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  1. Hi, So I've just get some recreations of Stern tables on VPX but I like to modify the physics myself for a better experience sometimes. I've just noticed that even if I copy/paste the same slope, gravity, playfield friction, flippers, rubber posts elasticity, scripts (ball size, mass) settings and so on.. I'm not able to get the same results from one table to another. Is there any other setting involved that I'm missing (table size itself for example?) Kinda weird especially for the overall behavior of the ball.. On some tables It reminds me old VP9 while some others feel really great to play in a more "natural" way. Thanks and have good pinball
  2. Hi, I resolved the problem by scaling up those elements, underneath the lower captive ball in layer 2 You just have to move the points in the right direction and that's it ! Hope it helps
  3. Hi, I like the physics on this table and the way it has been recreated but am I the only one to have this bug with the lower captive ball ? Sometimes when the captive ball has been hit too hard it passes through the rubber and falls, then you have to press B (by default) to choose "No" in order to removes the ball from the through when it drains since the table will think you loose your playing ball. https://zippy.gfycat.com/LimitedAnyDonkey.webm Is there anyway to fix it ? Thanks guys and have fun ! LimitedAnyDonkey-mobile.mp4
  4. Just a question since I play with desktop view I've modified the options of the backdrop. Do I have to adjust gravity constant & playfield friction too ? Does the modification of the render view have an impact on physics ? Thanks in advance for your help !
  5. Thanks for this reproduction ! One of the best Stern I think the physics can be tweaked a little bit but, hey, you won't never replace the real thing right ? Very nice stuff !
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