum http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=30385&hl=echo have many solutions
  6. ROM audio doubling up

    sorry for my english like a chimpance i have the same problem in some tables. i think is a problem of the ram or capacity of pc. i have a pc normal/bad potence. somotimes the doubling audio are more strong with another prohram working in the pc.
  7. Classic Batman

    hey ghost many thanks for a lot of tables, now im going to play it.sorry for my english like a chimpance
  8. Stern Roms

    my problems are,the mode of compress in zip thee roms. in this video lcan see step by step play stern roms, sorry for ny bad english