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  1. Cool, was hoping someone else had worked it out before I had a crack. Took me long enough to get 3 shades of orange that I was happy with it. Is there a red palatte file I can use as a starting point? Like you say can use for some like Ironman etc but want a good orange for tables like Tron.
  2. Try this https://mega.nz/#!9YBDHYDB!qIJOYAXRMeNLEESvRZHjhrEhw7Vlmy9-GUmXAgsqL78 I'm looking for a palette file (or guide how to make one) for the Stern SAM tables that have the extra shades of orange... Tried choosing "Palette 8 (orange)" in the dropdown but didn't work....
  3. Thanks, this was a good starting point and below is what I ended up with; Red Green Blue Hue Sat Lum100% 254 65 1 10 238 12066% 85 21 0 10 240 4033% 13 0 0 0 240 60% 0 0 0 160 0 0 Happy to share the palette file if people want it...
  4. Try this one http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/3315-avg-140zip/
  5. Thanks for these, much prefer PM5 physics. Are these still your latest versions or have you dialed them in even more? Transformers and Funhouse have some extra 'walls' that need removing but should be able to work it out.
  6. Here is the link to the pinside thread but still no luck getting the ROM https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/batman-dark-knight-new-music-and-sound-mod
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm currently running a 2 monitor setup from the one card (GTX770). I guess I can try removing the backglass and move the dmd onto the playfield monitor to see if just one screen helps.
  8. Having similar issue with a i5 2500K CPU. Looking at task manager the CPU use is at around 70-80% when playing these tables but certainly doesn't seem maxed out. Anyone work out a solution?
  9. There was a post on pinside that someone modified the callouts to use clips from the movie instead the poor 'sound-a-likes' in the ROM, does anyone have a link for this? The person on pinside said to PM him for the link but it is an old post and he hasn't replied to my PM. I see in post 72 of this thread there is a modified ROM but that only replaces the music...
  10. Tried your script changes, it works perfectly for the first ball but then the remaining balls the plunger doesn't move at all. You are definitely on the right track though, will play around more in the weekend. Having the same issue with 85vett's Tron table too...
  11. Thank you, will give that a try tonight when home from work. Still using a keyboard at this stage so I think you are correct.
  12. This pic shows what is happening, you can see the second plunger below pulled halfway back.
  13. Great work on the table... however I have one small issue. When I pull the plunger back it looks like there are two plungers, one that does move back but another on top that doesn't. This is the only table I have loaded that does this. Not really a showstopper but curious why it is happening. Any help appreciated.
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