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  1. Just another vote for Dan if you're in the market for a pin3dmd in the US. I ordered Friday and it was on my door step by Monday. Dan answered all my questions and checked in to make sure every thing was working!!! Z
  2. Duh fixed. I forgot you had to run pin2dmd.exe and set for colorhub instead of Bally/Williams.
  3. Yep. Not sure if I would be able to install the key unless I did that. Does the update firmware software on the secondary usb port? It’s not finding the ST in the software.
  4. So I had a pindmd1 installed with a vishay plasma DMD and just rcvd a pin2dmd complete setup. I connected everything up, registered and started pin2dmd.exe with my key in the same folder. So far so good. Edited my dmddevice.ini file to set pindmd1 to false and pin2dmd to true. I started a test in vpinmame by running setup, find a colored rom (I tested on a virtual DMD), and I see the color palette on the pin2dmd change, but that's about it. I can't get anything but the default screen to display. (I also copied the dmddevice.dll into my vpinmame folder. If I start a table, the main monitor PF bounces. Z
  5. I'm going to post here just incase this has something to do with DOF. So I decided to tryout VPX on my cab and completely screwed it up somehow. I backed up my X:\vpinball\tables\*.vbs files and the three .dlls at the root of X:\vpinball to another drive. Downloaded the newest VPX build, extracted the exe/.dlls to the root of my vpinball dir and new vbs files to the tables dir. I was getting all kinds of weird errors on the MB and Toledo VPX tables so I figured I'd copy the original files back and stick with VP990/VP92/physmod5 but now I get an "Out of Memory error Line 1" on every table. What did I screw up? vpinball.exe is set to run as admin and the .dll's are unblocked. I also tried running the vpinmame setup again. As it's going through the table diag, I notice that the first two RGB leds blink on the cab before it shits the bed. For all the games I've played I've never seen that behavior. Also on a table like JP the table diag (on the DMD) has an error before it dumps to an "Out of Memory error" Z Is there an easy way to disable DOF temp?
  6. I love this type of layout!!!! http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?24865-Tiki-Gods-Pinball-46-quot-32-quot-DMD-Widebody-Build Z
  7. Creature and Fire!, what version of physmod are those tables made for? Z
  8. Haven't had any issues with the new beta and zebs VOB. I don't think this is new for DOF, but I love the head popping on the bride, arngrim programmed in. I have not adjusted the led_pull script I'm using to goto the new site, so if there are any tips there let me know. Z
  9. The updates that are coming out currently with "Authentic Launch Ball" what exactly does this do? I'd like to compare it off and on. Z
  10. 85vett, Thank you for the countless hours you spend on this and the other Stern tables!!!! GREAT WORK!!!! Z
  11. Bart, Checkout the 9.2.1 builds. Les73gtx is right, the beta builds seem to be faster. Z
  12. If it's any help, I have the same issue with ONLY these 3 new SAM tables. Intel CPU, pindmdv2, 660 grphx card, SSD drive, 9.2 VP. Very noticeable when the ball rolls down toward the flippers a long distance. I'm going to try avatar again with the patch. Z
  13. Slydog, no issues with 1103 here. I actually played about 4 games on 1101 with all toys firing, then pulled 1103 down and played 2 more. Z
  14. Mike, As far as this: "When I play a couple games, I am seeing a few lines around the ball when it hits bumpers and a few other things......Normal?" I'm betting you are downloading some of the newer tables which require the BETA 9.16/9.2 vpinball.exe. To make life simple copy your current vpinball.exe to another file (ie vpinball_org.exe) and download the latest vpinball.exe from vpforums and drop it in the same directory. Run the new vpinball.exe and load the same table that you see the lines around and they should be gone. (the latest as of this post is 9.2 r783) Z
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